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[Odaiba, Japan]


The blond-haired young man looked over and smiled at the girl as she ran up and stopped in front of him.


Smiling brightly up at him, Kari pushed her brown hair out of her face.

"I'm sorry I'm late," she said. "Were you waiting long?"

"No, and you're on time. I was early."

Kari laughed as she adjusted the backpack over her shoulder. TK had a similar one over his.

"Shell we go and see the movie?" T.K. asked her.


"Don't forget about us," a voice came from Kari's backpack, as a white cat head poked out.

"We're on a date too," another voice said, blue eyes blinking out from inside T.K.'s bag.

"Of course we'll get you something," Kari said.

"Just remember to stay in our backpacks until the movie starts," T.K. reminded them.

"We will," Patamon and Gatomon said in unison.

The theater was only a short walk away, and they approached the snack stand after purchasing their tickets.

"What can I get you two?" the attendant asked.

"Two tubs of popcorn and four drinks, please," T.K. said.

"Four?" the attendant looked confused. "For the two of you?"

Kari smiled. "Yes!"

After the movie, T.K. walked Kari back to the apartment she lived in with her family, and they shared a kiss before parting.

"Hi, honey!" T.K.'s mom called out as he and Patamon returned home. "How was your date?"

"It was great, mom."

"That's good. Supper will be ready in about an hour."

"Okay, thanks."

T.K. entered him room and pulled a small box out of his backpack. Patamon sat down on the bed as he opened it, revealing a gold ring with a pink diamond.

"I'm going to propose tomorrow night, Patamon," T.K. whispered, so his mother wouldn't overhear. "Do you think she'll accept?

"There's no doubt in my mind," Patamon reassured him, causing T.K. to smile.

The next morning, the phone rang. Pulling himself out of bed, T.K. went to answer it.

"Takaishi Residence."

"Hi, TK!" Kari's voice came through the receiver.

"Kari! Good morning!"

"I hope I didn't wake you, but I wanted to hear your voice."

"Is anything wrong?"

"No, but…" Kari paused. "I had a really bad nightmare and I woke up wanting to hear you."

"What was it about?"

"Well, it was confusing. There was a lot of destruction around, and everything was burning. It was awful."

"Do you want me to come over?"

"If you don't mind. Gatomon's here of course, but she had the same dream too."

"Patamon and I will be right there," T.K. assured her.

Silence greets him on the other end of the line.

"Kari?" he asked. "Are you still there?"

"T.K.," Kari's voice came through softer and with more than a touch of fear. "It's him… from my dream…"

"Kari, what's going on?"

"T.K., help-" Kari cried out, before the phone went dead.

"Kari?" T.K. yelled into the receiver. "Kari?


"What is it?" Patamon asked, flying out of the room, dodging to the side just in time as T.K. ran in to change his clothes.

"Something's wrong," T.K. said, while pulling on a pair of pants. "I think Kari's in danger. Will you digivolve and fly me over?"

"But the neighbors…" Patamon tried to remind him, but was cut off.

"I don't care!"

"Okay," Patamon nodded and followed T.K. out onto the balcony, the latter pulling his backpack on.

"Patamon, digivolve to…"


Picking up T.K., Angemon flew over to Kari's apartment. The door was unlocked and they ran in to find Kari and Gatomon on the floor, tied up with purple and black energy chains. Next to them stood a man in a black cape, his hood overshadowing his face.

"Kari!" T.K. shouted at the same moment Angemon called Gatomon's name.

"T.K., help!" Kari cried.

"The hero arrives," the man said, his voice cold. "But too late."

"Who are you?" T.K. demanded. "Let them go!"

"Angel Staff!" Angemon called out, sending the attack straight at the man, only to have it be blocked by a force field.

"See?" the man scoffed. "You're too late. Now, it's time for us to go."

Before another word could be spoken, the three of them vanished. A pink ring fell to the floor where Kari had been sitting. Going over, T.K. picked it up.

"It's her promise ring that I gave her," he said softly.

"We have to find them," Angemon stated.

T.K. nodded. "Kari never goes anywhere without her digivice. I bet Izzy can track the signal."

"I'll carry you."

Izzy's apartment wasn't too far away, and very soon, T.K. was ringing the doorbell. Luckily, Izzy happened to be home.

