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"My Bomber; My Peacemaker"

"People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them."

He held me in his arms.

It wasn't just a friendly side hug, like always- he was never too touchy with his hands; imagine that.

"You always worry too much."

I could smell his hair…it smelled like iron and dirt. Even though it had always smelled that way, he still had me concerned.

I loved him, yes. But every time he would come to my tent after 'working'…

Even though he looked happy; oh it was the happiest I had ever seen him! I even remember him coming to my tent after he got that strange little red stone from his superiors- work related he said- so happy that he actually picked me up, spun me around the room, and then grabbed my face with both hands and kissed my forehead! He was ecstatic! I had never ever seen him so happy! Not even when the officers told him what he would be doing in Ishval…

Whatever that little stone was I was happy that it was with him…even when he took it with him to work…

…I knew what he was doing.

My brain knew it but my heart…

If he was happy then I would be happy…after all I was the only person who knew about his childhood, I was the only human who accepted his beliefs.

And yes I said 'human'…

Call me what you will.

After the war was over, I can remember watching him being pushed into that steel window barred car…what was he thinking? Why couldn't he just give it back? He never really made things easier…after he was hauled away, I remember that strange man coming up to, grabbing my arm, and putting me in that car with the 'Fuhrer'…

I still remember walking into that vein-like hall, with various animal noises coming from the ceiling, me clinging to that…green mans arm. I could barely move. All I could do was head straight forward.

"Don't be such a fraidy cat, tiny human…" he sneered at me with his purple eyes.

"You fell from the sky, kiddo."

"I did?"

"Where did you fall from?"

"I…I'm not sure…I'm too scared to think right now!"

"Scared? Ha! You'll be even more scared when you meet Father."


We stopped walking. There, in front of me, was a big white door with all sorts of drawings on it…if only I had my camera…

It's been years since that day…The day those doors opened I faced the truth…

"Miss! Um…Miss?"

Waking up in a daze, I could never find the time to just SLEEP. If I could, I would sleep 24/7. There was always someone there to wake me up.

Just like I did back home…doing nothing at all, play a video or two or three…

Or four…

I had everything I ever wanted but it doesn't feel like it's enough…now I'm here.

I breaked out my notepad and prepared myself for whatever this guy wanted.

Mom was right I should have gone into fast-food.

I put on my best face, trying my best not to look tired, or plain; I was only wearing a dull gray sweater and the plain blue jeans that I had 'fallen from the sky' in, my red glasses were the only things that stood out about me. If I had blonde hair maybe I'd stand out a bit more, but no, I get a plain old brown color…

"What can I get for you?"

As a turned to see who I was talking too…

It was a little blonde boy with the most adorable face I had ever seen…

He had the most beautiful eyes; Gold. The only other person with color eyes that close I'd ever seen was…Solf…

"He's so cute…"

"Do you have food here?"

Is he ordering for his dad?

"Yeah…this is a sandwich shop…hence the big sandwich on the sign out there…"


"-Brother! I got our tickets for the train, it leaves tonight."


"Um…and whose this? Your brother?"


The man sounded confused.

I looked him up and down…that was a big, shiny, suit of armor alright. He was so loud when he walked in the door.

Ah well, a customer is a customer!

I walked the two of them to a nearby table in the shop, handed him a menu, ask for their drinks…the big guy didn't want anything…but I decided to get him a glass of water anyways, he must have been hot in there.

I made the best sandwich I could make for him.

"Oh ifs the besht samwhich I,"-he finally swallowed- "Ever had!"

"Well thank you!" it feels so good hearing people like what you've made, I glanced over at the big armor and asked if he wanted any food…'No' he said, 'I ate a big, big breakfast!'

There's something fishy about these two…

"Still hungry?" I said, sitting the tray of food on the table where he sat, "Well then…what are your names?"

"Edward Elric! I'm a state alchemist now!" he reached into his pocket and pulled out that beautiful pocket watch. "Check it out!"

"Wow pretty…and your…um…"

"Oh, I'm his younger brother Alphonse Elric. Pleased to meet you." he bowed politely.

I can see whose the more respectful of the two.

"Younger brother?"

The two stared at each other for a moment, finally Edward said that the suit was just a hobby.

Hobby, eh? I doubt it.

The first thing I learned in this world is never to believe what people tell me as the truth. The truth is a liar who never does what he says he'll do.

Well, these two looked alright, although they were a bit suspicious…little blond boy with a red long jacket on, and a big suit of armor as his 'little' brother…?

He did sound young…

"Christina Madeline." The three of us shook hands and Edward returned to his meal. "So what brings you to Central, other than the state alchemist thing?"

"It was just that." he said while scarfing down another sandwich. How could he eat so much?

"So what kind of alchemy do you perform?"

"I can show you if you like."

"Depends…am I going to need another shop after you're done?" after all, all the alchemists I knew blew stuff up for a living.

The two seemed to find what I said amusing though,

"No, miss."

Edward got up, took off his jacket and stepped around my tiny shop.

"You got any broken things around here?"

"HAHAHAHA! Oh kid! You don't know how long this dinky shop has been around do you? I've got broken light fixtures, bad plumbing, a few broken stoves in the back, the knobs on the oven are broken, the side of my sink in the bathroom is broken…"

"Well point me to 'em! I'll fix 'em up as a thank you for the meal! Unless you prefer cenz?" he threw me very adorable smile, as if he absolutely KNEW I would take him up on his offer! Well. I'm not an idiot.

"Seriously! ? You'll fix all that just for a couple of sandwiches?"

"Sure! It'll be my first act as a state alchemist! They are for the people aren't they?"

"Well sure but most state alchemists don't stick to that rule…"

I walked the two of the to the back inside the kitchen,

"So does your dad do the cooking and you manage the shop?"

"No Alphonse this is my store. I bought it cheap cause well, it's falling apart…" I said this as I pulled off a piece of wood from the wall.

"Wait…how old are you?"

"Oh me? I'm 24."

"24! ?"

The two of them just stared at me like I had just transformed into a monster.

"What? You've never seen a short 24 year old before?"

That's kind of rude to just stare like that…I'm only 5 feet tall…Ok so I still get mistaken for a 14 year old…maybe if I had bigger boobs…


Edward looks happy.

The small boy then, with a smile on his face, clapped his hands together and with a ringing sound reverberating in my ears, placed his gloved hands onto my wall.

Little did I know what kind of friends I just made.

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