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They knew that their time together was almost over, so they lay there is silence, holding each other, stroking their hands over each other, just having a moment of their own.

Naruto cupped the other ninjas face with his hand, and while looking deep into the others eyes, he kissed those soft lips, slow, sensually. He could sense the others pulse speed up, and the eyes he had been starring into glazed over into lust, and need. They let the tension build slowly, for they knew this would be their last time, that they were already using time that they didn't have.

When Naruto finally was thrusting into his 'mate' he did so slowly, carefully, and his lover held him close. There were so many things he would like to say to his mate, so many things he wanted to promise, but he could not. Right about then, their eyes locked with each other, and he could see the same struggle, the same pain, in those alluring, beautiful brown eyes. In moments like these, he wished that there was no village. That there was no ninja world, that they were free to take anyone they wanted as their loved one. He knew however that this would kill him inside as much as this was, to be able to tell your loved one everything, and not being able to.

Because they were born as enemies. They were loyal to their villages in all aspects but each other.

When they both had cum, they laid in the others arms and cried silent tears. Naruto had never loved anyone before, this was so overwhelming, so big, so strong, so hurtful. He could now understand why Sasuke had flipped and left the village, in order to avenge the deaths of his loved ones.

If his mate was taken away from him...he couldn't even finish that thought. What would he do? Surely break down, surely he would.

As they dressed, the silence between them, that was usually so nice and calming, was unsettling and dangerous. They knew something was about to happen, they were both trained to know it, and they also knew what that meant, or could mean. But surely their love was so strong that neither one would have told their village about this, right?

As those thoughts ran through both their heads, suddenly they were under attack. They barely had time to react, despite their training, as the room was stormed by masked ninja. Naruto felt his heart in his throat. If it was his village, they would torture and kill his loved one. His own village would do that...if it was his lovers village that had found out about them, then himself was pretty much fucked. They struggled to no avail, and Naruto realized that indeed, he did not recognize these ninjas. They were not from Konoha. His heart sunk, knowing what torture that laid ahead for him. His lovers eyes, filled with tears as he knew the same, caught his for a brief second, and then they were being pulled out from the building, hands tied behind their backs.

Once outside, one that clearly had the role as the leader spoke up.

"Well well well...look what the fox dragged in." His voice was hard, and cold, it sent shivers of dread down Naruto's back. The man gripped his chin and slowly tilted his head back and forth, looking him over.

"Quite handsome, quite so. To bad that there won't be much left of you two when you have been processed."

Why did the man say 'you two'? Naruto starred in horror at his crying mate when he realized what it meant. The 'leader' confirmed his fears.

"We don't like traitors, we just torture them slowly, and then hang them to die out in the center of the village. We even let our genin do some target practice on them...makes them into better soldiers." Naruto couldn't believe what he had just heard, they were going to do that to his little mate? To their own ninja, their friend?

"As for you...by the time we are done with you, you will be crying out for mercy and death..." His grim was so evil, so cold, and so sincere, Naruto had to believe him. A tear ran slowly down his cheek, knowing that they were doomed to a horrible death, and that they wouldn't even get to die together. Before the tear had fallen from his chin and onto the ground, three very well aimed kunai landed on the ground between the leader, and himself. They all looked up, surprised to see a small army of ANBU, as well as a few hunter nins, from Konoha. They starred down at the almost equal numbers of ANBU from their enemy village, and the tension in the air was thick.

The leader for this little Konoha army was Ibiki, and he had never quite looked so menacing as he did just then.

The two leaders starred each other down for a few minutes, and then with body language so subtle that no one else would have noticed, they agreed to how to solve this. The man, this leader, came over to Naruto slowly, and the blonde could hear his own pulse beating in his ears as the man bent down behind him, kunai in hand. The next moment he was free, and the man pulled away a bit from him.

"Go." And he started to, but stopped and looked over at his mate. They had not freed the other fox, and Naruto looked pleadingly into the eyes of Ibiki, but the man looked even more dangerous and pissed of then he ever had before, and with his eyes to the ground, crying with never ending tears from pain in his chest, Naruto placed himself back with his own people. They didn't ask if he was alright, he knew they considered him to be a traitor too.

The two groups of ninjas held their stances for a few more minutes, before slowly beginning to draw their groups back.

Naruto and his mate held their eyes, a pain so strong it felt like someone was cutting out their hearts with a rusty blade completely visible in their eyes. It did not matter though, and being pushed by two hunter nins, Naruto had to leave his mate, still kneeling, still tied up, behind.

They both knew that they would not see each other again, that his mate, his little brown fox, would most likely die an horrible death at the hands of his own village.

