A/N This is the first long fic I have done. I have a few more chapters ready, so if you like i shall update! :)

It's set after the 100th, but before the finale. And there isn't nor will there be any Catfish. Maybe some Hacker as i am fond of the goofball! Oh...and Hodgins & Angela are back together.

I also can't write case. There may be some mentions here and there but not alot of it. I think it's better to leave that to the experts, don't you think?

This is your basic fluff, drama, a smidgen of angst and i may even work some smut in there. Who knows?

Chapter One

It was just like any other day in the Lab. The squint squad were arguing over a dead body on the platform. Dr Brennan was supervising the mini squints. Agent Booth was supervising Dr Brennan. Miss Montenegro and Dr Hodgins were undressing each other with their eyes. And Dr Saroyan was attempting to supervise them all!

Agent Booth was staring at the floor in complete and utter boredom while Miss Wick and Mr Bray were...discussing the potential murder weapon when a loud yell broke the silence.


The squint squad and co looked at each other in utter confusion while Agent Booths head snapped up. He stared at the newcomer in what appeared to be shock until he found his voice.

"Dylan...seriously Dylan?"

And in front of a very confused group of co-workers he bounded done the stairs, swept the newcomer up in his arms and hugged her as if his life depended on it.

The group on the platform couldn't hear what was being said, but could see Booth was talking a mile a minute and gesturing wildly. No one spoke until Dr Hodgins low murmur.

"Daaaaaaaaaaamn. Who is she?

All he got was a nudge in the ribs by Angela.

"Hey, what was that for. You have to admit that is one good looking woman!"

Angela couldn't totally blame Jack. The woman currently at the fore front of Booths mind was good looking. Well, if Angela was completely honest she would concede that she was a complete knockout. Long flowing red hair, pretty facial features from what she could tell at this distance and a delightfully curvaceous body that was just to die for. If you take into account the fact she was wearing jeans moulded to her legs and ass, a top that clung to her torso and fuck me read heels, Angela was surprised 'good looking' was all Jack said.

"Smoking hot more like"

This from Wendell, who earned himself an elbow in the ribs too. He went to retaliate until Angela gestured towards Dr Brennan, who was staring at the scene in front of her looking like someone had just stolen her puppy. She suddenly seemed to realise they were all staring at her as she looked up. She frowned and addressed Wendell.

"Mr Bray, as you were saying?"

"Uhh, yeah Dr Brennan. So..."

Wendell continued to speak while Dr Brennan tried to listen, but for the life of her she couldn't keep her eyes off Booth and the mystery woman he was occupied with.

"Who the hell is she?" Brennan said under her breath causing the others to look at her.

Angela moved around to stand by her.

"What was that sweetie?"

Brennan decided to ignore that, and went back to listening to Wendell. Angela could see Brennan was dying to ask, but she also knew her well enough to know she wouldn't.

"So Cam"

Cams head snapped up at the sound of Angela's voice. So far she had been staring determinedly at the floor, hoping to avoid this moment.

"Yes Angela"

"You have to know who she is right? I mean, from his reaction, she has to be someone from his past. And you're from his past so it stands to reason...you'll know who she is?"

Wendell had stopped speaking by this point, and he was (along with Daisy and Jack) watching Cam waiting for her response. Dr Brennan on the other hand was crouched over the body finishing off her examination. She couldn't stop herself from listening out for what Cam was going to say though.

"I think I do yes."