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I was walking past the central park, on my way to grand central station. I had to catch a flight. It was quite warm for October in New York. I was wearing my Miu Miu heels, which I got from my mom on my graduation day. And right now I was in a hurry to catch my flight back to my hometown to attend my grandma's birthday party. Forks.

I was a girl from a small town with big dreams. Since I started watching TV series and movies I always wanted to move to New York and be successful woman with a great man by her side. My parents were supporting no matter what I decided to do. Secretly they wanted me to spend my first year of studying near them, but my only dream was to see the world and move away. So that's what I did. My parents gave me some money to start my new life. I found a small apartment in Midtown near the NYU, which was perfect, since I was going to study there. I can remember the day my parents drove me to the airport like it was yesterday.

"Bella you're sure you want this, I mean you could still stay with us for a while." My mom said as I got my boarding pass.

"I know that mom and I appreciate that. Really. But I have to do this for me." My dad sensed that I wasn't going to give in.

"Alright Bells, if you don't go you're going to miss your flight. If there's anything you need just call and let us know when you're save in your new home." Charlie hugged me and it was awkward. We both weren't the kind of people to show affection. Although Renee was an entirely different story.

"Honey, I'm going to miss you and phone at least once a week. Take care of yourself. I love you." She cried as she gave me hug, which left me breathless.

I waved as I walked away, but as soon as I took my seat on the plane my resolve seemed to crumble down and a single tear escaped.

That's how it all started with little Bella in the big city. I dreamt of my fairytale life, but when I got my degree and started working for the New York Times, I immediately realized that it wasn't going to be easy. The problem was that I was another fish in the big sea.

Nevertheless I worked hard to reach my goal to be a great journalist and maybe win a price. The train was already there when I arrived. I took a seat near the window. I always loved to sit there. It didn't matter if it was a car, a plane or a train; I was the window- type.

So here I am. Back on my way to Forks, working at a paper as thousands of others also do and having absolutely no one waiting for me at home.

That's what you get for working all the time. I didn't have boyfriend in high school, because there were absolutely no guy who would catch my eye. I got my first kiss with 17 on a party. I also had sex the first time in a guestroom there with Jake. I was so drunk and kind of desperate that I did that with my former best friend. The day after I told him how sorry I was and that it shouldn't have happened. It was the last time I saw him.

There was nothing. No blood rushing, no toe curling, no erratic heartbeat, no nothing. That was my first and my last romantic encounter. I decided that I wanted to concentrate on my career since there was no boyfriend and anything close.

As I was passing house after house I realized how much I wanted to come home and see that there was someone who cooked for me or would watch TV with and than go to bed with me.

I sighed. I had nothing of that, but I tried to concentrate on other things now.

I checked in and went to my gate. I only had one piece of luggage which I carried with me.

I was checking my mails on my phone when I bumped into something hard. I was about to fall but two strong arms caught me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't watch where I walked" I explained as I looked into the most gorgeous green eyes I've ever seen. His face was beautiful. There was no other expression for it. His hair was bronze and stood up like he just got out of bed.

"No problem, I wasn't watching either. I'm Edward" he explained with his velvet voice.

"I'm Bella and thank you for saving me. You're my knight in shining amour" I laughed.

He also laughed softly

"Yeah anytime. So where you're heading to?"

"Seattle. You know the town where it hardly ever rains." I joked. He grinned.

"Me too. I think you're going to need an escort so when you fall the next time someone can catch you. Would you mind walking with me?" He asked with a sheepish face.

"I would love to." I smiled.

We talked a little bit about our families. I told him that I was visiting my grandma for her birthday and that I was working as a journalist at the New York Times. He explained that he was visiting his parents and that he worked in a company called "Cullen& Hale".

"I know it. It's one of the biggest in New York." I told him.

"So I was thinking-" He started but the flight attendant interrupted him.

"Sir, could you please take a seat and fasten your seatbelt. If there's anything you need just say a word. " She smiled suggestively and walked away.

I frowned and he noticed it and raised an eyebrow and leaned in and I could feel his breath tickling my ear.

"So I was thinking that we could meet again, if you want?" he smiled against my ear.

I could only nod, because the need to touch him was so overwhelming that I head to grip my seat.

"Great, so here is my card with my phone number and e-mail address. Just give me a call."

"I will." I whispered.

He smirked and kissed my cheek.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Bella. I look forward meeting you again."

With that he walked away.

"Yeah, me too." I whispered amazed. As I looked after him, I realized that he had a muscular body and I started to think about how he would look like without a shirt.

Stop, Bella! You don't even know him.

I know, but c'mon he has a cute butt.

I was talking with myself again. I sighed and sank deeper into my seat, thinking about the following few days with my relatives.

Maybe and just maybe my happy ending was nearer than I thought.

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