Kitty sat motionless reading her book in the foyer, when she was distracted by an argument between Logan and Emma. Seeing she was not going to get any peace and quiet, she went to the kitchen, where the younger mutants (I know the young mutants aren't in Wolverine and the X Men but I feel like they needed to be) were having a food fight. Giving up, Kitty decided to go back to her room when she ran into Bobby.

"Oh, sorry Kitty. This house is madness right now!"

"I know I am getting so annoyed with everyone!"

"Well if you want you can come in my room and read. You know, if you want to."

Kitty found his embarrassment cute. It was very obvious Bobby Drake liked her, but if they were genuine feelings she did not know. Until she knew if he liked her for her and not beauty she was stuck.

"Um actually, I think I'm just gonna go take a nap." I said feeling bad when his face fell, though he quickly recovered his blank look and boyish attitude.

"Whatever. Have a nice nap."

I started to have an empty feeling in my stomach as he was leaving, but pushed it aside and made my way back to my room. I wanted to go back and talk to him but I told myself it was best not to fall in love with someone who may not love you in return. I laid my head down and began to doze off, trying to clear my head.

Bobby's POV

Great. I can't believe I actually thought she might want to speak to me. This day just keeps getting better and better. I could make tons of meaningless girls swoon but when it came to the girl I actually felt something for, I make her think I'm an idiot.

You can be an idiot Bobby, geese no one in this house has anything good going on in their head. Emma had protruded into my thoughts, something I always hated.

Go away Emma, I thought.

Fine, but don't come asking me for your help. But you still probably will, won't you? And with that she was gone. Sure, when the X- Men had gotten back together I thought she was hot, but that was like for 2 days! Then I fell hard for Kitty and Emma got on my nerves always bugging me about it. For someone so calm and sophisticated she can sure be annoying.

With nothing to do, I walked out to the garden, trying to clear my thoughts.

AN: Sorry for the short chapter, the ideas for this story are still coming. I will update soon!