Small thing I wrote years ago. Tiny, I know, but, I wanted to put it up. Kinda like an epilogue to Fell

Down in the castle, a lone wolf cry silenced the guests. They all stopped what they were doing, and simultaneously turned to were the sound came from. They all silently thanked the creature for helping them fight and defeat Vladeran.

After a few more seconds of silence, the clatter continued, and the talking started again. Only three people remained quiet, and stared towards the hills.

Alina was saying good-bye to her good friend.

Romana was thanking the wolf for bringing both her children home, safely.

Elu was thinking of the wolfs in his dreams. The old gray couple who he first met. The snow-white she-wolf, who saved his life, named him Bran, then looked into his mind. Then finally, the night black wolf, who brought him home, made a pact with him, now brought his sister home, and saved his family.

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