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Prologue: July 1986

Sisters Forest and Emma Frost and their friend Madison Hilie were out on the Frost's back patio, baking in the 100 degree sun, but laughing and talking with Madison, who had just returned from her two-week vacation to Cancun.

"It was totally amazing," Madison gushed, and launched into a story about how a hot guy on the beach noticed her. Forest sighed and wished she could be noticed by hot guys too, when her sister Emma mentioned the weather.

"Looks like a storm's rolling in." Emma commented. "I love it when it just starts raining randomly, don't you?"

"It feels so good," Madison agreed. "One time, our rain barrel started overflowing, so me and Shay started rinsing our hair under the water. It felt so good," she laughed, talking about her totally cool older sister, Shay.

"I like it best when the sky darkens and the wind's howling around you, but there's no rain, just shadows and leaves whipping everywhere. It makes me think of demons watching you from the shadows." Forest said softly, watching the heavy back clouds overtake the sun, mind imagining dark-skinned demons hiding in the shadows, waiting to come out.

Emma and Madison looked at the older girl like she was crazy, then the wind roared in, shaking the branches on the trees mercilessly. The temperature dropped five degrees suddenly as the sun was blotted out. Nightie, the Frost's black Springer spaniel, started barking furiously at the dark corner of the yard between the huge holly tree and the big old boulder, overgrown with weeds.

The wind stripped sharp leaves off the holly and drove them towards the girls, hitting home on Emma and Madison, but miraculously missing Forest; now standing with her arms open, head tilted back, in the center of the patio.

"Forest!" Emma yelled over the shrieking of the wind. Blond hair whipping eerily around her face, Forest didn't hear. She was in her own world. Emma and Madison ran for the cover of the garage. The sun was snuffed like an eclipse, and it was dark as midnight, wind screaming threats, trees thrashing, the first few fat drops began to fall. Nightie's barking cut off with a sharp yelp.

The power inside the house went out, and Emma and Madison shrieked, holding each other as they could barely see Forest's silhouette. The rain was streaking down now, obscuring any view of the outside world in thick gray curtains.

"Forest! Get in here, Forest! No! Forest!" Emma screamed, pounding against the glass back door for her older sister.

Forest was locked in her trance, the crack like a whip was drowned out in the roaring of the thunder. Fangs dripping with Nightie's blood, the demon whipped around Forest, who was locked in the its trance.

So you think demons come out to play?

The lightning flashed, revealing the red-eyed demon to Emma and Madison, who retreated upstairs in a haze of terror. Forest snapped out of the demon's trance and almost fainted in sheer agonizing terror facing the beast in front of her. She scrambled backwards, falling against the fire pit and smashing the hurricane jar and candle balanced on it. Blood flowed from her arm where the glass had sliced it.

The demon lifted its head and howled to the sky. Lighting struck down between the two, and the demon was gone, only to be found behind Forest, waiting impatiently. Forest's heart raced in terror, stressed out, her mind flying a thousand miles a minute, limbs working without permission, until she realized,

I am going to die.

The demon sat for a moment, a horrible, cruel, fanged smile spreading across its face as the realization of death dawned on Forest.

Demons only play the game of death.

Forest snatched a long shard of glass from the hurricane jar, wielding it like a dagger. The demon leapt forward and Forest slashed at it, catching its tail and seeing the thick black blood on the glass.

Upstairs, Emma and Madison watched horrified into silence as Forest staved off the demon with a glass shard in between flashes of lightning. Emma's tears mixed with Madison's as they hugged each other, hoping it was a nightmare; that Forest would survive. The storm never relented, but even the loudest crash of thunder wouldn't block the most hair-raising blood-curdling shriek of death.

Emma collapsed, screaming and sobbing, onto Madison. Madison didn't look out the window again for fear of the gory scene that would surely meet her eyes. The two girls weathered the storm, hearing low, rolling growls occasionally, as if it was circling them, in the room.

Emma wanted to wake up, to wake up now. Her parents were out of town for the night, and Forest was supposed to be taking care of her. But now where was she going to go? How would she explain to her parents that . . . a demon . . . a demon?

There was a loud growl – or was that a peal of thunder? That was louder than before, like it was right in her ear . . .

The door slammed shut and the lock clicked sickeningly. The door only locked from the inside. Hot, blood-smelling breath tickled her face, and Madison's arms went limp around Emma. Emma looked over her shoulder at Madison and scrambled. Tears of a ghastly death, drops of ruby blood fell from the corners of her eyes, staining her cheeks. The blood mixed with the crystalline tears of true, life-ending pain as Madison's pretty face twisted into a grimace, blood welling out of her mouth.

Emma screamed as tears flooded her eyes again, blurring the red-eyed, snarling face of the demon over Madison's shoulder, twisting a glass fragment cruelly deeper into her back. Emma's shrieks of horror, comprehending death, were all she could hear, ringing in her ears, as the demon licked the blood from Madison's wounds, staring into her eyes, bloodred against ice blue.

The demon pushed Madison's corpse aside, crawling over it, blood pooling out, seeping in between Emma's toes, sickening her. She heaved, but her stomach was empty, feeling worse than if her stomach was full. The demon came closer, at an agonizingly slow pace, just crawling inexorably towards Emma.

She had no idea what happened. Rage and fear and sickness, sadness and horror, burst out of her, a bolt of shining white, blue, ice energy, hotter and fiercer than lighting, struck the demon as it lunged, its face barely registering shock before it disappeared with a shriek and the smell of blood, claws barely scraping down Emma's outstretched arm.

Emma was shaking, in shock.

"Mammie . . ." she murmured, before collapsing.

The demon was gone from Emma's dimension, but still in power. Snarling in rage, it lashed out, and lightning streaked down, igniting the house. The demon howled before vanishing.


I know where this is going, and I highly recommend buckling your seatbelts, 'cuz I see some rough road up ahead. This was only the prologue . . .