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Pairings: KakaHina

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So, on with the story...

It was November. It was late night, but Hinata wasn't sleeping. She was lying on the bed, thinking about her life. What has she accomplished in her whole life? Nothing. She was 18, and only completed a few missions. And her personal life? If there would something beyond disaster, it would be exactly that. She had to move on, she thought to herself, at least with her sexual life. In her 18 years of living, she never even kissed anybody. She didn't love Naruto anymore. She didn't love anybody. That scared her a little. What was she? An iceberg without a heart?

I have to change that.

Despite the cold weather, she put on only trousers and an oversized T-shirt. She walked out of her apartment and headed to the Hokage's office. When she arrived there and saw the light still on, she entered the building. She came at the Hokage's office door and she knocked silently. She hoped she won't regret this.

"Tsunade-sama? "

The Hokage was doing some paperwork, obviously bored to death. She was confused about Hinata's late visit, but glad for the disturbance. She really did hate the paperwork.

"Hinata, what are you doing here? It's 2 a.m. Shouldn't you be sleeping? "


Although Hinata gained some confidence during the years, she never got rid of stuttering. She hated herself for that, but she could do nothing.

"It's ok. What brings you here? "

"I-I a-actually came to a-ask for a f-favor."

She said her request so quietly that Tsunade herself hardly heard her. Hinata was looking at the floor; her normally pale face was crimson red now. Her hands were sweaty. Her legs were as shaky as jelly.

Tsunade was shocked. She always thought about Hinata as of a mature woman, reserved, but skilled. She never imagined that her closeness can be caused by lack of experience. She observed Hinata for a while.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

Hinata's face turned almost violet, but she was capable to nod.

"Okay, I'll see if I can find anyone suitable…"

She looked to her papers. She took a bunch of them and started to browse them. One after the other fell the papers on the floor, until a single one was left.

Tsunade sighted and rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry, there is no other option."

And with those words she exposed the document to Hinata.

Hinata almost fainted. Her face was starting to gain a slight blue undertone. But she gained control of herself once more.

"A-arigato, this would be perfectly fine."

She left the office worried, but she finally felt like she did something for herself. She moved on.

When she arrived home, it was 5 a.m. already. She collapsed to bed, not even changing her clothes. And with a thought of a very hard morning, she fell asleep.

Kakashi was really angry. What the hell did she think? He just got back from an A-ranked mission and now, 14 hours after his return, she is calling back for him? He was really pissed, but obeyed her commands. He knew very well what she can do to people who don't obey.

He stood in front of the Hokage's office. Really grumpy, by the way. But since he was not crazy, he knocked silently and pretended to be perfectly calm.

"Come in."

He opened the door and stepped inside. Tsunade sat behind her desk and read some documents. She raised her eyes just for a second and put her head back down to hide a little smirk. She knew he would be pissed. Kakashi was a good actor, but Tsunade was a woman – she recognized the anger hidden behind his mask of bore.

"You sent for me, Hokage-sama."

"Yes. I have an important mission for you. But don't worry – your main task is only to write reports and relax. You will be in a two-man team with one of the chuunins. His task will be an infiltration to a military school. There had been some robberies recently and the headmaster asked us to investigate the case further."


"Unfortunately, there's a little problem…"

"Hm?" Kakashi raised one eyebrow.

"The only one who isn't on a mission is the young Hyuuga heiress."

"Hinata? Tsunade, do you really think this is a good idea? She's not able to bear with a military school, not talking about the fact everyone will recognize she's Hyuuga – not many people have those eyes, you know?"

"About the appearance – there's no problem. I've already ordered special contact lenses that won't affect her Byakugan. Plus, they are light blue – she will look adorable. And about the other thing…I think it's time for her to grow strong. She might not like it, but it will make her more powerful, both in physical and emotional way. She should be more open, more sociable. That's another part of your task. You will be living in a village in the surroundings of the school. In the evenings, you will take her to bars, pubs, dance clubs, stuff like that. Make. Her. Sociable.

"There's no way this is gonna work. You are crazy."

He tried to imagine it – Hinata dancing, Hinata drinking, Hinata drunk, Hinata naked on his bed. Wait, where does the last come from? It was as impossible as trying to imagine Naruto role-playing a geisha.

Tsunade ripped him off his thoughts.

"Well, let's wait and see. Any questions?"

Kakashi shook his head.

"In that case, be at 5 a.m. at the gate. Dismissed."

Tsunade smiled again. The very first idea was Hinata's, yes, but it of course didn't include any military school or dance clubs. Her smile widened. This might get interesting. She opened a bottle of sake and with a sigh sat back to the documents. After half an hour she realized that she haven't read a word, but drink almost all sake. She took a last sip, and with an expression of resignation, walked through the room, turned off the lights, left the office and headed home.

When Kakashi arrived at the gate, Hinata was waiting there already. That was not very surprising, because she was always early and he was always late. He almost didn't recognize her. Her normally pearly eyes were now baby blue and the blue-ish undertone of her hair was replaced by warm brown. Also, she was wearing camo trousers and a long-sleeved black top with turtleneck. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail.

Hinata was a little scared, but also pretty angry. What Tsunade did with her original idea… You would never imagine that Tsunades and Hinatas ideas have something in common. Hinata didn't think she can deal with a military school. A MILITARY SCHOOL, for God's sake!

"Are you ready?"

Kakashis voice got her back to Earth. She nodded. They walked into the woods and started moving in a quick pace. They made a lunch break around noon and then continued their trip in a slightly slower rate. If they continue like this, they will reach the destination in about a week.

They stopped when the darkness started to be too heavy. They were standing on a small glare surrounded by tall trees.

"We will stay here for the night and get up with the dawn."

Tsunade gave them only one tent. They got in (Hinata blushing from the thought of her sleeping in one tent with a man) and Kakashi shamelessly started to undress. Hinata's pink face grew red. Kakashi was now wearing only his mask, his socks and a pair of baggy trousers. Hinata caught herself admiring his bare torso, the muscles moving smoothly under his skin. She immediately looked away, confused from the feelings she had.

Hinata slowly turned away from Kakashi and started to undress herself. She put down her shirt, and felt his gaze on her back, but – what surprised her – she wasn't feeling uncomfortable. More like flattered. She was proud of her small waist and muscular, straight back. She felt his gaze intensify as she undid the bra. Suddenly she had the urge to be a little provocative, so she slightly turned to Kakashi, revealing a curve of her full breast – which was black and sharply visible against the light tent material – to his eyes. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she took her oversized pajama T-shirt and put it on, silently smiling to herself. She was gaining confidence.

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