But wait, there's more!

[Tokyo, Japan.]

A week later, T.K. and Kari were out shopping, Patamon and Gatomon riding along in their backpacks, when someone called their names. Looking over, they saw Ichigo, Orihime, and Rukia hurry over.

"Hi, Ichigo," T.K. greeted them.

"Rukia. Orihime," Kari smiled.

"Hello! Orihime said. "Are you shopping?"

"Yes," Kari nodded.

"What's that on your finger?" Rukia asked.

"T.K. and I are engaged!"

"Wow, congratulations, man," Ichigo said, slapping T.K. on the shoulder.


"Eek!" Orihime exclaimed. "That is so awesome!"

"Can we come?" Rukia wondered. "I'd like to see a wedding."

"Stupid, you can't just invite yourself!" Ichigo yelled at her.

"Of course you can come," T.K. interrupted with a grin.

"We haven't set a date yet, though," Kari informed them.

"It's all right," Rukia smiled. "Just send them to Ichigo."

"Hey, Ichigo! There you are!" a voice shouted, and a red-haired man stepped up next to him."

"Renji! I thought you were right behind us."

"You didn't notice we had to stop at a light?" Renji countered. "Idiot."

"Who are you calling an idiot, idiot?" Ichigo demanded.

"You, idiot!"

"Shut up!" Hitsugaya snapped, joining them, along with Hinamori.

"Shiro-chan," she began.

"Don't call me Shiro-chan," Hitsugaya interrupted.

"I told you, you didn't have to come with us if you didn't want to."

"I couldn't leave you with those two idiots," Hitsugaya explained.

"Hey, that's not nice, Toshirou!" Ichigo protested.


"It's almost lunchtime," Orihime announced. "Let's get something to eat!"

"Yeah," Patamon agreed from inside T.K.'s bag. "We're getting hungry.

"Mmm-hmm," Gatomon said.

"It looks like that settles it," Kari smiled.

"Let's go," T.K. nodded.

"Come on, Shiro-chan!" Hinamori called.

[Karakura, Japan.]

Yoruichi sat outside with a blond-haired man, leaning back against the shop, completely relaxed.

"They've figured out the plan to kidnap the girls was just a cover for Aizen's real objective," Yoruichi informed him.

"I've been wondering why Ichigo could get through a barrier the Captain Kuchiki couldn't," Kisuke Urahara mused.

"He believes he's a deputy," Yoruichi said.

"You didn't tell him, did you?"


"Maybe because he didn't know, he could pass through," Urahara suggested. "I guess it's a good thing I never told him he's a full-blood Shinigami like Rukia."

Aizen never went after Kari or any of the others again, having fulfilled his goal. Just as he had told Gin, he sent the mysterious man to feed some of the Hollows outside of Las Noches, knowing the Hollows would enjoy him as well.

Which they did.

T.K. and Kari married a year later and invited everyone they could. Yuuko was able to attend along with Watanuki and Mokona; everyone they had met in Soul Society, except for Byakuya, went; and of course their families and DigiDestined friends and Digimon. (Tai even shed a few tears.)

And the happiest of all were T.K. and Kari, and Patamon and Gatomon, for whom a new adventure had just begun.


Story Notes:

*) Whew! I'm finished! I hope everyone enjoyed it!

*) Written in transcript format, 5 April, 2008.

*) Typed up in story format, 4 August, 2010.

*) Series Included: Digimon, xxxHolic, Full Metal Alchemist, Pokémon, and Bleach.

*) Original Characters: The Mysterious Man, Old Man

*) "Santen Kesshun! Watashi wa kyozetsu suru!" ("Three Sacred Links Shield! I reject!")

*) "Koten Zanshun! Watashi wa kyozetsu suru!" ("Solitary Solid Cutting Shield! I reject!")

*) "Souten Kisshun! Watashi wa kyozetsu suru!" ("Twin Sacred Return Shield! I reject!")

Author's Notes:

*) The reason I never gave the Mysterious Man a name was because that would take away from the "mysterious" aspect of him. In the transcript format, whenever his name would be used, a beep sound would be heard, blocking it out.

*) Even though Hinamori wouldn't have appeared in reality, since she was still recovering from Aizen's betrayal, she's one of my favorite characters, so I just had to have her make an appearance!

*) Though I used the English names for Ash and Brock, I prefer the original Hikari to Dawn, so I kept that.

*) In my mind both Pikachu and Pachirisu are male, so that's why they are referred to as such, instead of "it".

*) I really enjoyed writing this and I hope it shows. ^^