The Trial of Diana


Joseph Ares-Berziga

Episode 20

Scenes from previous season one finale entitled V:The Series - The Return of The Leader recap montage

Fade to Black

We start with a new opening montage for season two

The Cast of episode 19 cast credits

Introducing as The Leader

Cameos by Richard Herd stock footage Sarah Douglas stock footage

Act One

INT - Mothership - Night

Philip: Here is your son Sean Donovan now deconverted and he loves baseball again

Mike Donovan: Thank you Philip for bringing my son back.

Philip: He was under Diana's Mind Control Drug Procorb as well but no apparent side effects from the drug's withdrawal. He should be under observation maybe Julie might take care of him.

Juliet Parrish: Philip I will take care of him now that he is no longer under Diana's Control also...

PA Announcement: We have reports from The Leader's Shuttle that an explosive is found onboard The Leader's Shuttle and Kyle and Elizabeth are there too.

Lydia: I hope Diana you did not plant a bomb on The Leader's Shuttle if you did you will stand for Trial.

Diana: Yes I did I set the bomb you and The Leader want Peace Pretanama I dont I and Lt James will rule our people.

Philip: Diana thats an act of mutiny you are now charged by assasinating our Leader for that Trial shall be held on our planet a special shuttle is ordered for you to stand trial and found guilty of your past crimes.

Lydia: Try to manipulate the outcome and I shall personally see that you are destroyed

INT - Leader's Shuttle - Somewhere in Deep Space

The Leader: Elizabeth Diana set the bomb see if you can diffuse it.

Elizabeth: Will do Leader

Sound FX and Unearthly Choir

Bomb is counting down to zero in Visitorese

Just 5 seconds and Elizabeth Diffused it

Kyle: Good Job Elizabeth looks like one of Diana's Dirty Tricks has failed.

The Leader: Do you wish to become a full citizen of our planet.

Kyle: Sure nothing back on Earth for me now would love to live on your world see the culture etc.

The Leader: When We Reach our world since my shuttle is a more advanced shuttle capable of getting to our planet very fast. I will make arrangements on making you an official citizen of our planet.

Kyle: Thank you and Thank You Elizabeth

Elizabeth & The Leader: You're Welcome Kyle

Shuttle Pilot: We have a communication from Los Angeles Mothership

The Leader: Put it on Speaker

Philip: We have found out who put the bomb on your shuttle Leader it was the work of Diana and Lt James. I have charged them with assasination.

The Leader: Order a Prison Shuttle and take them to the Home Planet for Trial.

Lydia: Yes my Leader will order a Prison Shuttle

INT - Mothership - Night

Mothership PA: Diana and Lt. James have escaped and are loose aboard ship Shocktroopers, Donovan, Julie, incl Willie find Lt. James and Diana orders are capture and stun.

Warden Officer: Diana used one of her mind tricks on me I tried to fight it.

Philip: You did you best now after Diana

Diana: Damn Her, The StarChild now lets get lost in the miles of corridors on the mothership they wont find us.

Weapons Room

Weapons Master: Shocktroopers, Donovan, Julie, Willie, Lydia, and Philip here are your weapons set for stun and some communications equipment plus a locator Mothership is a very big place to hide and get lost in.

End of Act One