This is just a one-shot I thought of. I know. I should be working on Poverty and Riches or Bloody Rose but right now I don't feel like it. This is in Shika's P.O.V.

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I was walking towards the bar down the road from Kiba's place for a night out apparently. Everyone was going to be there. Team 7 (except Sasuke, Sai was going to be there instead), Team 8, Team 10, Gai's team, and the sand siblings with Matsuri and Sari.

I usually never go to these things. They get too troublesome. At the end of the night, everyone gets drunk which means disaster. The only reason I'm going today is because of that troublesome woman. She always annoys the hell out of me. Hits me with that damn fan. Why am I going again? Ahhh, this is too troublesome.

I opened the bar and stepped inside. I looked around for everyone. Naruto, Sakura, and Sai were talking to each other, Naruto looked eager as always. Kiba was trying to get Hinata to dance with him. Shino was standing in a corner. Tenten dragged Neji to the dance floor. Lee..well he was dancing...a very disturbing dance. Ino was flirting with a strange man that looked a few years older than her. Chouji was sitting at a booth eating chips. Gaara and Matsuri were talking quietly in another booth. Gaara was actually smiling. Who knew he could. Kankuro was getting drunk and groping Sari. That's nice.

I finally found that damn woman and froze. She was wearing a really sexy dress. A skin tight, obsidian, strapless, going down to just a little bit above her knees dress. You could see her lean, tan legs. Her fingers gracefully holding a cup full of beer. She looked gorgeous. I wondered what she looked like without the dress...I shook my head of those thoughts. I was about to head over and ask if she wanted to dance but someone beat me to it.

He was taller than her and looked like he had muscles, maybe he was a shinobi. His hair was black with a tint of red dyed into it. His eyes were a blaze color. He looked like a normal guy but I could tell what he really wanted and that made me growl with rage. Chouji asked me what was wrong. When did he get over here..

"Nothing. Just mad."

"Ohhhh. I know. It's Temari and that guy dancing isn't it?"

Now the guy had his hands on the small of her back. "Yes."

"Wow. Shikamaru Nara ,who is the laziest person to do anything, is growling and getting jealous of a man who is holding Temari." He just smiled at her. Wait what?

"I am not jealous Chouji..." He kissed her that fucking bastard just kissed her!

I ran over to him and grabbed him by the collar, then proceeded to throw him into the wall.

"What the fuck man?" The random asshole yelled at me.

"Stay the hell away from her. I don't want you fucking touching her." I grabbed Temari by the arm and dragged her away from the bar.

"Shikamaru! Where are you taking me? Why did you throw him into the wall? Let go of me dammit!"

I let her go and shoved her to the building next to us. "Don't ever let me see a man do that to you again. Understand?" I snarled.

"I'll let a man do whatever I allow him to do. Why, were you jealous?" She sent me a fired look.

"Yes dammit!" Then I kissed her hungrily. I bit her bottom lip for access and she granted it to me. She pulled away after awhile and we were breathing really hard. She smirked.

"I should get you jealous more often. I have never seen that much emotion escape you before. In fact, you never lose that lazy facade of yours."

"Shut up." I kissed her just to make sure she would.

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