Broken Memoirs

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Warnings: yaoi/slash, shota, AU, OOC-ness, and other stuffs. You've been warned!

Summary: The summer after first year, Harry begins to have dreams about a different life and about a strange man with red eyes. When he meets that man, he is urged to figure out his past before it catches up with him.

Wah! I hate making summaries TT^TT. Anyways, this is anime-based for I haven't gotten through all the manga yet and it's probably different in some parts. Enjoy~!

"Our contract hasn't been fulfilled, Bocchan."

Ciel glanced away, opting to stare into the abyss of memories that surrounded them. He watched as familiar smiling faces drifted by; Finny, Bard, Maylene, Tanaka, Elizabeth... He would never see them again, he was already gone. He turned his gaze back to Sebastian, of whom would eventually devour him. "Do what you like, Sebastian." He stated softly. Ciel could find no reason to care anymore; they had lost and the person who had humiliated him had gotten away. He wouldn't be able to return anyway, so what was the point of trying.

Sebastian looked surprised for a moment. Surely his young master couldn't give up that easily, could he? Pulling up to the island, Sebastian placed the paddle down and went to pick up Ciel, easily lifting the boy into his arms. Ciel gasped as Sebastian pressed their lips together. "A deal is a deal, Bocchan, and I fully intend to fulfill it." Sebastian said, smiling at the bewildered expression on Ciel's face. "After all, I am one hell of a butler."

"Idiot," Ciel muttered. "And how do you expect to do that?"

Sebastian just grinned at him. "It is time to go to sleep, Bocchan."

Ciel glared at the demon, wondering what could possibly be going through Sebastian's mind. Nonetheless, he found himself closing his eyes and falling asleep. Sebastian smiled down at his young lover, pressing a kiss to the boy's forehead. In the past three years, his objectives had changed. He didn't just want Ciel's soul anymore, he wanted Ciel's whole being; he wanted the precious boy who had been hurt far too much in his life and by an angel no less.

He regretted not having been there on time to save Ciel. The shot Ciel had endured had proven to be more fatal than previously thought and Ciel had died before he was able to give the order to kill Ash. Thus, their contract hadn't been fulfilled, but Sebastian planned to have that rectified. Although Ciel was dead, his soul wasn't. His soul could easily be placed in another body, of course that probably meant conversing with Death Gods. Sebastian grinned, Greil probably wouldn't object to helping him.


Harry gasped, clutching his chest. Looking around he realized he was still in the Gryffindor dormitories. Sighing, he got up and raked a hand through his dark locks. Since that summer he had been getting strange dreams. Some were painful and filled him with hatred, while others were happy and momentarily made the feelings of resentment ease away. People he had never met before filled these strange dreams, but yet they felt somehow familiar to him. They were always smiling, trying their hardest to cheer him up.

And then there was him. A strange man who frequented his dreams more than not. The man made him feel protected and that nothing could go wrong. The man did everything for him in his dreams; catered to his every whim and protected him from danger. Harry surmised that the dreams were created out of the want for a family or for someone to take the burden of being the Boy Who Lived off of his shoulders. The dreams weren't true and couldn't help him out of the mess that had been created around him.

People believed that the attacks on Muggleborns were happening because of him. They believed that he was Slytherin's heir just because he could speak Parseltongue. But, it wasn't him, he would never do such a thing. The fact that he had a Muggleborn for a best friend should be proof enough of that. They didn't honestly think he would hurt Hermione, did they?

Getting back into bed, Harry tugged the covers over himself and burrowed himself into them, unaware to the person watching him. Soon enough, his breaths had evened out and Harry was asleep again. The mysterious person grinned, their crimson eyes tracing over the shape of Harry's body underneath the covers.

"Soon, Bocchan."

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