"Hello, T.K.," Izzy greeted him, then saw Angemon. "Angemon? Something must be wrong if you've digivolved. Come in quickly."

"Kari and Gatomon have been kidnapped," T.K. informed him as Izzy closed the door behind them.

"What?" Izzy gasped.

"It was by this guy in a cape. Can you track her digivice?"

"I'm on it."

Going straight to his computer, Izzy closed the program he had been working on and proceeded to bring a map of the city up on the screen. Several colored dots appeared, marking the locations of each DigiDestined's digivice. One dot was moving away at a quick pace.

"That's her," T.K. pointed to it. "The pink one."

"Where's she being taken?" Angemon asked as Izzy began typing furiously on the keyboard.

"She's going up," he informed them.

"Up?" T.K. asked, confused, just before the pink dot disappeared.

"What happened?" Angemon asked as Izzy resumed typing.

"I don't know," he answered. "She's not on Earth anymore, though. Let me check the digital World…"

Another map appeared overtop the first.

"She's not there either," Izzy sighed.

Suddenly, the screen on his computer changed.

"Arrgh!" Izzy groaned.

"What?" T.K. asked.

"Where did this come from?" Izzy demanded. "I have the highest security possible. I should not be getting pop ups."

He clicked the corner box to close it.

"That's strange," he mumbled, clicking again. "It won't close."

""Do you have a wish?"" Angemon read the words on the screen. ""Come to Yuuko's shop; anything for an equal price. XXX Street, Tokyo, Japan.""

"I'm going," T.K. said suddenly, moving over to the door.

"But, T.K., it's probably a hoax," Izzy tried to stop him.

"What if it isn't?" T.K. argued. "I have a wish to save Kari, so I have to check it out."

"I agree," Angemon nodded. "Let's go."

"Thanks for your help, Izzy."

Opening the door, T.K. and Angemon leave the apartment. Izzy hurried over to the doorway just in time to see Angemon pick up T.K. and fly up into the sky.

"Wait!" Izzy called after them, but they were already out of earshot.

"Tai and Matt are going to kill me," he mumbled, turning back into the apartment.

Angemon landed in an alleyway in Tokyo, near where the address on the ad had said. De-digivolving back to Patamon, he hopped into T.K.'s arms as the boy headed towards the street. They soon find Yuuko's place, a Japanese-style house, bordered on either side by tall modern buildings. Walking down the front path, T.K., stepped up to the front door and knocked.

The door opened and minute later to reveal a boy about T.K.'s age, dressed in black pants and a white shirt, with a white apron overtop.

"Hi," the boy smiled. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Yuuko," T.K. replied. "An ad on the computer said she might help me."

That didn't sound weird, T.K. said sarcastically to himself. How many people actually show up because of an ad on a computer?

However, to T.K.'s amazement, instead of being laughed at, the boy held the door open wider.

"Come in," he said. "I'll go get her."

He led T.K. into the front room, then was about to go and find Yuuko when the sliding doors opposite slid open and a tall black-haired woman in a flowing kimono entered.

"You received my message," she said without introduction.

"Your message?" T.K. asked, confused. "Then that wasn't just a pop-up ad?"

"No," Yuuko said, with a shake of her head. "You have a wish, do you not? I heard it and sent that to you."

Pausing, she lowered her eyes and looked straight at Patamon, trying to act like a stuffed animal.

"You can stop pretending," she informed him gently.

"You know?" Patamon blurted out, without waiting to make sure it was safe. The Digimon could feel something unusual about the house they were in, but it didn't seem to be malignant.

"I know a lot of things," Yuuko replied. "And neither of you have had breakfast, have you? Watanuki!"

The boy, Watanuki, had been listening intently, and jumped at Yuuko's call.

"Cook us something and include our guests!" Yuuko ordered.

"I'm sorry," T.K. tried to interject. "But I don't have time. Kari's in danger."

Going over, Yuuko lightly place a hand on his shoulder.

"She is safe right now. But you won't be of any help to her if you don't keep your strength up."

"Yes, ma'am."

"What kind of place is this?" Patamon asked.

"This is a shop that grants wishes," Yuuko replied. "If you have a wish, it can be granted, for a price equal to the value of the wish. Your coming here is hitsuzen."

"Hitsuzen?" T.K. wondered, confused.

