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Three days after People

Agony, left alone, reliving every second of destruction. Screams- they pierce my ears. Tears- the want to cry, to shed away every painful reminder of what was and what isn't anymore. It's all I remember, three days after People, all I can remember. Trees on the ground, the sun no longer shines. Laughter wrenched away, allowing sadness to reign. Desperation crawls into me, gnawing, in the back of my mind. Miserable, hopeless, it's all I am now. