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Izaya blinked, trying to get everything into focus, when he realized that a raging headache threatened to split his head open. He groaned, prompting the one next to him to shift and run out of the room.

'Where am I?' He squinted through the darkness, only managing to make out the stars outside through a slit in the curtains next to him. He remembered falling asleep on Shizuo's back, and this bed didn't quite feel like his, not to mention that his window should probably be more… further away? He tried to remember. Oh yeah, his bed was not next to a window or wall.

The light suddenly came on, making Izaya's eyes water as his head lurched again. 'Oh, Shizuo's place…' he finally concluded.

"Here, water," a voice told him gently, and he felt a cup pressed to his lips. He drank greedily, trying to soothe his parched throat as a warm hand rubbed his back. After what seemed like ages, the water had finally disappeared, and the hand took the empty cup away.

Izaya laid back down on the bed, covering his eyes with the back of his hands in an attempt to block out some of the blinding light. The water had helped immensely, but his eyes still wished for the lights to turn off. Reading all this, Shizuo got up and turned off the main room light, settling for a dim lamp on the table next to the bed.

"Feeling better?" Shizuo asked him.

"Like I've been hit by a truck," Izaya muttered, turning towards the wall. "So this is how a hangover feels like…" He found the silence that followed a little unsettling.

"You've never had one?" the bodyguard finally asked, trying not to sound too surprised.

The informant chuckled. "I've never been this drunk either. I don't drink that much actually." He felt the bed shift a little next to him as Shizuo sat down.

"What made you go overboard this time?" the bodyguard inquired.

"You…" Izaya grumbled irritably as he attempted to hide from further questioning by pulling Shizuo's comforter over his head. He could feel his cheeks burn up and wondered if the effects of alcohol were really this persistent.

"How so?" Shizuo pressed on. Izaya felt a slight weight on his back as the bodyguard leaned backwards onto him.

Izaya wanted to sink through the bed and disappear, but even if he was in a fully drunken stupor, his overly logical mind would've deemed that impossible. And, although his mind wanted to leave the current predicament, the warmth against his back made his body desire to stay. He nearly grabbed at the other when Shizuo moved off of him.

"Do you hate me?"

Izaya sat up in response and ended up crashing right into Shizuo's head, realizing too late that the bodyguard had been hovering above him. He fell back into the pillow, groaning from the additional pain.

"Izaya?" Shizuo asked worriedly, his own forehead uninjured by the impact.

"I don't…" Izaya muttered, massaging head.


"I don't hate you!" the informant repeated, finally deciding to stay where he was just in case another injury befell him. He turned away from the other, covering his face. 'I'm still burning…' A hand on his shoulder didn't help the raging fire.

"Then what do you think of me?" Shizuo asked, his voice low and slightly quivering.

Izaya turned to face him when he heard the uneasiness in the other's voice. He studied Shizuo's honest eyes, a soft brown that focused only on him. 'So he's scared too…' Izaya reached up hesitantly and brushed a strand of hair out of the bodyguard's eyes so that he could see them better, those gentle orbs. His fingers trailed down Shizuo's face as they returned to him, but the bodyguard took his hand before it left his face, engulfing it even more in his warmth.

"Izaya, I love you," he said, his voice firmer this time. Izaya thought back to all that had happened. This man had willingly saved him, his worst enemy, had helped him get back on his feet, had pulled him out of deep waters so many times… this informant who loved all humans but knew none loved him in return. Now this man offered him the love he had never received.

Izaya slid his hand out of the bodyguard's grasp and slowly wrapped his arms around the other's neck, pressing his body against the gentle warmth that promised him everything he had never asked for. The fire in him flared up again to his cheeks and then his ears, and he hugged Shizuo tighter, unwilling to let the other see him like this.

"Izaya?" Shizuo asked, the uneasiness back in his voice.

