The Apocalypse Continues!

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"Hey! Why did you drink the orange juice you moron?" laughed Hinata, extending her hands to strangle Sasuke, who grinned like an idiot.
"Hn. I am not a moron! I'm sexy! Oh shit... I mean... Hey! You drank it too!" he suddenly hollered, pointing an accusing finger at the girl. She gasped.
"Damn! I did... Oh well! Maybe we should leave before Ino's dad figures something strange is going on!" suggested the blue-haired girl. The Uchiha nodded and walked towards the door. Hinata smacked him on the head. "Loser! Fly out the window! It would be less suspicious, since you didn't come through the door to begin with. Did you?"

Sasuke bent over, smacked his forehead and whispered:
"Ohhhh! Right! Silly me! Heh. See you in a few seconds!"
Then, the most admired teen in Konoha launched himself out of the Yamanakas' window, complete with spring sound effects.

Hinata speedily washed the cups and put everything back into the cupboard in less that thirty seconds.
Oh yeah! She was the bomb!
She did a little fist pump before exiting the kitchen.

"Yamanaka-san!" called out the girl, smiling fake-shyly at the man, who looked over his shoulder. "My father will be upset if I am late for... training! I unfortunately must leave at this very moment. Thank you for having me over!" she lied smoothly.
"Bad-ass, Hinata. Real bad-ass." she thought to herself.

Inoichi Yamanaka looked confused for a second before beaming at the teen.
"Oh... Already? Well, it isn't a problem! You can come back whenever you want! I'll tell Ino you came Hyuuga-san!"
Hinata mentally puked, but she just twiddled her thumbs. She didn't want to seem rude. Not towards this kind man. But his daughter... bleargh.
"Thank you very much sir! Have a nice day!" she mumbled and walked out the door.

The blond man waved, then shut the door behind him.
"Ah... Kids. Hinata is such a sweet, honest, quiet girl... Ino is lucky to have a friend like her. She doesn't actually stutter as much as the rumors say... She is shy though." he chuckled and sat down to finish reading his captivating book.

In the mean time
"Hey! Sasuke-baka! What the hell do you think your doing?" laughed Hinata, doubling over and clenching her stomach.
"What? What did I do?" asked the Uchiha, turning away from the glass he was admiring his reflexion in. "Hey, Hinata-chan? Am I the hottest guy in Konoha, or am I the hottest guy in Konoha?" he asked, winking at the blue-haired girl and kissing his reflexion goodbye before turning away from the Yamanaka's window.

This just made Hinata laugh even more.

"Wow! Looks like the 'sugar's effects differ from person to person. I am still me, I know it. I just feel so much tougher and more awesome! But you... I guess that it makes you vain, though you already were... and creepily happy. But that's a given, right? Here, take this picture of you. I'm not giving it to Ino any time soon." she handed her alibi photo to Sasuke, who gushed like fangirl when he saw himself. "Oh and, Naruto-kun is hotter than you."

Sasuke gasped dramatically.

"Nu-uh! I'm the hottest-ass male in the entire country!" he shrieked, putting his hands on his hips.
Hinata giggle and patted him on the shoulder as he glared daggers at her.
"Dream on, Uchiha, dream on. I wonder how the Suna boy is holding up..." she suddenly said, making the chicken-butt haired boy immediately forget his anger.
"Oh yeah! Let's go find him!" cheered Sasuke, skipping down the road, pulling Hinata behind him.

The Hyuuga got many, many dirty looks from about every single girl under 34 in Konoha.
She normally would have blushed, passed out, woken up, then started crying for having people look at her like that. But she wasn't normal, was she?
She suddenly had a surge of adrenaline. She turned to all of those girls, grinned evilly at them and blew them an air kiss.

What had to happen happened.
Every single Sasuke-fangirl for about a two hundred meter radius cracked their knuckles and slowly stalked over to the young, naive Hyuuga.
"Woah! Sasuke-baka, that's a lot of biatches you've got there!" laughed the girl, backing up slowly. Sasuke followed her, lifting an eyebrow, secretly impressed at her bravery.
"Pfff... They like me because I'm the hottest ever! But still... I really want to see how much that Gaara dude is embarrassing himself... Do you wanna make a run for it Hinata-chan?" whispered the Uchiha, excitement filling him from head to toe.