Naruto didn't stop crying on the way back to the village, nor would he answer any questions during interrogation. When the torture started, he welcomed it, because the pain in his body almost matched up with the pain in his chest. He was isolated for three days, during which he said nothing, didn't moved unless they moved him, and refused to eat. They forced him to eat eventually, in order to keep him alive.

It took two weeks of isolation, interrogation and pain before he was released, under a 24/7 ANBU watch. They took no chances, he was the kyuubi after all, a valuable asset to their village. Tsunade tried to help him, but there wasn't much she could do.

Among the ninja in the village the rumor spread, and Naruto stopped looking people in the eyes. He couldn't bear the anger and hatred he was given in those eyes. His friends tried to comfort him, tried to get him to talk about what had happened, but he ignored them. They gave up after another few weeks, during which he had lost all baby fat, as well as some of his muscle mass since he basicly had stopped eating.

He didn't want food anymore, he didn't want to train anymore. Although it had been his main goal throughout his life, he no longer wanted to be Hokage, or a ninja at all for that matter.

Once again, Tsunade could do very little, if anything at all. It was pain from inside, and not a wound that her healing could fix.

It took almost a year before he was eating properly again, and working out as he should, but it was like he was doing it on auto pilot, his usually bright energy had all but left him, and he was quiet more then not. He was allowed to take some genin level missions, and he completed them halfheartedly. He had stopped eating his ramen, he had long since quit the ANBU forces, although they did let him keep his fox mask. He would lie late at night, stroking it with his fingers, remembering how his mate had kissed the mask, caressed it gently.

He cried himself to sleep more then not on such nights.

He found himself deep in the woods, taking refuge in the sounds and smells that he found there. He started returning to the area in which, somewhere, he had first meet his love. His sorrow on the day that he actually found the very branch on which they had mounted for the first time, the pain of that sorrow was overwhelming. Whenever he could after that day however, he found himself there, on that branch. The ANBU nins had long since stopped their watch on him, although a few did every now and then sit in the shadows, and watched over him in concern. They never said anything, and he never sent them away.

In such a fashion, time went by, and the next summer came to be. The nights were warm, and it felt rather nice sleeping on his tree branch, the large tree even protected him from all rain with it's mighty branches. He hunted animals and fish in the woods, and ate berries, roots and fruit that he could find. He was, or had been, a ninja after all, and he could never truly starve in a place like this.

He stayed the whole summer, every day becoming a mist, one day melted together with the next. Every now and then there would be a white masked ninja watching him from the trees, both from konoha, and from another village that were not an enemy village, he never knew which one, but he ignored them all.

He found himself at peace, he even built a nest of sorts under some of the trees gigantic roots, in preparation of the winter that would soon come.

It was just another autumn day, a bit more chilly then the others so far had been. Just another day. He laid on his back on his beloved branch, in the sun, enjoying the last of the warmth it held for him, when he felt a small 'thud' on his branch, indicating that someone had landed on it.

He looked to his side, and all of his world came crushing down.

Starring at each other in complete silence for a while, and then he slowly sat up to have a better look. The same hazel eyes, the same red brown hair, the same round lips. Could it really be...?

He got up, and inched closer, slowly. The illusion before him did not move away. He reached his hand up, and carefully, oh so carefully, placed his hand on a chin so warm, so soft. Tears were streaming down their faces, when at last, after what seemed to be a lifetime apart, they could finally throw themselves in each others arms. They held tight, almost to tight, but were to afraid to let go. For hours they did nothing but to kneel on their tree branch, holding on, crying on each others shoulders. When they finally broke free, they realized that beside them were two backpacks, that neither of them had brought there. It confused them for a while, but looking at the packs they seamed to have everything they would need...to be on their own. More tears fell as Naruto realized that an ANBU, or hunting nin, from one of their villages had prepared these bags, and carried with him a summon to get them anytime, anywhere, just for Naruto and his mate.

Since what had been to them a betrayal from their comrades, neither one had ever trusted them again, but this gesture showed them that atleast one of those cold white masked ones felt for what they had been through, and understood the pain and desperate hope that had lived on inside of them.

The only reason why Naruto's little mate was still alive was because he came from an special blood line, with so few survivors that each and every one of them was important for the village from which he came. Villages, villages, it was always about it, hurting people, tearing them apart, fighting...they made up their mind on their branch, now hidden in darkness as the first time they had meet. They would leave, together, go far far away and never return to the world of the shinobi.

Except for some fleeting rumours every now and then, about two fox like creatures of the deep forests, they were never seen again. Tsunade missed her brat, but were pleased beyond words that in some way, he had found freedom and happyness for himself, somewhere out there, in the wild.

The end.