I'm so so SO sorry for not updating in such a long time. I'm really sorry everyone! T^T I going to try and knock this story out in one blow; meaning this will probably be the last chapter. Plus I'm going to skip forward in time; about 5 months. I can't believe you guys are even reading this still. I mean I'm such a bad writer and I can't even update on time. I've got food poisoning so I didn't go to school today. I'm feeling better so I'll use this time to update my stories. :)

Kyle's POV

These past five months have been hell but a week has passed and we haven't seen Wendy at all. I hears that her and Cartman had gotten together. Better for me and Stan. It's been very peaceful around her.

Stan has football practice today, Ike's still at school, and my parents are a work so I'm all by myself at home. I switched on the TV just to see that nothing was on. I guess taking a little nap wouldn't hurt. I began to doze off but the door bell rang. Wonder who that is. I went down the steps and opened the door.

"Hello Kyle."

I stared at Wendy's face blankly then frowned. "Wait Kyle, I'm not here to ruin your life or threaten you or anything. I just want to say I'm sorry."


"Like I said I'm sorry. I know I was horrible to you and Stan. I even tried to run you over! But I started to like Cartman and realized that there was no reason to act like such a bitch. I know I'm asking for a lot now but I'd like to be friends."

"Are you serious, this isn't one of your tricks is it?"

"No it's not a trick, I really want to be friends with you." She smiled at me.

"Um ok. I guess we can be friends but Stan is mine." I smiled back at her.

"Well then Cartman is mine."

"Ew you can keep him."

We both laughed. I guess this won't be too bad. Wendy's a pretty nice girl under all the jealousy. But who would guess that she would like Cartman?

Stan's POV

Football practice had ended and I was heading over to Kyle's house. He was probably in his room all alone wishing I were there with him. I turned the corner down Kyle's street and saw Wendy's yellow Beetle parked outside (AN: I always imagined her driving one of those. ^~^). I parked my car behind hers and ran up to the front door. Who knows what she could have done to Kyle by now.

I pounded on the door until someone answered it. "What the hell is wrong with you dude?" Kyle rolled his emerald eyes at me.

"Oh god you're ok. Why is Wendy here?"

"She came here to apologize for being a bitch and now we're friends."

"Oh." I felt like an idiot. Whatever we're all friends now…kind of.

"Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to come in?"

"I'm coming in." Kyle and I walked upstairs and to his room where Wendy was sitting on his bed watching one of those dumb TV dramas.

"You're going to make me watch this?"

"Well no one told you to come over." Wendy said still staring at the TV.

"No one told you to come over." I glared at her.

"I came over first and I turned the TV on so I have power over what we watch."

"Kyle, tell Wendy to give me the remote."

"Stop acting like a baby and Wendy's right. Plus this show is…interesting." Kyle said sitting down next to Wendy on his bed.

"Aww come on!" I turned around and went down stairs and into Kyle's kitchen. I can't believe he would side with Wendy instead of his own boyfriend. I grabbed a bag of cheesy poofs and sat on his couch. I turned on the TV to some reruns of Terrance and Phillip. I guess I'll have to learn to live with Wendy and Kyle being friends. Meh.

Wendy's POV

"I guess I should go now Kyle."


"Yeah. I've got to go see what Cartman's up to."

"Ok then."

He walked me to the door and waved goodbye as I walked to my car. I know things a changing for the better. I hope we'll all learn to get along.

Stan's POV

I woke up to find that Wendy had already left. I went upstairs where Kyle was reading a book.

"Hey babe." I pulled him up into a hug.

"I told you not to call me that. It's embarrassing."


"Cause it is." I lifted his chin and kissed him. I pushed his lip against mines. About a minute had passed when he pulled away from me and smiled.

"I think things are starting to get better Stan."

"I know they are."

Ahhh what a horrible ending. I couldn't even get Kenny in it. I love you Kenny! I just had to finish it up quick before my mom came home. T^T I know you all hate me now. I think I'll stick to one story at a time for now on. Thanks to the ones who have been with me through this horrible story now run off and find a better writer! Love you guys! 3