"Hell yes! This is getting dangerous!" hollered Hinata, her face only about an inch away from a Sakura's manicured nails, that were curled into claws, ready to make her pay for being with their precious Sasuke-kun.
Exchanging a quick nod, the two surrounded teenagers took advantage of the energy high they were on and zoomed away before any of the girls could react, leaving the confused fangirls in a puff of dust, coughing and screeching in horror when they realized that the object of their affection and of their hate were now nowhere in sight.

Said two people were running as fast as their legs could take them, laughing their butts off.
"Hahahaha did you see their faces?" giggled Hinata, grinning at the boy next to her.
"Heh, yeah! That was so awesome! I never thought that I would see you do something so completely reckless!" giggled Sasuke right back... yes, giggled.
Hinata beamed at him. Sasuke Uchiha wasn't so bad after all... after an entire glass of drugged up fruit juice!
Ah, how she loved that juice!

They randomly turned into random streets, hoping that they might randomly bump into the emo desert redhead and avoid the fangirls.
And, since they were so completely amazing, Gaara was actually right down that street over there.

"Sasuke-baka! There he is!" said Hinata in a hushed whisper.
The Uchiha grinned, but it turned to a frown when he saw the boy.
"Hey! He's crying! Those bozos made him cry! Let's go rescue him!" replied the boy heroically, and the blue haired girl nodded.

They sped right through the small crowd around the Sand Team, snatched the redhead up and were on their way.
After about ten minutes of running, they were safely up in a tree in a training ground at the other end of the village.
They then put their hostage down, who was still bawling his eyes out like a baby.

Hinata and Sasuke exchanged a look. This wasn't supposed to be the juice's effects! They were supposed to make someone happy, not cry!
Hinata, since she was the brave one, cautiously leaned over and talked to Gaara in a soft voice:
"Hey... Is everything OK? What happened? Why are you crying?"

The redhead suddenly stopped, stood up straight and wiped his eyes.

"What? I'm not crying!" he whined childishly, pouting and crossing his arms and legs.
Something ticked inside of Hinata. This reminded her of Naruto's annoying side too much to make her comfortable.
"OK, stop being a baby! You're a big boy, now tell me why you were crying!" she said between gritted teeth, glaring terrifyingly at the Suna genin, using her extreme girl power.
He blinked and backed up.
"Whoah! You look like my sister! But in shorter, younger, darker hair and with bigger boo-..."
"That wasn't my question! Why were you crying?" shouted Hinata, smacking Gaara on the back of his head (no gourd, remember?). She crossed her arms angrily, Gaara blushed and Sasuke laughed his butt off at the scene in front of him.

The once-emo boy rubbed the back of his head, deep in thought. After a minute, he sighed.
"I really can't remember. Sorry." he mumbled, grinning sheepishly. Suddenly, he jumped up in the air. "Hey! You're that creepy guy who threw a rock at Kankuro!" Gaara bitch slapped Sasuke across the face. "Hah! No stinking Sasuke-teme can do that to my big brother, believe it douche-bag!"

Hinata and Sasuke, who had a hand on his red cheek and a 'oh no he didn't!' look on his face, both stared wide eyed and jaw dropped at the pissed boy in front of them.
Then, they both slowly turned to look at each other.
"Did you hear that?" whispered Hinata.
"Yeah... I guess we know the juice's effect on him..." replied Sasuke.
"That was, like, major déjà vu!"
"So when he is drugged up, he acts like..."
"...Naruto-usuratonkachi, with a hint of that Rock Lee dude. Yeah. But in even more crazy. I can't believe that it's even possible!" finished the Uchiha, sharing another knowing glance with the girl.
Gosh, he really liked how this girl was thinking the same thing as him! How completely cool!

Gaara was looking between them, slightly confused. He then clenched his two hands together, went up to Hinata and batted his (not very existent) eyelashes at her.
"Can I know what is happening pleeeeeeaaase?" he begged.
Hinata sighed and smiled at the adorable looking boy in-front of her, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck.
"I'll tell you... But let's get out of this tree OK? I think we lost the fangirls." she jumped out of the tree, followed by the two boys. "Well... Remember when I gave you that orange juice today?"

Gaara nodded.

"Well... Let's say that I... um... How can I say this? Oh, who cares. I drugged it 'cause you looked emo. But Sasuke-baka and I both accidentally drank some too. The drug makes us more hyper and happy, and each of us have a special... 'gift' from it. I'm soooo much cooler, Sasuke-baka is even more stuck up than he normally is and you are just plain crazy, like some of our friends... so... here we are!" she laughed cheerfully, clapping her hands.

