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Chapter 4

(The Summers household)

After the first shock had passed, everyone started to talk at once so that no one could understand a word that was said. That went on for a few moments until Joyce whistled loudly, causing an instantaneous silence to fall over the room. Nodding in satisfaction Joyce said, "So I think it is safe to say that we're all surprised by this statement. Do you want to elaborate on that? You don't have to Jessica, but we will listen if you want to."

"Mom, we deserve to know," Buffy said before Jessica could reply to Joyce.

Joyce looked at her daughter in astonishment and then asked, "You deserve to know? Dear daughter, how did you come to that conclusion?"

"Because we're Xander's friends," Buffy said with confidence in her voice.

"So, let me get this straight. Because you are his friend, you deserve to know Jessica's secret? Why didn't I think of that myself," Joyce said with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"Exactly," Buffy said clueless, having missed the sarcasm in her mother's voice completely.

There was silence in the room again for a moment until suddenly Willow broke out into giggles and couldn't stop for a minute or two. Finally she quieted down again and said, "Buffy… You really should think about getting rid of your hair dye. It seems like the Hellmouth is affecting it and sometimes turns you into a real blond. You were acting so like Harmony, it's ridiculous."

Buffy's horrified 'Willow!' and the look on her face made everyone break out in laughter, except for Buffy herself, who looked at them, speechless.

After a while the laughter died down again and Jessica said, "Thank you. Laughing was what I needed, and Joyce, if you wouldn't mind offering me a nice cup of coffee, I will tell you more."

Joyce nodded and quickly went to make a new batch of coffee and while everyone's attention was on Jessica, everyone missed Buffy's satisfied smile on a job well done.

After Joyce came back with the coffee Jessica continued her tale. "I know Tony since we both went to High School together. He was the bad boy of the school then and I think at least the women here can agree that 'Bad Boys' are more appealing to a teenage girl than a normal boy and so I fell for him. As I said, he wasn't nice and all and he treated me like dirt. In my naivety I still loved him until he hit me quite hard shortly after graduation. I left him then, packed all my things and fled to LA. I worked there as a 'Maid for everything' for a movie studio. I had a few nice months there and came together with a young actor. We had a nice time and at the very the day I intended to tell my then lover that I was pregnant, Tony showed up before my door. I can't say why, but the moment I saw Tony again my old feelings for him suddenly flared up again and before I could count to three I was naked and we did it like rabbits. After that I quickly packed my things and returned with Tony to Sunnydale and shortly after that we got married. I never felt really happy with Tony and so I never told him that Xander wasn't his son. Every time I tried to leave Tony something came up and I forgot about it. Only today, after seeing Xander like that, could I break free."

After Jessica had finished with her tale everyone looked thoughtful and, polishing his glassed, Giles said, "I might be wrong, but that sounded like Tony had some kind of compulsion over you, which forced you to stay with him no matter what."

They all talked about that a while longer until Jessica had to stifle a yawn. Seeing this Joyce stood up. "Ok, this is enough for know. Jessica and I will go and have a look at Xander and then we could all use some sleep and hope that Xander wakes up in the morning."

With that both women went upstairs and after watching the sleeping form of Xander for a while, they went to get some sleep.


(Sunnydale outdoors)

Tony grinned. It really felt good to be walking through Sunnydale again, literally dressed to kill. With a look on his compass to make sure he was going into the right direction he continued on his way until two dark shapes blocked his way. Before those shapes could say or do anything Tony drew out, with a bored look on his face, two stakes and threw them at the two shapes. While one exploded into a dust cloud at once, the other moaned in pain. "Huh? Looks like my aim isn't what it used to be anymore."

While the hurt vampire growled, "You will pay for that you damn bloodbag!" Tony quickly drew his short sword and smiled confidently. "Then come and make me, sucker," he said with a smile.

Without further words the vampire rushed at Tony, who quickly dodged to the left and opened a long gash with his sword on the vampires' right arm. Careful now, the vampire looked at the human and asked, "Damn, are you part of that Slayer chick's group or what?"

Tony grinned at the vampire and replied, "Certainly not. You could say I'm friends with the Mayor."

"You work for Wilkins? Why didn't you say so?" the vampire grumbled, a bit annoyed.

"Oh I don't work for him. We're old pals," Tony said. "Which doesn't mean I like bloodsuckers," he continued and then attacked the vamp. Surprised, the vampire reacted a bit to late and paid for it with another wound, this time on his chest.

