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Ed and Hohenheim met in Resembool, Ed realized that getting Al's body back isn't impossible, and that a 'tattooed Ishbalan' killed the Rockbell couple. The drama continues! !

"My Bomber; My Peacemaker"

"He's got a greater depth of feeling"

It took a moment to realize why the morning felt so odd. It wasn't the air, because it was still as cold as it was last night, and it certainly wasn't the fact that it was morning instead of evening…Christina slowly, and groggily, sat up from her bed letting the sheets fall from her body. She had almost forgotten the dream she had the previous night, thinking harder about what she saw after she 'woke up'-

Was that Greed? Was that her imagination? Was someone playing a cruel trick on her feelings? Her stomach felt like it was doing backflips as she remembered what he had said to her. His face was just like the day they said their goodbyes; sad and a little angry. Possibly angry because he was losing every last one of his friends. He wouldn't say they were all his friends, but of course, she could tell. It had nothing to do with ownership or anything like that, because when any one of them got so much as a paper cut he would be upset! They were family to him, all along, she thought. They must have been!

She began to realize, being trapped in a place where alchemy existed and your parents weren't even born…she started to think it wouldn't be as hard as losing what you considered to be your whole family.

Yes…For her, once it sunk in that they weren't even born…it was only slightly easier to have to live without having any family. The first couple of months were the hardest, the depression, mostly was the hardest: The crying in the morning, not waking up to hear your mother shouting at you. The crying in afternoon…and then the crying at night when no one comes to your door and whispers 'goodnight'.

However, it wasn't as though they wouldn't ever say it again. No. It was just the fact that they wouldn't say it for another 96 years. That was all.

And that was all she needed to keep her going.

She yawned fairly loud and finally shuffled out of bed, slowly, almost grandma-like, taking off her night shorts and-

Hold on. There wasn't an extra suitcase near her bed…which could only really mean one thing: Winry wasn't staying with them anymore. When did this happen? Why was she suddenly gone? It would truly be a horrible week if Winry were to leave them already.

Winry was a naturally sweet girl, but as far as Christina could tell, tough with the Elrics. She had a very sweet smile that was just contagious and a heart of gold. It was such a breath of fresh air to have another girl around it would be a shame if she wasn't there after such a short time…

Suddenly the door opened and a tall, blonde girl came into the room, it was Winry. Christina was not wearing any pants so they both just looked away from each other while they talked. Christina began to fold the shorts and place them in her suitcase.

"Oh hey! I was just about to wake you up!" She said, looking at the wall to completely avoid staring.

"Winry-?" She breathed sleepily and hurried to put on the rest of her clothes; a faded, rainbow light jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, and a pair of tan shorts she had found several weeks ago (she noted how much they reminded her of Ling's pants) she also absentmindedly slipped on her green flip flops.

"You slept for…Well…You missed so much…" Winry said, twiddling her fingers.

"I must have been really tired…" She said, slowly folding her sheets back. "What did I miss?"

Winry sat down on Christina's bed while Christina sat down beside her, smiling.

"Well, Ed met his dad…" She started off, seemingly ignoring the urge to actually pause to breath. "They came up with this 'plan' to try and capture Scar while I was out with Ms. Gracia and Elicia and while I was out I over-heard some people talking about Scar and how he was a serial killer who went after State Alchemists and I found out who really killed my parents and after a talk with Garfiel I've decided that it's best to go back to Rushvalley.-"

Christina took the opportunity to interrupt, flailing her hands to Winry's shoulders, she shook her a little. "Your parents?"

"It was the serial killer, Scar…He killed them. I don't know why, ok? I was too upset to really ask." She looked very upset as she was talking.

But something about it seemed wrong. Scar went after State Alchemists only after the war was over. Were her parents State Alchemists? She was pretty sure Winry said over and over that her parents were doctors. She had no choice but to ask, her curiosity would get always get the better of her.

"But your parents were doctors, weren't they? So why were they kill-"

"I don't know!" She said, raising her voice. (Christina noticed her faintly twitch at the word 'kill')

Feeling that she had asked, and said, much to much for her to delve any deeper at the moment, she changed the subject hastily.

"So, no more girl in the group?" she lightly chuckled.

"No…we were about to go to the train station." A small smile formed by the corners of her mouth, she seemed to be looking better. "You're coming to say goodbye to me right?"

"Of course!" Christina said as she gave Winry a small shoulder hug, smiled, and walked out of the room together.

The train station was as packed as ever; the four trains were almost lost in a sea of people and the loud noise from it felt just as suffocating. ,Edward, being the brilliant mind that he is thought it would be a brilliant idea to grab her suitcase and her automail case, which Edward noticed was incredibly heavy, and shuffle through the sea to the ticket booth. Being so (short), of course, his poor, blonde head kept getting smacked with other peoples suitcases, and bags and whatnot. He also continued to elbow people in their bottom, to this Alphonse and Christina could not stop giggling at, Winry however looked embarrassed for him and Edward both embarrassed AND angry. His face was just about as red as his trademark coat by the time they reached the booth and Winry purchased her ticket back to Rushvalley at sunset. However, by the time she had purchased her ticket the sea had parted and they were able to move freely again. This made Edward even more angry, but he ignored this fact while they all walked towards her train. Christina could tell he was going to miss her the most.

