Full Summary:

Fallon is swept up in having real friends. But what happens when she runs into Dan for the first time since the gang broke up? Will an old flame be rekindled?

Moving To Sleepyside:

Life was getting complicated. Fallon is moving to Sleepyside, New York with her mom. Her mom got a job working in the Bank and is making Fallon move with her. But Fallon won't leave behind everything she's ever worked for. She packs her truck & trailer with everything she's worked on. The 33ft. Trailer is packed not only with her brand new Harley, but also with the memories of living in the city. Her CD's, movies, Stereo, and everything of value that she doesn't want to keep in her trailer is in the back of her truck. Her mom drives ahead of er, in her beat up Plymouth, showing the way to their new house.

Fallon has her windows all the way down in her truck & the sunroof is all the way open, she is blaring on this hot summer day as they drive into Sleepyside. Her mother pulls over, next to a gas station & Fallon is forced to turn down her music. Her mother gets out, looking back at Fallon, then walks into the gas station, asking for directions to the house. Fallon waits in her truck while her mother gets groceries for the house.

Her mother come back outside and over to the truck, stopping at the driver's side window. She hands Fallon a two-liter Pepsi bottle, then gets into her own car & drives forward. Fallon turns her music back up, knowing her mother hates it. She can hate her all she wants, Fallow was staying in the trailer once they got to the house, she didn't care. If there was am apartment over the garage, Fallon would move in there and let her mother have the house.

When they got to the house, there were six cars already there, one had a bunch of kids sitting on the hood. The others had adults waiting for them to get there so that they could help unpack. Fallon's eyes caught hold of one of the boy's eyes. She knew that boy. She turned her truck off, got out, went up to the boy, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him, deeply. He didn't fight her off. He knew who she was. It was just a matter of time before she'd follow him here.

Fallon pulled out of the kiss first & looked at him sexily. She took her light weight black coat off, exposing her tank top and tattoo's all over. Dan looked at her & shook his head. It had been a while since they had actually done anything together, not since the gang broke up. She moved away and left the other kids looking from Dan to her. There gaze ended back on Dan, all their faces asking the same thing. He got up and went after Fallon, leaving them gawking in his wake.