"Shouldn't you know by now?" Izaya answered, his voice shaking more than he'd like. He wanted more of this warmth, as terrifying as it was. He wanted to lose himself in it, drown in it, let it wash away everything… He chuckled, closing his eyes. So this was what love felt like. He felt a little braver at the solidity his mind had built up, and he finally let go, finding him once again staring into those warm brown eyes.

"I love you…" he said.

He watched as the bodyguard's eyes widened for a moment before Shizuo leaned in to kiss him. The other's lips were gentle against his, and Izaya felt like if this were to go on any longer he'd melt into a useless puddle and evaporate. A sudden hungry lick demanded entrance, and he gave it freely, letting Shizuo explore his mouth and drowning even more in the warmth of the bodyguard's tongue.

They finally pulled apart, panting slightly for air. Izaya wondered if his face could get any redder as he realized that the warmth had become a fire; he was practically burning. In response, Shizuo kissed him behind the ear, a hand snaking under his shirt.

Hands… Cold…

"Shizu-chan…" he flinched when his voice came out a whimper, and the bodyguard immediately pulled away. He suddenly felt the very coldness that had haunted him.

"I'm sorry," Shizuo started to get up.

"No…" Izaya grabbed his hand desperately. This was not the same. Shizuo was warm. He wasn't like them. "Please… continue…"

"Are you sure?" the bodyguard asked. Izaya nodded and planted another kiss on the other's lips reassuringly. Shizuo hesitantly returned to his previous job and slowly pulled Izaya's shirt over his head, replacing the garment with a trail of kisses down the informant's chest.

Izaya shuddered at the touch, feeling his pants get uncomfortably tight. He started unbuttoning Shizuo's shirt in half-desperation and as a half-distraction. The bodyguard noticed, and, with one swift movement, tore the garment off, buttons flying in all directions. It was then Izaya realized that the other was also panting slightly.

After another moment, Izaya had somehow wiggled out of his pants without the other destroying them, and he felt a shiver as he looked up to the man above him as Shizuo clumsily removed his own pants, revealing his own throbbing erection.

Izaya grabbed it hesitantly, earning a moan from the other as he brought his hand up and down, stroking rhythmically. He nearly let go when Shizuo duplicated the action on him, pushing him down onto the bed. The bodyguard pressed their lengths together, stroking them in sync.

Izaya almost stopped breathing as the pleasure overwhelmed him, bursting through the warmth that had already engulfed him, burned him. He leaned up, panting. "Shizu-chan…" he called the other's name. "I want you…"

The bodyguard stopped momentarily, concern clearly showing through his lust-glazed eyes. "Are you sure?" he asked again.

Izaya kissed him roughly, biting his lip. "Stop asking already."

"Ugh, hang on," Shizuo muttered as he leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle and a package of what looked like condoms.

Izaya eyed the contents through half-lidded eyes before realizing that he recognized that bottle.

'Shinra…' He was going to get the doctor for this later. Shizuo kissed him again, pouring some of the liquid onto his hand. 'Later…' the informant thought hazily as a finger brushed against his prostrate, sending stars throughout his vision.

Despite both of their efforts, it happened again when Shizuo finally entered him, and he suddenly saw the hands again and the darkness…

"Shizu… chan… I…" he called out, grabbing wildly at the air.

"Shh, I'm right here," Shizuo told him, taking his flailing arm in his. Izaya immediately came back, tear-stained eyes staring straight into the bodyguard's. Shizuo kissed him again. "I'm right here," he whispered.

Warmth… He was safe… loved…

"I… love…"

Shizuo's eyes widened at the words, and the informant moaned under him. They were both reaching their limit.

"Shizu…" He cut off the informant with a kiss. With a final shudder, both of them came at once, and Shizuo pulled out slowly before collapsing on top of the informant. He hugged the other, nuzzling his nose in Izaya's slightly damp sweat slicked hair.

"I love you," he whispered. He felt the other's arms snake around him once again, giving him a light squeeze.