She and the two of the boys shared some sweet goodbyes and as Edward yelled out through the semi-empty station "The next time you cry, they'll be tears of JOY!".

It was such a sweet thing for him to do! Oh…is he blushing? She thought how adorable! A young teen blushing while thinking about his girl…of course he won't admit it until she does, I bet.

They walked straight from her train to the door and not even five minutes from walking past the entrance gate when a small car in front of them made a knocking noise: It was Colonel Mustang.

Roy gave her a smile as he asked the two of them into the car, she thought it must have been official business because she didn't seem to mind standing outside the car, alone. When they finally got out, She knew it would be another while until they would most likely see on another again.

"So you two are leaving me as well?" She smiled sadly, knowing the inevitable.

"Well…To be honest-" Even though he looked like he would rather lie. "- We're going to meet up with Ling and the Colonel. Our 'Capture the Homunculi' plan worked so-"

"So…You're going to pester this homunculus for the secret of immortality?"


"Before you say anything…I'm not exactly sure what you boys are up too, and I certainly don't want you to get hurt. That being said-."

She inhaled. And as strict as she could possibly sound:

"Don't get hurt and come back SAFE. Not bloody, not bandaged, not even a little paper cut! Do you hear me? You too Roy, you're bloodied up enough as it is." The boys blinked at her calling him by the first name, Edward even cut his eyes at the colonel as if to convict him of some unknown sin. Roy just smiled and nodded.

"YES MA'AM!" They spoke out in unison. Roy and Edward shot her a salute and with that they drove off.

She struggled to smile as she waved the three of them goodbye. She wondered when she would see them next.

About a few days had passed since she got to yell at him again. Except this time, it would be over a phone. But she thought this was better than nothing, after all, They weren't obligated to call her and 'check in'.

'bloody, bandaged, this is exactly why I said 'BE CAREFUL' but NO nobody listens to Christina NOPE NOBODY-!'

'I least I didn't get a paper cut?' she heard him smiled weakly as she heard Alphonse bowed helplessly. They were so easy to read, even from just their voices.

'I know I'm not you mom or anything but jeez!'

'Sorry…We just wanted to call and let you know we were ok.'

'I guess that's better than waiting 'till you were all better, huh?'

They finished their little chat and after hanging up the phone she realized how lonely she was starting to feel. Up until that moment she had always been with someone, leaving her house in a miserable, dusty, silence. The loneliness didn't quite sink in until she was about to begin cleaning. Her living room, only contained a long couch, coffee table, and fireplace. It, merged with the tiny kitchen, and had room to wash dishes, cook something on a stove, and place several plates full of food side by side. It also had a bit of room to fit a little bit of knickknacks here and there. Her fridge, which was only filled with the few non-perishables in this era she had found, was very tiny compared to the one her mother owned at home. The dining room table that was neatly centered in the room about a chair and an end table away from the couch, it was fairly small too compared to her mothers at home, but it had enough space for at least six people. A beautiful, white table-cloth covered it. There was a small coat closet that stood almost directly beside the stair-case that was beside the fridge. That staircase would lead to the upstairs of course, and upstairs would be her room, the mini study, a bathroom, and then a guest room.

According to Roy, he had never known someone so young to have such a lavish place to live. But of course, Christina wouldn't know anything about that, in fact, she thought it was pretty small…She did get a sick kick out of the look on Roy's face when she told him her mother owned about 20 acres and a swimming pool.

The rest of the day, she cleaned, and didn't find the strength to stop until her eyes quit working.

The following morning, when she woke up from her clean sheets, was feeling incredibly boring. Just another meager day without any real contact from people. She couldn't go back to work at the moment because the manager she put in charge wouldn't leave…little twat. He demanded to stay working for the rest of his schedule; six more weeks! She couldn't help it…But at least she was still getting money in. She got out of her pajamas and slipped into a nice, breezy, red, white, and blue checkered dress. Complete with the most adorable short sleeve jean jacket, and gold sandals. It felt breezy enough in case she wanted to clean some more, even though by this point it would be completely unnecessary. It also made her look very enjoyable to look at! It stopped just at her knees and showed just the right amount of her chest…

She headed downstairs to brew some morning tea and read the rest of Dubliners by James Joyce…it was becoming quite enjoyable after she gave up hope of ever watching TV again. The only other book she read before, for fun, was the Harry Potter series. THAT, she knew she wouldn't be reading again in her life time.

Just as soon as she poured the boiling water into her tiny tea cup, there was a knock at the door.

"Yes, I'm coming!"

She wondered who it could be at this time of day, so early in the morning. It could be Edward and Alphonse again, but she thought it would be best to give this thought up…perhaps Roy had come by again to make her give Solf some more paper work.

Maybe seeing his gorgeous face again would get rid of a bit of loneliness. She got to the door and began to open it but just as soon as she turned the knob 'Hello miss' was all she heard from the other side…

A smooth, velvety voice practically sang out from beyond the door. The voice of a man. A tall dark and handsome man, perhaps? It must have belonged to a suave, tall man with a velvet voice that sang and caused the sun to appear directly behind him because when she opened the door she was blasted with what felt like the force of a thousand suns. It was a man…who just so happened to be tall, dark and handsome.

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