"A naturally foreordained event. A state in which other outcomes are impossible. A result which can only be obtained by a single causality, and all other causalities would necessarily create different results. So reads the Kodansha Japanese desk dictionary, second edition."

While she was talking, a black creature hopped in.

"Good morning!" it announced. "Oh, we have guests?"

Patamon flew down to sit next to it.

"What are you?" he asked.

"Mokona is Mokona. What are you?"

"I'm Patamon, a Digimon."


"What?" Patamon asked.

"Umeboshi," Mokona repeated.

"He wants to play Shiritori with you," Yuuko explained.

"Oh, uh… Shijimi."











Watanuki came back into the room, carrying a tray full of food.

"Here you go," he said, arranging the dishes on the table.

"Shiokara," Mokona continued.





"Gohan… I lost!"

The two of them laughingly returned to the table and joined the others along with Watanuki.

"I haven't introduced myself," Watanuki remembered. "I'm Watanuki Kimihiro. I work here when I'm not in school."

"I'm Takaishi T.K.," T.K. replied.

"Takaishi Takeru, nicknamed T.K.," Yuuko suddenly announced. "Second-year high school student in Odaiba. The Child of Hope and partner of Patamon, a rookie level Digimon."

"How did you know all of that?" T.K. asked in wonder.

"Your name tells me some about you. With your birthday, I can tell you even more. For a price."

"Don't do it," Watanuki whispered. "You'll end up like me!"

T.K. looked even more confused as Yuuko glared at Watanuki.

"I already know bout me," he said. "I want to know where Kari is."

"Will you pay my price?" Yuuko asked seriously.

"Yes," T.K. answered without hesitation.

"Watanuki, go get me the golden key in the treasure room," Yuuko ordered. "It's on the shelf with the Sealing Wand."

"Okay," Watanuki stood up and left the room.

"Is Gatomon included too?" Patamon thought to ask.

Yuuko nodded. "They are a set, as you two are."

"How much will it be?" T.K. asked.

"I do not take money," Yuuko answered. "Payment is always the equal value of the item being received."

Yuuko stopped talking and they ate in silence until Watanuki returned and handed a rectangular box to Yuuko. As he retook his seat, she opened the box and removed a gold key on a matching chain. Reaching out, she handed it to T.K.

"Wear it around your neck so you don't lose it," she explained. "Your girlfriend has been taken to another world. This key will respond to your heart and open the gates to other worlds. I can send you to the first world she entered after this one, but to continue, you must find clues as to her whereabouts before the next gate will open."

"I understand," T.K. said, though in truth, he was still a bit confused.

"Do you know who took them?" Patamon asked as T.K. put the chain around his neck and tucked the key under his shirt.

Yuuko closed her eyes. "A man, cloaked in shadows, who is only doing the work of his master. He is hidden in darkness and seeks the power of the Child of Light."

T.K. stood up so fast; he almost knocked his chair over. "Kari! I have to go!"

"What's your price?" Patamon asked, remembering.

"Your rings," Yuuko replied, pointing to T.K.'s right hand. "The one you wear and the one in your pocket."

Nodding, T.K. removed his green ring and placed it and Kari's ring on the table.

"Your promise rings show the love you have for each other," Yuuko told him. "It is a fair trade for the key."

Knowing getting Kari back was more important than the rings to him, T.K. nodded again.

Picking up the rings, Yuuko placed them in the now-empty box and handed it back to Watanuki.

"Put this back where it was," she said. "I'll see our guests out."

Yuuko, along with Mokona, led T.K. and Patamon outside to the front walk. After returning the box, Watanuki stood in the doorway to watch.

"Remember," Yuuko reminded them. "You will be sent to the world where she is, but if he takes her to another world, you will have to find a clue she was indeed there before continuing."

"I won't forget," T.K. promised.

"Thank you, Miss Yuuko," Patamon said with a little bow.

"Good luck to you all," Yuuko wished them.

"Good luck!" Mokona echoed.

"Thank you, too," Patamon smiled.

Yuuko held out her arms and a magic seal appeared below T.K. and Patamon. In a flash, the two disappeared.

"Will they be all right?" Watanuki asked as Yuuko slowly walked back to the house.

"Their love is strong," she replied. "Now, Watanuki, I want sake! Now!"

"Don't forget Mokona!"

With a sigh, Watanuki returned to the kitchen to make another lunch for them.

Chapter One End