"Then you will die now, you asshole," the vampire gritted through his teeth.

Tony smiled and faked an attack to the vamps right and as he saw that the vamp reacted exactly like he wanted, his real attack ended with his sword going through the vampire's heart.

"How?" the vampire was able to utter before he, like his companion before him, exploded into dust.

Smiling, Tony sheathed his sword again. "Ahh that was fun and so refreshing." He then took a deep breath and continued on his way, following the needle on his compass. After half an hour he entered a street where one of his brat's friends lived. Shaking his head, he mumbled, "I should have guessed that she would seek safety in the Slayer's home. Ok, that will make things a bit more difficult, but I will get what is rightfully mine."

With those words he pulled a pair of binoculars out of his sport bag and started to observe the Summers household.



Kratos grinned in pride. He really had done an awesome number with the training of this young man. He started the training a bit reluctantly at first, but quickly warmed up to the young boy. He thought back to his talk with the Zeus of this world, which started all this, and he really looked forward to the promised reward for his work. But on the other hand, he was sad that his time with his 'nephew' of a sorts was nearing its end. After all, they'd spent around 12 years together in this strange realm and the young man had proven that the time training him was well spent.

Pulling himself out of his brooding he stood up and went to Xander's room. He opened the door quietly and at looking at bed he grinned to himself and barked, "XANDER, get your lazybones out of bed! It's time to get up."

Surprised, he felt a blade at his right kidney and heard Xander's voice. "I know Uncle, that's why I'm already up. You're getting old if you fell for that old trick."

Grinning Kratos said, "OLD? You brat…I can still beat you from here to Olympus and back in a fair fight."

Smirking Xander continued, "Uncle, now you have proven you are old. As a wise man once taught me, there is no such thing as a 'fair' fight."

"Ahh nice, you actually listened to some of what I tried to hammer in that thick skull of yours," Kratos said with a bit of pride in his voice, which quickly faded at Xander's next words, "Huh? Who says I was talking about you?"

Baffled at that answer, Kratos could only reply with a "WHAT?" Seeing Xander's smirking face he added. "Damn, I really AM getting old. There was ones a time I would have killed you for far less."

Grinning, Xander said, "I know Uncle, but you like me too much for just killing me. So, what's on the program for today?"

Kratos looked at Xander for a long while until the young man started to fidget nervously and then he replied, "Nothing."

Now it was Xander turn to be baffled. "What?" he asked in a surprised tone.

After letting Xander sweat for a bit longer Kratos said, "I've nothing to teach you anymore. I taught you all I could in the last 12 years and today is the day from which on you can proudly call yourself a Spartan warrior. Follow me."

With that Kratos turned around and left the small house they had lived in and went over to the small armory and smithy, where he had taught Xander how to make his own weapons.

Xander couldn't believe it. After years of training Kratos finally declared him a Spartan warrior. He was overjoyed about it and looked forward to finally seeing his friends again, but on the other side he was sad because that meant that his time with the grumpy old man was coming to an end. Granted, the time spent with him wasn't easy and Kratos had put him through a lot, but in the end it just proved the saying 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger'. Looking back, the years spent with Kratos were a much better childhood than what Tony had ever given him and now he could actually help keep Buffy alive longer, which made every hardship he had to endure bearable.

Pulling out of his thoughts he quickly followed Kratos and watched how the man opened a cupboard in the armory and pulled a small case out of it only to hold it out to him. "Take this Alexander. It will be with you after you wake up and will help you in the future." After Xander took the case Kratos surprised him by stepping forward and pulling him into a hug, which he had never done before. "Alexander, I'm proud of you and the time spent to train you was not only good for you, but for me as well. It gave me time to get over all the hate and anger in me and I think that was another goal that Zeus and the Creator had in mind, because now I think I'm ready to see my family again. So farewell and if the time comes, we surely will see each other again. Know remember, whatever the Creator wants of you, you are the master of your own faith. If you do what she asks of you, that's good, but always remember the highest virtue you have is your own free will. Now go and find yourself a woman to love and fuck and enjoy the fights which await you."

With that Kratos began to dissolve and Xander started to wake up.


(LA, Hollywood)

The man stood up and shook his head in surprise at what his father had just told him. He really couldn't believe it, but still he was driven to check it out. So he quickly packed a few things he thought he would need and called up the elevator, which brought him into his garage. Entering it, he looked around and with a grin he took the keys for the silver Corvette from the board. He threw his bags into the car and then quickly pulled out of the garage and started the short journey to look for his son.