Chapter two:

I walked into the house to find my mother getting ready for another of her dates. 'Who is he this time mom?' I asked. 'He a sailor. I think he's the one, I mean it. Do you think you could...?' 'Use my gift to see if he is? Fine but is the last time I'll do it. I'm tired of using it. I want to live a normal life, with mistakes.' I told her before walking to my room. I closed the door and threw my bag beside my desk.

I admit, my mother was a wonderful one. She gave me everything I needed, she provided for me and her without any difficulty. The only thing she lacked of was someone to really love her. I loved her, with all my heart. I laid on my bed facing the ceiling. Ethan was cute, and he was sweet. I was tired of using my gift to my advantage. I wanted to make mistakes, fall in love blind.

That night I decided to leave my gift behind and live my life normally. I didn't even have the time to use my gift for my mother, the guy never showed up. The next morning I would wake up and meet Ethan and ask for a ride. I had no choice, well yes but that was mine. I wanted to get to know him better, something about him was different. So that night I went to bed and dreamed about him. Our day and the options we had when we were in the car.

I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. Went to shower and got dressed. I didn't have time to eat, I had to hurry to catch up to Ethan for a ride. So I ran out the door so fast I didn't even notice my mother, if she was sleeping or not. There he was leaning on his car with shades on. Wow, what a hottie, the sun was gleaming on him, he was sparkling. He heard me walk up because now his head was turned to my direction with a huge grin. 'Why did you wait?' I asked, although I was hoping he was. 'I just had a feeling that you would come over and ask for a ride.' He said keeping the smile on his face.

We got into the car and drove off to school. When we got their heads turned. Who knew that the new kid I town would be driving around with a nobody. When I got out of the car I thanked him and hurried to get to my locker. We were not late but I had just enough time to get to my locker and straighten my things up when the bell rang. I had French first period. I walked to class slowly thinking about Ethan. I don't know why I was. I walked into class and sat at my usual spot. Katherine walked in. She was the most popular girl in school. The captain of the cheerleading team and she could get every guy she wanted. This time she was walking towards me. What now?

' Why hello there Haley. You know you look real pretty today, I bet it was for Ethan. All I can say is that you should watch out, he might be dangerous. Or I should say he should watch out. You're so clumsy that you might just stumble and kill the poor guy.' She said laughing once she saw that everyone was listening.

She was right, I was very clumsy. In gym I was the worst . Last year I had kicked the ball and made a girl bleed. She had to go to the hospital for stitches. I felt so bad that I couldn't come to school for a week. 'HEY! Leave the girl alone!' a voice said. I could recognize, it was Ethan. Why was he there? 'Well isn't it the new kid. You know, you are very cute for someone from Mexico. Why aren't we seeing each other yet?' she said with a smile. 'Well there's a good reason for that, you're just not my type.' I couldn't believe it, he had stood up to her and now she was boiling. She was about to say something when the bell rang and the teacher gave us the signal to sit down.

After class I hurried so I wouldn't have to face anyone. But then again I could see around me people starring. That was the reason why I hated to be seen. I always kept quiet. As I walked to my next class Justine ran up to me. We had English class together. This was my favourite class. I loved my class no one knew me that well but her and the teacher didn't care what we did as long as we wrote, which was ok with me. 'So, what's up with you and the new kid? I heard you guys made quite an entrance this morning.' She said looking at me with glaring eyes. 'He was just giving me a ride because my car let go yesterday, that's all.' It was true, he only gave me a ride, god why was everyone so worked up about it? 'Well people are saying he stood up to Katherine for you too.' She said. Well if I would of known that so many people talked about me like that then i would of refused. 'Well, it's not like I asked him to do it. I guess he's only being nice. I don't know, and I don't care. Honestly he is the least of my problems.' I responded. I really didn't care, right now my priority was my school and getting the internship for the summer in Europe. It sounded like fun. It was for a job in a magazine. The best magazine, ELLE Europe. 'well that's good, because according to everyone Katherine will try everything possible to get Ethan. And honestly forget about him. You are way out of his league, no offense but look at you, he's a god and your a nerd.' She said. It was okay i guess, i didn't really care, like i said all i wanted was to finish my year and get the internship.

French class finished. Lunch was like always except the fact that when me and Justine sat at our table, Ethan came to sit with us. He was really getting annoying. And again heads turned, followed by whispers and none-stop glares in my direction. I finally decided to give in, I opened my mind and heard everything people were thinking. Some called me a whore, others couldn't believe that he would rather hang out with nerds then the jocks. But the thought that caught me off guard me the most was Ethan's. He had a very distinct thought and now was the time to shut my mind off but there was only one problem, it wouldn't. So i heard everything he thought, he had very intelligent thoughts, first i heard his thoughts about what he wanted to do when he was older. He wanted to become a writer, like me. Then i heard what he thought about the school, the people and his new house. He was enjoying it, he loved it here but he missed his home, his friends and his family. He found the kids here weird. And then i finally got out of there. He was looking at me. Through out the whole lunch our he stayed with us, and we all stayed in silence, well i did. He and Justine talked about him and his life in general, i just listened. When the bell rang Justine ran off to her class while i went to my locker to get my Biology books.

As i walked to Biology Ethan came up and walked with me. I could see he was starring at me from the corner of his eyes. 'What class do you have next?' he asked. 'i have biology.' I responded. 'Nice! So do I! So, you were being very quiet at lunch. I'm guessing it was the whispers that bothered you. They bothered me, so did the stares. Why are people so mad about the fact that i talk to you? Are you like a psycho?' he said raising his eyebrow. ' I don't know. I'm more the quiet kind who stays in her corner and watches the action. And the psycho part , well your just going to have to judge for yourself, because honestly i don't think i am.' I said as we entered class. We all had our assigned seats, i always sat alone. No one wanted to sit beside clumsy, so the stool beside me was empty and the teacher assigned Ethan to it.

Class finished and school was finally over. I walked backed to my locker and got my bag. As i walked to the parking lot Justine ran up to me. 'Hey!' she said short of breath, 'So, you riding with Ethan again?' she said as she laughed. 'do i really have a choice. Its either that or walk two hours to go home.' I said discouraged. She gave up and said bye. I had finally arrived in the parking lot when i saw that Ethan was kindly waiting for me, leaning on the hood of his car. I didn't talk, i walked to the door and went into the car. He sat beside me and waited, for what i don't know. He finaly turned to me and stared at me. 'You know, im starting to think that you are psycho. You never talk. For example right now, you didn't even say hi to me, you just went in the car and waited for me.' He said. It was true. But it was the way i am. I would certainly not change for him. 'well thats the way i am. Im on the quiet side, more reserved. And i am definetly not going to change to make you think i am not psycho.' I said with an annoyed tone. For the rest of the ride we drove in silence. I think neither of us wanted to agrivate the other more than we were now.