"Ah… why is Shizu-chan so unpredictable… I hurt all over now…" Izaya whined first thing in the morning, his strength seemingly returned to him.

"Shut up," Shizuo snapped, blushing furiously. It had been so long since he's seen this side of the informant. He felt uneasy, and as much as he didn't want to admit it, a little doubtful. What would the informant do now that he's returned to normal? The bodyguard got off the bed, ready to fight the new day and the new worries by taking it out on a few of Tom's unlucky clients. However, a hand on his wrist suddenly stopped him.

"Hey, don't go," Izaya said.

His mind calmed a little. "I have work."

"Forget the work. Just for today?" The informant tried to impersonate a wide-eyed cat.

Shizuo looked away, feeling his face turn red. "What makes you think you can just…"

"I'm cold." That did it.

Izaya grinned in satisfaction when Shizuo climbed back under the covers, and the informant drew as close to the bodyguard as he can, feeling the heat radiate off of Shizuo's chest. "So warm…" he muttered contently as he closed his eyes. Shizuo sighed, putting an arm around the informant.

This was so strange, greatest enemies of all of Ikebukuro cuddled up in the same twin-sized bed. Shizuo closed his eyes, letting sleep take him once again. It was okay. Izaya was safe now. To hell with the complications later.


Three days later, Izaya finally set off to straighten things out with a certain doctor, just as he had promised.

"Shinra…" he articulated when the two of them met at the park. Celty had also come and was currently preoccupied with one of the parks' many artists.

"What?" the doctor replied cheerfully.

Izaya bit his lip, feeling the blush creeping into his face. He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Did it work well?" Shinra asked, his enthusiasm a little scary.



"No! I… uh mean… ye-" he cut himself off. At least Shinra didn't say, "lubricant."

The doctor laughed. "Thanks for the information. Now I can recommend it to a few of my patients without any problems."

Izaya stared blankly at him. "You used us as test subjects?"

Shinra raised his hands in defense. "No! Not really! They said it was really good, but I've never heard it from someone who's used it first-hand… Oh, but I've already checked the ingredients so even if it didn't feel good, it should still be 100% safe."

"Shinra!" the informant exclaimed.

"Izaya!" a roar cut the both of them off, and they saw Shizuo sprinting full-speed towards them.

"Uh oh… Got to go!" Izaya waved as he took off in the opposite direction, followed closely by the bodyguard.

Shinra smiled as he watched Izaya leap over the railing only to return moments later through the bushes. 'Some things heal with time.'

"Get back here, you flea!" Shizuo yelled as he came back around the vegetation.

'Others don't.'

"Oh no, Shizu-chan, I'm so scared," Izaya said dramatically as he jumped onto the side of the fountain.

'I know Izaya still has nightmares, every now and then.'

"You sent those guys after me last night, didn't you?" the bodyguard yelled.

"Well, I was a little worried that Shizu-chan wasn't getting enough exercise these days."

"That gives you no excuse!"

"See, you still can't catch me!" Izaya turned the corner, laughing. He was running, free as before, just running.

'And the two of them still fight, every now and then.'

A hand grabbed the hem of Izaya coat, and he jerked backwards, falling into the pair of arms that were waiting. "Caught you!" Shizuo gasped, trying to catch his breath.

Izaya blinked up at his captor's upsidedown face, frowning. "You caught me," he repeated as if he didn't believe it. He finally grinned, and leaned up to peck the bodyguard on the lips before jumping away just as quickly while the other was distracted, laughing.

'He still has scars…' Shinra waved to Celty, and she looked away from the two just as Shizuo grabbed the informant again and pulled him into another kiss, Izaya's arms flailing.

Shinra took Celty's hand and they began their trek home, deciding to ask the two out to a dinner later this week after things had calmed down. They would take their time making fun of the new couple.

'But even scars will fade with time…'

"Izaya!" Shizuo's voice echoed through Ikebukuro.

"Shizu-chan!" the informant sang back.


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