Ok, first of... DISCLAIMER - I do not own, I do not profit.

Secondly...guys...seriosly, don't ask, this was an impulse story, and I have no idea what it is based on really, or where it is heading. Let's see, shall we?

He knew this would be the death of him, they both knew it would be the death of them, but it had gone to the point now where they just didn't care anymore. Lying in the cheap motel bed, caressing the face of the deadly nin beside him, Naruto sighed, content, satisfied, and his lover smirked, recognizing the sound. Their ANBU masks laid on the floor where they had been thrown after being ripped off their owners, Naruto's red striped fox mask, and the softly brown striped fox mask from his lover. His red brown haired lover with the honey colored eyes, that did not come from Konoha, not from grass country at all, but from the Earth country...his lover, his enemy, that laid here beside him, sighing just as happy and content, both of them snuggling a little bit closer, purring. They should be fighting, trying to kill each other, but they did not, they simply could not.

It had started out as something...impulsive, forbidden, breathtaking and for all they knew then, a crazy one night stand. It had been in the middle of the woods where they had more or less ran into each other, shocked at finding not only an other ANBU, and enemy, but also a fox masked one in the middle of the deep forest they were both passing through on their mission. They had paused, looked each other over closely. Neither one had attacked, and after several minutes, they had begun jumping around in the trees, checking each other out, still on their guard. It had turned into a game, somehow flirtatious, as they chased each other, trying to catch each other, trying to trick the other.

They had ended up playing their game all day, slowly getting used to each other, slowly lowering their guards, until the brown fox had caught Naruto, and pinned him. A tense moment aroused, with the brown fox pinning Naruto's hands over his head, lying half on him and half of him. But at that moment the enemy fox had purred, leaning in just a little closer, pressing in just a little more, and Naruto's first instinct was to purr back.

Purring turned to rubbing and grinding. Rubbing and grinding turned into moaning and groping.

Moaning and groping turned into sex, wild, rough sex, with snarling, biting, clawing, thrusting, pinning, high and aggressive growling...they were foxes, they were ninjas, and they mated on a tree branch, their crime against their villages hidden by the dark of the night.

The one night stand had turned into a second meeting two months later, when they had caught scent of each other, recognizing the others chakra signature, and it was more desperate then the first time, more intense, more wild, because now it was more then an impulse, it was a choice. And they both had two months of pent up frustrations to take out in those few moments they had with each other.

Then a third meeting happened, and another one...it became a fetish for them, the only thing they truly wanted, the only tabu that got them of. And then it had even turned into something that they could call love. They hadn't actually realized it until later...that during that first time...they had mated, truly mated. And they were enemies, both to loyal to their villages to leave for their love, and not allowed to be doing this, they would be forced to forever keep it a secret.

But as the future unfolded itself, it was doomed not to remain as just that – a secret.


Like I said, I have no idea, some heartbreaks are to expect though...I feel a bit...sadistic right now.