(In the world in which i exist world.)

(My P.O.V)

I gave a sigh, for It was yet another boring day here in "Peech Creek". Faced with yet another one of Eddy's "Scams" that was doomed to failure from the start. When is he going to learn? You'd think after dozens of them he would learn by now, but no.

I was just standing around, observing. We were standing at the same spot, in the middle of this big open circle of black pavement surrounded by sidewalk. Eddy was scraping the bottom of barrel for "Scams" now. He was running a Video Game Help Line. I tried explaining to him that there are already tons of those, and that they're beat out by the internet, seeing as the internet offers it for free basically...

"Eddy," I inquired, "have you just completely run out of ideas now?"

"What?" He responded, "It's a good idea! Who doesn't need help with video games?"

"Pro gamers?"

I grinned at his expression which said 'Don't be such a smartass.'

"Besides," I continued, "Ed over here is good, but i wouldn't exactly go to him for tips. I personally don't need any when it comes to games, but if i did, then i'd at least go to the top gamer around. But seeing as who it is around here i'd say that doesn't apply for me."

Eddy wore anger on his face at the reference to the guy in this whole neighborhood whom he hated the most, Kevin. Personally i didn't see what was wrong with the guy, but i don't know alot about the past between these two.

"Yeah right, he doesn't know shit when it comes to gaming, i could just so easily crush him at anything of choice."

I could hear the confidence in his voice as it left him right before he spoke those words. A slight wave of irritation passed over me as he blatently used fowl language in an ignorant manner.

"So then, why aren't you the one giving advice? Why are you making Ed do it? Are you basically saying that you admit that Ed is better then you?"

"...Shut up."

I couldn't help but chuckle a little and i grinned at his realization of how i backed him in a corner there.

I looked around and i began wondering something. Only Eddy and Ed were here. Edd, commonly called Double D (all you perverts out there can laugh now) was no where to be seen.

"Hey, where's Double D at?"

Eddy looked at me with irritation written on his face as soon as my last word was spoken.

"He's off doing something. Apparently more important then making money."

I don't know how that relates here, we're making no money whatsoever.

"Hmm," I decided, "i'm going to go see what he's doing then."

"Hmm... fine." He replied, "Go then."

I angered him a bit, but i couldn't stand around here much longer. It was too boring.

As i was walking, a bad aura speard out all around me. It felt as if something bad was about to happen. It wasn't extreme life or death bad or anything, but still bad.



(Haruhi's world)

(Kyon's P.O.V)

*Sigh* We're on yet another search for oddities on a Saturday that can be perfectly good for sleeping in. After dozens of weekends you'd think she'd get the fact there aren't any real mysteries around here. Besides the occasional occurence, created by Suzumiya herself, this place is actually quite normal, much to Haruhi's dislike.

I gave a yawn, and inquired my over used questions to the stubborn girl who had been making me do this almost every other weekend of my life ever since i met her.

"Why are we doing this again?" I desperately asked, "Didn't we try this area some two weeks ago?"

"That doesn't matter! We have to keep checking over the area every once in a while! In case something interesting pops up!"

Yeah, like it did the last time we checked, and the time before that, and the time before that too... It's a shame sarcasm doesn't translate well here, i could've gotten a good chuckle out of you from that.

I looked around and took notice to something, Koizumi wasn't here.

"Hey," i wondered, "Where is Koizumi? I though everyone in the SOS Brigade had to do this."

Her usual unpleasant irritation was seen in her expression.

"He said he had something urgent to take care of."

If it were that easy i would've given that same excuse countless times already.

"He also said that when you became available to go see him. Apparently it deals with you."

"Oh? So can i go now?"

"No! You're not avalaible to him now! We still have to search around!"

I sighed, there is no reasoning with this girl.

Oh well, i'll just have to accept it. I'll be stuck doing this for the next five hours.
Yeah, five, if i'm lucky.

*Five hours later*

After five grueling hours of search efforts that obtained no results, Haruhi finally got bored and irritated enough to call it a day. She made us all gather up at the meeting point just to tell us that, when she could've just told us over the phone. And of course I arrived late. Again. And i received the "Death Penalty."

"Late!" Haruhi said with that all to familiar look of irritation that seems to be on her face at least sixty percent of the time, "Penalty!"

"Yeah, yeah," I replied back, "can i go see what Koizumi wants now?"

"Hmm... You might as well now, we're dismissed anyway."

"Thank you." I replied with disguised annoyance.

It was about time. It shouldn't have to take this long to search around, but then again we're searching for what isn't there. In any case i'm glad to finally be free on this now Saturday afternoon, but as i began walking to Koizumi's place I realized that if Koizumi was able to manage a day off from the SOS Brigade, and he needed to speak to me to boot, then something must be wrong.

Why am i always being thrown into something like this? I'm just a high school student...