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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Package

Somewhere in England, on Number 4 Privet Drive a boy woke up in a cold sweat. He had been having the most awful dream though he couldn't remember what exactly it had been about. He reached up and touched the burning scar on his forehead, to remember his dream. This boy's name was, of course, Harry Potter.

Harry shrugged off the dream and rolled over to look at his alarm clock. (It wasn't actually his - it was Dudley's - but he'd fixed it with a bent screwdriver that he'd found in one of Dudley's old tool sets.) The illuminated numbers read 3:15 a.m.

Harry sighed. He had been 15 for over 3 hours now and not even known it. He'd nearly forgotten it was his birthday at all since the Dursley's didn't care or hadn't reminded him. He might get another coat hanger wrapped in wrapping paper if he was lucky, but Harry didn't really care. He was used to this sort of treatment by the Dursley's and he expected no more.

Somewhere, in the Dursley household, Harry heard Uncle Vernon cough and roll over. He hoped that he would stay asleep in case Hedwig came back with the letter he was expecting from Sirius Black, his godfather.

Harry sat straight up as he heard a small tapping noise on his window. "Speak of the Devil," he thought to himself, but when he looked up, he saw that it wasn't Hedwig. It was, in fact, a small brown and grey owl he'd never seen before. Harry opened the window to let it in. It flew in quietly and perched softly at the end of his bed.

Harry reached over and gave it some food out of Hedwig's cage, and the owl took the food affectionately. Then it spread its wings and flew back out into the night, but not before dropping a small package on Harry's bed. Harry wondered why the owl was in such a hurry for, but he hardly had time to wonder before 3 more owls flew in. Harry hoped Uncle Vernon wouldn't hear the noise and wake up because he would probably turn purple and blow smoke out his ears if he saw those owls all around in his room.

There was suddenly even more commotion added to the room as 2 more owls flew in, and Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he realized that one of them was Hedwig.

He now had 5 owls flying about his room, all of which had dropped a small package on his bed, and now they all expected to be fed. Harry shoved some food in front of each of them so they didn't start making a lot of racket and turned to his bed.

There were now 6 small packages on his bed, and Harry didn't have to guess as to where 5 of them came from. They were undoubtedly from Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Sirius Black, and a school letter from Hogwarts. Harry still didn't have a clue as to where the sixth one came from so he decided he would open that one last.

"Oh well," he shrugged to himself and sat down to open his first gift. On the top was a card from Ron with a short note that read:

Dear Harry,

Hows it going? I hope you are having a good birthday and aren't having a bad time with your cousin. Mum found this when we went shopping and insisted we get it for you, but I've also included some of Fred and George's latest Weazleys Wizarding Wheezes for Dudley.

They're small candys that give whoever eats them really bad luck for 24 hours. Fred and George tried it on Percy who had bad luck all day. He broke his bedroom mirror, nearly got knocked out cold when Bill's broomstick went haywire, and slipped and fell in a great big mud puddle right in front of his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater. He wouldn't speak to anyone but Mum for days which is a good thing...

Anyways, everythings great here and we're going to Diagon Alley next week. We'll pick you up my Muggle car if your Aunt and Uncle don't mind. Enjoy your gift!


Harry grinned and eagerly opened his package. A few handfuls of candys shaped just like Dudley's favorite Muggle sweet - Sugar Shockers - spilled out onto his bed. "This ought to be interesting," he thought to himself.

But then something shiny caught his eye and he opened the rest of his parcel. Inside was a smaller version of Dumbledore's pensieve and another short note from Ron.

Harry - Mum reckons you'll have a lot on your mind this year and this

will help some. Personally, I think she's worried about Volde-

mort but I don't see why. I mean, you'll be safe at Hogwarts...


Bye - Ron

Harry knew how worried Ron's mom always got over Harry and he supposed she was just trying to make his life a little easier by getting him the pensieve. Leave it to Ron to start worrying about things. But he didn't exactly know how to use it, so he decided he'd ask Dumbledore when he got to Hogwarts, and with that he shoved it aside and turned to the next package.

