AN: Sorry if this is a short/suckish chapter guys but I was a little pressed for time. The next chapter will be way better and longer :)

I woke up to find Bobby staring at the ceiling of the cave. A huge wolfish grin plastered on his face.

"Hey Bobby? Have a nice night?" I said laughing.

"Best night of my life," he said lovingly. Lovingly! He loved me!

"We slept in, we should get a move on," I said looking at the cave entrance.

"Or we could just stay here. Together," Bobby said still grinning. I laughed and lay back in his arms. After some time I spoke again.

"Bobby? Do you think the others are worried about us?" I asked suddenly remembering our current predicament. 2 more days.

"Of course they are Kit Kat. But they know we can handle ourselves just fine," he replied.

"I guess so."

I got up and began putting on my clothes,Bobby watching my every move. Normally I would've been embarrassed by this, but after last night those feelings disappeared. I was almost sad that Bobby and I only had 2 days left alone, but then I reminded myself that it was too dangerous to stay here.

"Two days. I can't believe we've been here so long. Surviving here is now like second nature," I say confidently.

"Yeah but we should still be careful. This place still worries me. Come on lets get some water," Bobby said as we phased through the ice wall.

The fresh air engulfed me as I felt it against my skin. Such a shame that such a beautiful place has to be so deadly. Bobby and I went on with our daily routine of getting water and food, but also watching each others backs. Surprisingly, none of the mutants showed their faces the whole day. Maybe they had enough and didn't give a crap about us anymore. After getting back to the cave nightfall soon arrived and it took forever for us to fall asleep knowing we were going home late the next day.

We slept until what looked like 2:00 pm the next day. The day we go home. I shook Bobby awake and he smiled up at me.

"We are finally getting out of here," Bobby said jumping up excitedly. I laughed at his joy and started to dance with him to imaginary music. We swayed in each others arms until we heard the X Jet off in the distance.

"Wow. They are early," I said surprised. Bobby's smile only widened at this statement.

The dome disappeared which meant we had to be down there at the entrance in an hour's time. We walked out of the cave for the last time and started down the cliff side. Bobby and I held hands the whole way, still being observant. About more than halfway towards the entrance, we couldn't contain our excitement anymore and broke into sprint. I hadn't realized how happy I was. I could start to smell Emma's perfume and the oil all over Forge's clothes.

"Logan! Rouge!" I shouted random names of my teammates as I ran. Bobby ran a lot faster than me, so he was a little ahead. I had my eyes so focused on him that I tripped over a log. It took me a moment to realize I was on the floor and then slowly began to rise. But unfortunately, I was knocked to the floor again. Hard. I gasped as the air was knocked out of me.

"Bobb-," I started, but was kicked in the throat. I began to panic, and got up and sprinted towards the sound of Bobby screaming my name looking for me. I ran faster and faster trying to get away from the footsteps not far behind. I phased through the jungle of trees and vines until I couldn't anymore, and knocked into a tree. I stumbled to my feet quickly, seeing Bobby in the distance. I ran into his sights and his eyes met mine. As I was about to reach his arms, we were both hit, spiraling in opposite directions. Before I could get up to help, arms wrapped around me from behind, paralyzing me. The mutant then picked me up and ran into the jungle. Before my vision was blurred with vines, I saw Bobby still lying on the floor unconscious. I didn't remember a time I had ever been so helpless. I should've been able to do something. But that wasn't even the worst part of it all.

The dome began to close.