My Revenge ends now...or not...

Author: Hawklan
Beta: Inachis

Warning: There will be a few spoilers for the PS3 Game God of War 3, so be warned.

Summary: He fulfilled his revenge and now should rest in dead...should be the operative word here...

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and God of War 3 was developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony Computer Entertainment

Chapter 1

With a painful gasp he opened his eyes, which should have been impossible. Instinctively his hands went to his stomach and found nothing besides a whole stomach, where a big hole should have been.

Confused, he looked around and was astonished by what he saw. By all rights he should be lying dead on the Olymp after he killed his father and then himself, but he wasn't dead and he wasn't on Olympus anymore. It looked like he was in a human settlement, but the buildings, the roads, just about everything looked strange to him.

He stood up slowly and just as he stood, he was attacked by a small creature that looked like it belonged in Hades' realm. He pulled it of himself and just wanted to smash it to the ground, just as he heard a well known and hated voice.

"Stop Kratos, this is an innocent child caught in a curse," the voice said.

Still prepared to rip the strange creature apart Kratos turned in the direction of the voice he had learned to hate and had indeed hated for a very long time. As he lay his eyes on the owner of the voice, he said in disbelief. "Zeus? But I just killed you."

Zeus nodded and replied, "Yes and no. I will explain, but please let the child down first."

Baffled, Kratos let the creature down and just as it went to attack him again, Zeus waved his right hand and the creature transformed into a small child of maybe 7 years of age. Zeus bent down to the same height as the child, placed a kiss on its forehead and spoke, "Go home to your parents small Indra. No creature of the night will harm you now that you have the blessing of Zeus on you."

In astonishment and disbelief Kratos watched how Zeus handled the child and how it then quickly ran off, supposedly to its home. Just as he was about to say something Zeus spoke first.

"Kratos, you can put your chaos blades away. I'm not here to harm you, just to explain and then to give you and the owner of the body you currently possess a proposal."

Warily Kratos put away the blades he had instinctively drawn after he let the creature go. "What do you mean, the body I possess?"

Zeus waved with his hand again and in front of them appeared two chairs and a table with a bottle on it. "Please sit down Kratos and let us enjoy the nice bottle of Ambrosia while I explain."

Kratos looked at his 'father', at the table and then around them, where he noted that all stood still and only he and his father seemed to be moving at all. Still on guard he sat down on the second chair after Zeus took the other one. "So father, I'm really confused. Where am I and why am I here?"

Zeus looked thoughtfully at the dangerous man before him and then said, "First of Kratos, I am not your father."

Kratos jumped up, with blades in hand again, and yelled, "WHAT?"

Zeus shook his head and said, "Please sit down and let me explain."

After Kratos sat down again, Zeus continued: "You, Kratos, killed your father on Olympus. He is dead and gone."

"And who are you then?" Kratos asked, still confused, but on guard.

"I am Zeus, just not the Zeus who was your father and who you have killed just a short while ago, at least in your mind."

Kratos looked strangely at the man/god who looked like his father and asked him, "Are you crazy, old man?"

Zeus laughed, took a sip out of his glass and then said, "Ahh, a few people would certainly answer that question with a yes, but no, I think I am not. You know the Earth you are on now isn't the one you were born on. The universe is infinite and there are a lot of different dimensions, timelines and so on. Even I don't know all, only the creator knows about all the aspects of the universe, having after all created them. You were her champion on your Earth and she put you on the way to save your Earth."

Angered Kratos said, "Creator? Her champion? What is all that nonsense and why didn't she help me then if I was her champion?"

"Ahh, but she did all she could to help you. Her highest degree for humans was always 'Free Will' and so she gave you everything you needed, but what you made out of it was all up to you. Granted, she would have liked better for you to have chosen a less bloody way, but in the end you did everything and more than you needed to do and so she gave to you her final guide, in the form of the young girl Pandora. She then showed you the way to defeat the Zeus in your world. Your decision then to give 'Hope' to the humans of your world, instead of using it for yourself or giving it to Athena, is the reason why you are here now," Zeus answered him.