She then had an extremely random idea.
"Come on you two! Let's go find Naruto-kun and Rock Lee and celebrate our fabulous!" she yelled, tugging the boys.
In a couple seconds, they were in front of Team Gai's favorite training ground. No need to wonder if they were even there. Team Gai was always there.
Hinata skipped up to the four people. When Neji saw her, he opened his mouth to say something extremely cruel and degrading to his cousin, but was beaten to the punch.
"Shut up, Neji. I'm not here to embarrass you in front of your teammate, sensei and crush this time. I just need the youthful Rock Lee to take a short break from his youthful training to join us on a quest to spread our youthful love!"

A silence roamed the clearing.
Hinata knew that, after all that youth included in her speech, she was sure to get what she wanted.
"YES! Join them Lee! Join them and spread the love of youth-..."
"Thanks! Bye!" interrupted Hinata, managing to grab the happy looking furry-browed genin and tug the other two young boys away. All with just her two arms.

When they had left, Gai-sensei wiped his tears of joy away.
"Ahhh... Unyouthful Neji-kun... If only you could be like your youthful cousin!" he sniffed.
Neji's heart sunk.
But karma is a bitch, so it got worse. Poor him.
"Yeah! Your cousin is so bad-ass! Three boys now, plus that Naruto kid she is dating! Impressive!" squealed Tenten, making the Hyuuga feel as if his ears were bleeding. "I should totally start hanging with her! And was that Sasuke Uchiha with her? Man, that boy is cute!"

Neji now felt like crying his heart out.

Why was Hinata suddenly so damn cool?

In front of Ichiraku's Ramen.
"NARUTO!" shouted Hinata, Sasuke, Rock Lee and Gaara, running over to the blond boy sitting on his favorite seat in his favorite restaurant.
Stuffing his mouth with food, he turned around, and nearly choked.

There was his girlfriend, his icy teammate, that creepy redhead from the Sand Team and Rock Lee. All with the same over-joyful grin plastered to their faces. And it was only normal for Lee.
"Huh? What is going on? Hinata-chan? Sasuke-teme? Bushy brow? Ga... Gra... Ganr... Green... Uh... What's your name?" asked Naruto, paying for his thirteen bowls of ramen and leaving the shop.

Gaara didn't look the least bit offended. He just did the Might Gai good guy pose, with a gleam in his teeth.
"My name is Gaara-no-last-name! I'm the funky disco master of Suna! And I killed the Wicked Witch of the West with my sand! Ramen is the bomb! Believe it!"
Naruto stared suspiciously at him for a minute, as everyone sweat dropped. Then, the blond grinned.
"Hey! You say believe it too! AND you like ramen! New best friend! Sorry, Sasuke-teme..."

With that, the two jinchuurikis exchanged a big hug, squealing with excitement at how much they shared in common.
Hinata nearly cried with happiness. He precious Naruto was making so many new friends!
She turned to look at Sasuke and Rock Lee. They both had the same look as her on their faces.
The only girl in the group suddenly had the best idea ever!

"Guys! Happy friends picture time!" She announced, pulling her Polaroid out of nowhere.
All five teenagers laughed and posed for the photographs.
May I remind you that only three out of the five genins were actually effed up.

Hinata clicked the camera five times, and handed one undeveloped picture to each of the boys, keeping one to herself.
They then made a tight little huddle, and started gossiping about life and happiness and youth and flowers and suns and rainbows and ponies.

They didn't even notice Team Baki sneaking up on them.
"Found him!" shouted Kankuro, pointing to his brother.
Gaara gasped and turned around. The puppet-nin immediately regretted opening his big mouth.
"Big brother! Big sister! Baki-Jonin-of-Suna-sensei!" shrieked the redhead, running to his team, arms open wide, pulling all three of them into a hug.

Hinata, finding this adorable, clicked her camera at them.
She giggled and handed the picture to her friend once he let go of his siblings and teacher. Looking slightly terrified, Kankuro handed the gourd he was carrying around back to his brother.

Hinata blinked. Gaara blinked. Sasuke blinked.
That's when it happened.
That large, happy, dopey grin disappeared off of Gaara, Sasuke and Hinata's faces.
Their three pairs of eyes all widened in pure horror as a perfect account of all the events that had occurred flowed back into their brains, doomed to be part of their memories forever.
The two boys of the trio slowly pointed an accusing finger at Hinata, who blushed deep red and backed up, and said in perfect unison:
"You... You did this to us!" they both seethed, venom lacing their voices.

