Ok...so it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything. Real life crap getting in the way and all that. And I've been working on my original writing. But I've felt the mood to get into some of my fanfics again. This chapter was already almost finished...so I finished it off and now I am posting it. I'll try to get a new chapter up of some of my other stories as well that are continuing for anyone that reads those!

Chapter 3

Momiji jumped when the door swung open and hit the wall. He looked up and saw Haru standing in the doorway. Slowly he sat up, holding the blankets against his body. The look on Haru's face made his stomach cramp. Black Haru was in control.

Haru closed the door and turned the lock. He turned back to the bed and started stripping his clothes off. Once he was nude, he crawled onto the bed, over Momiji, forcing the boy onto his back. "Tell me you love me."

"I love you, Haru. You know I do." Momiji could feel himself trembling. Haru was rock hard, pressing against his belly as he knelt over him. In the month they had been together, Haru hadn't once taken him while his Black side was in control. The thought frightened him. Black Haru was violent.

"Do I please you?" Haru bent and licked Momiji's neck. "Do you like it when I fuck you?"

Momiji swallowed and nodded his head. "Yes. You know I do."

"Do you ever think about being with someone else?"

Momiji blinked. This was not where he thought the conversation was heading. "No, Haru. Never. I love you. You're the only one I want."

"I better be." Haru grabbed the blankets Momiji was still holding against his body and ripped them away. The boy squeaked and tried to curl his body up. Haru sat up and grabbed the boys knees. Spreading the boys legs, he pushed his knees up to his chest, making his ass raise up in the air. Haru smiled and leaned forward so the boys knees were braced on his chest. With a hand free, he slid his fingers over the boys quivering hole. "Tell me you want me."

"Haru, please. Don't take me while you're black." Momiji could feel tears building in his eyes. As badly as he wanted Haru to take him, he didn't want it to be his black side doing it. He knew that if he took him right now, it would be painful.

Haru growled and thrust two fingers into the boys body, making him cry out. He was still wet and slick from their last session. "Say it, Momiji."

Momiji whimpered. "I want you." Haru began moving his fingers roughly in and out of his body. "Please, Haru. Please be gentle."

"I thought you liked it fast and hard." Haru pushed in a third finger and groaned as the boys hole tightened around his fingers.

"I do. But only when I'm ready for it. That hurts right now, Haru." Momiji could feel the tears sliding down his face now.

"Hurts? You're still wet and dripping. Your body is swallowing my fingers like it always does. How is it hurting you?" Haru leaned down until his mouth was right next to Momiji's ear. "I thought you loved me. If you do, then why is your body so tense and scared right now?"

"You make me nervous when you're black, Haru." Momiji groaned in pain as Haru shoved all four fingers inside of him.

"You told me before that you aren't afraid of my black side. Because you know I wont hurt you." Haru growled and spread his fingers, making Momiji whimper. "Did you lie to me? Do I frighten you, little bunny? Do you only love me as long as I'm white?"

Momiji started to pant, trying to work past the pain. "I'll always love you. I'm not afraid of you, Haru. But you're hurting me. Please stop. Please calm down." He cried out as Haru push his entire hand inside of him. "Please stop." Tears ran down his face as he clutched at the blankets under him and tried to make his body relax.

"You're the rabbit. You're body craves release. You need to be fucked several times a day to keep you happy. That's what Hatori says. I'm only doing this to keep you happy. You were begging me to fuck you again just a little while ago before Hatori asked for me. And we had just finished. What's wrong? You don't want me now? Or is it that my hand isn't good enough for you?"

"Haru what are you talking about?" Momiji screamed as Haru yanked his hand out of him. He whimpered and felt his body begin to shake as his vision blurred and threatened to go black. "Haru. Please stop." His voice was barely a whisper. He started to cry. Sobs raked his body as it continued to shake from the pain.

"Tell me you love me. You swear to me, Momiji, that you will never go to someone else for release. If you let someone else lay so much as a finger on your body, I will kill whoever touched you. And I will never speak to you again." Haru growled the words into the boys ear before he plunged into his body. Momiji cried out again. Haru grunted and sat up to look down at the boy. The sight of the tears on the boys cheeks enraged him further. He pushed Momiji's knees to his chest and pounded into him.

It hurt. God it hurt. But Christ it felt so good. He should be screaming from the pain with Haru being so rough but his body had a mind of its own. As soon as Haru started to move inside of him, even with the violent thrusts, he got hard. Soon he was moaning from the pleasure and his body was ignoring the pain. "Haru. Don't stop. Please don't stop."

Haru bellowed with rage and pulled out of the boy. Grabbing Momiji's hips, he flipped the boy over and yanked him up onto his knees before plunging into him again. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of the boys hips and used every bit of his strength to thrust his hips while at the same time pulling the boy onto his swollen cock. "Say it, Momiji. Tell me you love me. Swear to me you won't ever let anyone else fucking touch you." When all the boy did was whimper, Haru reached under his body and fisted his dripping cock. He squeezed until the boy screamed, all the while continuing his relentless thrusts. "Say it god damn it. Say it or I'll fuck you until you pass out and I wont let you come. And I'll keep fucking you until you fucking say it. NOW SAY IT!" Haru screamed the last words, his hand tightening viciously around Momiji.

Momiji gripped the sheets under him so tightly his hands ached. It was all he could do to keep breathing through the pain and Haru expected him to speak. When the hand around his throbbing cock squeezed even tighter he screamed and whimpered and felt the tears flow even faster from his eyes. "I…I love…you. Only…you. No one…" He screamed again as the hand twisted and almost blacked out. "Stop. Please."

"SAY IT!" Haru's heart was pounding so hard he could feel it in his head. He could barely feel the fact that he was fucking Momiji. All he could feel was the burning rage. "SAY IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"

"Only…you. No one…else…Haru. Swear…I swear. Please…stop. Hurts" Momiji screamed even louder when the hand released him and the most powerful orgasm he had ever had ripped through his body. It hurt. It tore through him like nails and exploded out of him feeling like gravel and glass. The last thing he remembered was feeling Haru's nails tear the skin over his hips as he yelled out in triumph. Then the world went black.