Kratos looked at Zeus and thought for a while about this crazy explanation. "Let us say I believe what you just told me. Why was I brought here?"

Zeus looked at Kratos for a while and shuddered imperceptivity. This man was truly dangerous and what the creator had showed him about the man's life before she sent him here to talk with him frightened him for the first time in a long while. Pulling himself together he started to answer. "That's simple to answer. Because your help is needed."

Kratos looked at Zeus as if he was ready to jump and kill him, but instead he said in a dangerous tone. "Why and haven't I done enough? I am tired and want to rest."

Zeus nodded. "Indeed you have and that's why the creator just asks a little thing of you. On this world we gods have pulled back a long while ago and the creator placed beings, who call themselves 'The Powers that be' or 'the Elders', to watch over humankind. Sadly, those beings forgot their place and are no longer performing their duties, playing their own games instead."

Kratos shook his head and said in a tone which made Zeus shudder. "Let me guess, I'm here to deal with them then?"

"Yes and no." Zeus replied.

Kratos just raised an eyebrow and Zeus quickly added. "As I said before, you are not really here. The creator used the chance a chaos mage, who worships the Roman God Janus, gave her and placed a few ideas into the mind of the young man she wants to be her champion on this world. He chose the chaos blades that she placed into the shop of said mage and which belonged to you and so your mind was pulled here once the mage completed his spell. You possessed the body of the young man for the time being."

Kratos looked at Zeus and just asked, "And?"

Zeus started to get really nervous under the scrutiny of Kratos and just wanted to finish this. "She offers you a small endeavor. If you and the young man agree, you will first help to stop this spell to reduce the chaos it is causing and then you will train him in all that you know. After you have finished that task, your mind will be released from the young man's body and the creator will take you to her heavenly host, where she will reunite you with your family."

Kratos looked at this Zeus for a long while and was deep in thought. Granted, this Zeus didn't act like his father at all, but could he trust him? Probably not, but what other choices did he have at the moment? None, as it seemed, and if this Zeus betrayed him, he could always kill him later.

As Zeus watched Kratos think about all that he had told him. He saw a small smile creep onto Kratos face and somehow Zeus felt like someone was throwing a party over his grave, which chilled him to the bones.

After a while Kratos said, "I agree, but if you have lied to me or betray me, I will find and kill you. Now ask the boy."

Zeus nodded and waved with his hand again.

Suddenly the features of the young man before him changed a bit, "OK, I heard everything you spoke about and sadly, I have seen a lot of strange things here and so have no reason to not believe what you said, but before I agree to this, I have questions."

Zeus looked at the young man and nodded.

"First of, why me? Second, how long will this training take and what will I have to do then?" the young man asked.

Zeus thought for a moment and then answered. "Why you? That has two answers. First, you already proved that you can throw a wrench into the plans of the Powers by saving the Slayer Buffy Summers from prophesied death, and second, because Olympian blood flows through you veins. You are a descendant from my son Hercules. For you other question, the training will only take the night after this day in real time, but for you, it will be as if you were trained from childhood. What you will have to do then? The same as now, whatever you choose. Help your friends and when the time is right, you will be given the chance and the choice to deal with the Powers."

Xander Harris leaned back against the chair he sat on and thought about all he had learned. He saw the memories of Kratos' life, which wasn't an easy one, and even if he couldn't agree with all the choices Kratos made, it wasn't his place to judge. Now he was offered by Zeus, himself, to get trained by one of the most ruthless warriors he had ever heard about. If he hadn't already seen a lot of crazy things since meeting Buffy, he would think that he had lost his mind, but as it was, the decision he had to make was an easy one. His Great grandfather, a few hundred times removed, offered him the chance to get training which would help him keep his friends safe...He looked up and said, "I agree."

Zeus nodded and then said, "Good Alexander, then take a drink of the Ambrosia. It will activate your Olympian blood and you will then be able to learn what Kratos has to teach you."

Xander nodded and took a long drink of the offered Ambrosia.

Zeus was baffled by the amount Alexander was able to drink before he fell to the ground screaming. He really hoped that this wouldn't come back to bite him in the ass and then he vanished with a flash.