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Warnings: Rated for sexual content and violence. Rape heavily implied.

Shizuo ascended the steps slowly, the metal stairs creaking with each step as he stormed closer towards the designated address. Tom couldn't come today; he had caught a cold the last minute and insisted that the beast of Ikebukuro try taking care of this collection on his own, reminding him to stay calm until it was clear that the debtor wouldn't pay.

Shizuo really did try to contain himself this time; he knocked first, rather harshly. However, the doorknob remained still as he waited "patiently" for the owner, and he heard only laughing behind the door, accompanied by the sounds of punching and the familiar chaotic cheering of what could only be either a gang gathering or a bunch of drunken friends in this particular part of town. Finally snapping, the bodyguard kicked down the door, and the world inside froze at the sight of him.

"Hei… Heiwajima Shizuo!" one of the punks gasped, shakily taking out his switchblade.

"You coward, there's one of him and forty of us!" another one yelled impatiently at him from deeper in the room, his voice slightly hitched. The lighting was dim, and Shizuo could just barely make out…

"B-b-but…" the first man stuttered, turning the bartender's attention back to him.

"Okay, fine!" the other spat as he pulled away from something pressed against the table with a sickening squelch before shoving it aside onto the floor and pulled up his pants. Shizuo heard a soft pained cry before the other gave whatever it was a final kick. "Shut up!"

The bodyguard heard weak coughing like a sick man on his deathbed, his lungs overused and falling apart.

'What is that?' However, before he could react to the sound any further, the man was already in front of him, his face a little red and his clothes disheveled from whatever he was just doing; Shizuo didn't quite want to know.

"What do you want?" the "leader" of the group asked, fingering a switchblade of his own.

"You owe us some money," Shizuo told him simply, almost knowing that in a matter a seconds something in the room would go flying, whether it is the lamp next to him or the man himself. He eyed the sofa quite affectionately.

"I don't know what you're talking about," the other replied, feigning a dramatic shrug. "Our big boss should've already paid…"

"Well he hasn't, if it isn't obvious enough by now," the bodyguard answered him, gritting his teeth. 'Kill kill kill kill.'

"Then just wait a few more days." Another man approached Shizuo from behind quietly, holding a metal bar, ready to swing. "Now if you don't mind, I have some business to finish with the boss's present…" The bar descended, only to halt in a dead stop in the target's palm.

"You tried to hit me with this, didn't you?" Shizuo asked, turning around slowly as his attacker stepped back, shaking in fear. "You tried to kill me." He wrenched the bar out of the other's hands and swung it at the man's face, cracking the other's jaw and sending him flying into several of his buddies. "You're not going to pay, right?" he yelled, picking up the next nearest object: the beloved sofa. "Then I'm just going to have to convince you!"

A cat sniffed at the prize it found, a half-eaten fish, only to jump out of the dumpster as two men flew out of the window three stories above, followed by a glass slashed sofa. A few more followed suit, landing in a sizable heap in the trash, while yells and the sounds of breaking wood, glass, and whatever else furniture could be made of echoed in this dirty little alley. After a few minutes, all was quiet, and the cat jumped back in, purring in delight when it found its dinner intact.

Shizuo sighed as he stared at the mess he had made in the room: unconscious humans everywhere, some on the floor, some smashed against the wall, and even some halfway in the wall itself. He shrugged, getting ready to leave; he had to report back that they weren't going to pay. It was a pain, to say the least. After all, business was harsh these days since idiots never seem to learn, even after the first beating.

He heard a soft groan from somewhere in the room and stopped, frowning. It was the same voice from earlier, and he swore that he had heard it somewhere before. In fact, it reminded him strongly of… Shizuo's frown deepened, pushing that thought away as he went against instinct and turned back, kicking aside several of the punks as he made his way through the room.

He saw the glint of metal first on the floor between the table from earlier and a fallen bookcase and groaned, knowing that the piece of furniture had fallen on top of the person after he had thrown it into several of the now unconscious gang members. Shizuo lifted the bookcase slowly, hoping that whoever those handcuffed hands belonged to was still alive.

The person groaned again as the heavy wooden piece came off, its books spilling off the shelves onto him mercilessly. Shizuo moved to sweep the volumes away, finally catching a glimpse under the still dim light of the extent of damage this person had sustained.

Bruises littered the pale skin; Shizuo could guess there was at least one cracked rib judging by the color on the man's bare chest. Despite his efforts, his eyes moved down the thin naked body; he saw a mixture of blood and something white still dripping slowly, painfully onto the dirty carpet. Shizuo could make out the sound of breathing, light and barely audible, the chest rising ever so slightly, hanging on to whatever life it still had. His eyes finally moved to the man's face, and his stomach lurched with realization.

Shizuo almost didn't recognize him under all the bruises on his face, the split lip, and the mouth slightly opened, gasping for air. However, under the blood-matted hair, stained most likely by a drying wound on the side of the man's head, was a pair of familiar red eyes, opened just a crack as they followed him pleadingly, fearfully.

"What the hell…" he muttered, fighting off the bile that rose in his throat.

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