Adventures In Summer School

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Consciousness came first with a buzz in his ears, a swarm of color beneath his eyelids. A dull pain throbbed in his head and chest. Ichigo opened his eyes, and they struggled to adjust to the dim lighting of the room.

He recognized the bed he was on as his own. He smiled as he noticed a bottle of soda and two pain relievers on his nightstand. Rukia wasn't the type of girl to cry at your bedside, but she sure as hell knew how to take care of someone.

His door opened quietly and the object of his thoughts smirked at him when she saw him awake.

"You're dad said you were just unconscious and that you didn't have a concussion, so we just decided to let you sleep." She explained. "How do you feel?"

"Sore." He grumbled.

"Yes, well, being thrown and landing on asphalt does tend to have that effect." His eyes sprung open and he sat up quickly, making blood rush dizzyingly to his painfully pounding head.

"Don't do that! You'll pass out again!" Rukia scolded, pushing him back into bed.

"Where's Brimstone? Was he defeated?" Ichigo demanded in a panic.

"Without you, there were still four of us against one weakened hollow. Hate to bruise your ego, but he was easy to take down, even without you."

At that moment something large and grey bounded into the room, barking happily.

"The dog we were attacked by looks a great deal like the puppies, so we've assumed that she's their mother." The dog continued barking, turning in circles, begging for attention. It wasn't exactly a pretty animal, with her awkwardly flopping ears and short grey coat, but her charm was still undeniable.

"Orihime, Ishida, and Chad all took a puppy. Urahara took one with him when he went to go drop off Jess and Denise. Yuzu asked your father if we could keep the mother and the remaining puppy, and he agreed. Wait here." Rukia dashed into the hallway and he heard her bound down the stairs. Upon return she had a small puppy in her arms.

Despite the gray fur and floppy ears that he had inherited from his mother, the puppy had a white nose and a tan belly. Thus, he succeeded in being pretty darn cute. He squirmed excitedly in Rukia's arms, surveying his surroundings.

"Well, he is pretty cute for a mutt." Ichigo relented.

"School starts soon." Rukia sighed.

"At least we had an interesting summer. What's more fun than possession and summer school?" Ichigo remarked sarcastically.

"At least we got some ice cream" Rukia laughed.

"I just wish we didn't have to go back. School's such a hassle."

"Spoken like a true delinquent. At least there are some good things about school. You can beat up Keigo, ditch, take me to homecoming…"

"Wait, what was that last one?" Ichigo sputtered.

"Beat up Keigo?" Rukis offered cautiously.

"Do you want me to take you to homecoming?"

"No! I was just kidding. I know you hate stuff like that. Rap music, awkwardness, dancing, You and I wouldn't have any fun!"

"You still wanna go though don't you?" Ichigo teased.

"Yeah, I do." Rukia patted the puppy and avoided his eyes.

"So, we should go. And if we both hate it, we'll leave and get ice cream." Ichigo swallowed the aspirin she had left him and walked out of his room. He wanted to check on Yuzu, and dinner.

"So Usagi Chan, what do you think? I'd say this was a pretty good summer." Rukia kissed the tip of the dog's nose.

"Were you just talking to the dog?" Ichigo taunted, having not been out of earshot yet.

"No! I was not talking to Usagi Chan!" Rukia scoffed.

"You named him that? He may be a puppy, but that name's too girlie, even for him!"

"Is not!" She rebutted.

"It is the dumbest name I've ever heard. Ow! Bitch! Who throws things at people who are recovering from head injuries!"

"You were unconscious! You don't have a head injury! Not discounting any you were born with!" Rukia yelled. The puppy was still comfortable in her arms, showing no distress whatsoever at their loud voices. He would do well in this household.

"If you don't like his name, then name the mother dog!" Rukia suggested haughtily.

"Why do they even need names?" Ichigo pointed out. "They're just dogs." Rukia gasped and covered Usagi's ears.

"They are not just dogs! They're special! Aren't we just so special?" Rukia nuzzled the pup again to illustrate her point.

"You're talking to him again. OW!"

Rukia rolled her eyes and walked out of his room, wondering what color her homecoming dress should be.

Chuckling under his breath, Ichigo closed the door. Usagi watched him avidly and his seriousness was rather funny.

"See that? She's crazy! It's too bad we both like her too much." Frowning, Ichigo went back to check on dinner, grumbling half heartily

"Stupid bad ass virgins! Eating orange sherbet with tons of fudge. Now she's got me talking to dogs." Shaking hid head in mild self disgust, Ichigo made his way downstairs, wondering if Rukia would object if he were to grab her hand under the table.