Gaara was mad. The things he had done! He had hugged his siblings! He had skipped down the village's MAIN road! He had bawled like a baby! He had sung a cheerful song... publicly! And... worst of all... he had danced inappropriately... publicly! Plus, a dude who sounded about twenty five had whistled...

Sasuke was mad too. He had ruined his perfect boy reputation, forever! And he had participated in a bunch of childish, social activities! He was going to diiiiiieee!

Hinata hid her face in her hands.

"I-I'm s-so s-sorry! P-Please don't k-kill me! I-If you d-do, then m-my l-little sister w-will have to d-deal with o-our f-father and c-cousin a-all alone!" she sobbed.
Gaara and Sasuke both frowned, exchanged a look, then went back to observing the girl.
Her over-exaggeration totally ruined their anger.
And their time together as the three most emotionally constipated kids ever had changed their views on the world.

Sasuke sighed and started walking away.
"Hn. I'm not going to kill a girl! That's bellow my superiority! Good bye!"
He then disappeared around the corner, smiling a little to himself as he tucked the completely developed Polaroid into his pocket, along with the one of himself.

Gaara watched him go, then turned back to the shocked Hinata. She looked up at him shyly.
"A-are you g-going to k-kill me then?" she asked, raising her right eyebrow, just a bit.
The redhead hesitated, but looked down at the pictures in his hands.
His new friends, smiling, hugging him. His teammates and himself in a group hug.
Was it worth all of that humiliation?
He hid them away in his sand.
"Nah. I'm cool."

His entire team's jaws dropped, but they remained silent as they recognized his dark aura.
Gaara was back. They had to shut up now, and try to get answers out of him later.
The redheaded boy gave one last look at Hinata, then walked away as well, knowing that his team was close behind him as always.
Hinata sighed in relief, and turned to smile shyly at Naruto and Rock Lee.

"Well... I-it h-has been quite a w-wonderful d-day..." she said, only a little sarcastic. "I-I'm g-going to g-go home a-and e-eat something f-from m-my father's r-ridiculously l-large r-refrigerator."
She waved to the two boys and calmly walked home, making sure to avoid all the Sasuke fangirls that would probably kill her. She hummed a little tune.
She didn't remember where she had heard it before... Oh, right, it's the 'Jonin of Suna' song...

Rock Lee and Naruto stood rooted to spot. Why had their awesome friends suddenly turned all dark and moody again? They both looked down at their pictures.
"Hah! Sasuke-teme is smiling in this!" hollered Naruto in surprise. Never had his teammate smiled to the camera.
"Naruto-kun! You look fabulous on this youthful photograph!" laughed Rock Lee.
"So do you, Bushy Brow! Wow, Hinata-chan looks so cute when she smiles like that! Believe it!" chuckled the blond right back.
"And that Gaara boy is soooo youthfully adorable!"
"He looks like a little baby panda/raccoon hybrid! Believe it!"
"Sasuke-san actually has a youthful smile of sheer happiness! It suits him!"
"Yeah! Makes him look less cold! Wow... I like this picture! Believe it!"
"I love this youthful picture too!"
The two boys practically had tears of joy in their eyes, and they clenched their picture as if it were a sheet of gold, going on about the beauty of it.

Ino walked up to the two boys, looking left and right, hoping no one saw her with these village losers.
"Um... Hey, Naruto, Lee... My dad told me that Hinata came over to my house, so did you guys... see... her...?" she trailed off as the two boys completely ignored her and stood there, continuing their over-energetic rant. "Um... Never mind then. I'll go ask someone else..."

Ino turned away and jogged down the road.

"Wow... Those two are so hyper today!"

Hinata slowly closed her bedroom door behind her, after having raided the kitchen.
Hey, she was a growing girl! Plus, all that jumping around had made her super hungry.
She took a bite out of her chicken sandwich, then put it on her table with the bowl of instant ramen, sashimi platter, fruit salad, chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, two cups of tea, sesame mochis, rice balls, four sticks of dango and can of whipped cream.

She opened her windows wide and looked out.
Konohagakure was truly a magnificent place to live. So beautiful. So picturesque.
She took her Polaroid out.
Sitting on the window sill, she angled the camera so that her smile would be the first thing people saw in the photo, with the wonderful village as a backdrop.
She waved the picture around until it developed.
When it did, she smiled and placed it in the frame, right next to the picture of Naruto, Lee, Sasuke, Gaara and her grinning crazily at the camera.

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