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One Last Shot

Helga had just one shot to get this right. The back shutter of the moving van clattered down. She turned to the friends who had come to say their farewells. Arnold stood there, a sad look upon his face, as Gerald consoled Phoebe.

"I- I'm going to miss you, Helga!" the petite girl cried, as her boyfriend rubbed her back. She took out her handkerchief to wipe the tears from behind her glasses. Helga in turn gave her a hug – which she didn't want to stop, but her habit of being aloof refused to let her linger too long.

"Take care of yourself. Don't be a stranger, 'kay?" Gerald smiled, weakly, pushing up his sunglasses to hide his shimmering eyes. The past few years had seen him warm up to Helga, thanks to Phoebe.

"I'll try, Tall-Hair Boy, I'll try."

Then she turned to Arnold. He meant everything to her. But she was moving across the country for the sake of Big Bob's Beepers, and might never see him again. She almost burst into tears at the thought.

"Helga…" Arnold looked at her with his green eyes, helplessly. "I wish you didn't have to go." He looked down dejectedly. "I'll miss you."

Big Bob slammed the door behind him and yelled at Helga to get moving. It was now or never. She had one shot to tell him.

"Arnold…I…" she bit her lip as he looked at her in surprise at her soft tone and lack of nickname.

Big Bob beeped the car horn impatiently.

"I li-… I lo-…" her face glowed red. "Oh, what the heck!" She cried, grabbing Arnold and kissing him as passionately as she did two years prior on the roof of the FTI building. Though she wished she could stay kissing him forever, she knew Big Bob would wait no more. She pulled away, leaving Arnold dazed, staring stunned at first, and then half-lidded.

"I love you, Football-Head – and I am not going to take it back this time!" She turned and ran to the car. With one final look back, she smiled at her friends.


Then she got in the car, telling herself it wasn't for the last time. She'd see them all at school on Monday, or at Slausens. The car pulled away, and her tears fell as she touched her still tingling lips. They'd definitely meet again.


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