This time he opened up a letter from Hermione.

Dear Harry,

do hope you are having a Happy Birthday. Don't let you your aunt and uncle get you down!

Are you going to Diagon Alley with Ron next week? I think that's when I'm going too! I picked you up something last time I was there and I hope you like it.

Love from,


Harry opened her package and wondered how Hermione always seemed to give out the best gifts. Two years ago she gave him a Broomstick Servicing Kit that he appreciated very much and this time she had gotten him a book called Quidditch Tricks and Top Picks.

He opened the book to see some of the most detailed Quidditch strategy he had ever seen, and as he was flipping through the pages, he even saw mention of the famous Wronski Feint.

Harry couldn't help but grin at Hermione's gift as he started to turn Hagrid's gift over. He wondered what Hagrid had sent him and dearly hoped it wasn't a biting book like the last time. He opened it slowly and carefully, ready to curse whatever came flying out at him, when he saw it was just a small tin filled with Hagrid's newest food creation.

The enclosed note said they were called dirt cookies, but they looked oddly like chocolate chip...Harry decided he would have a fun time giving these to Dudley as well.

He quickly opened the note from Hogwarts because he already knew what that one was. He got one every year. It was from Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress, informing him as to when school started, and what supplies he would be needing this year.

He couldn't wait to open his note from Sirius. He hadn't heard from him all summer and really wanted to know what was going on and if he had heard anything about Voldemort. He was quite dissapointed at the letter he found.

Dear Harry,

I am to be staying somewhere but I can't tell you where in

this letter is intercepted. Don't worry. When you get to Hogwarts I

will explain everything to you, as Dumbledore has been kind enough

to lend me secret access to the castle should I wish it. I will be in

contact and I wish you a very happy birthday.



Harry wished Sirius would have told him more but he was glad he would get to see him again when he got to Hogwarts. He missed his Godfather a lot and knew he was innocent despite the fact, he'd spent nearly 13 years in Azkaban for a crime he was accused of committing. But then Harry remembered he still had one more package to open.

He regarded the last package with some curiosity. He didn't really know who it was from so he tore open the letter that came with it first.

Dear Mr. Potter,

If memory serves me correctly, I do believe today is your

birthday (not that I would normally care) but I have taken the

liberty in getting you something that you might appreciate. I

suppose I could also say it is something your father would get you...

but then again you probably wouldn't understand.


Someone You Know

Harry just looked puzzled. Someone he knew? He knew a lot of people. And why wouldn't they want to tell him who they were? He also wondered who wouldn't normally care about his birthday and why the did now, and there was still that bit about his father...

Harry decided to open the package because it might give him some clue as to who sent it. He quickly decided that it didn't.

Harry couldn't believe his eyes. Sitting in front of him was the latest new broom to come out on the market, the Flame Stick 500. It was only a couple of weeks old. Harry gasped. Whoever had bought this had to have spent a small fortune on it, and Harry couldn't imagine who would just throw that much money away on him.

He picked up the Flame Stick 500 Owners Manual and saw that this broom was much more updated than his Firebolt. It was equipped with a padded stick, a small compass, a stick warmer, and a variety of other small gadgets that really made the value of this gift so extroadinary.

After Harry was done marveling at his new broomstick, he wrote a reply to Ron and Hermione (telling them all about the mysterious note and letter of course), a thank-you note to Hagrid, and he didn't write anything back to Sirius because he would talk to him when school started.

He really wanted to write back to whomever sent him the broom and thank them a million thanks but their owl had flown off almost immediately after delivering the package. He kind of felt bad.

Harry looked back at the alarm clock and realized it was now 4:15. With a great sigh, he got back in bed, shoving his presents aside until tomorrow and covered up with his old musty blanket.

He closed his eyes as he began to relive his dream...