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For over a year, I had been there for Beka. A friend, an ally, a comrade—I had been whatever she needed. I had taught her tricks of knife fighting, bought her expensive pots of well-made bruise balm, and helped her pick out good-quality sheathes to buy when her old ones wore through. We had practiced hand-to-hand combat together, exchanged gifts at Midwinter, and chipped a few nobles in for our group breakfasts. For over a year, I had been the best friend a mot could have, and in a few days, this Dale Rowan, this, this banker, won her heart.

What did he have?

What could he have done that I didn't?

Whoever this stupid scut was, I hoped he deserved Beka. I hoped he treated her well. I hoped he didn't break her heart and leave her with a babe in her belly and a life to repair.

If he hurt her—if he harmed her in anyway—then he best look out. Because if I even suspect he touched a hair on Beka's nob, there wouldn't be a corner of Tortall that would be safe for him.

I was the best friend a mot could have, and Dale Rowan hurt her, I would come for him.

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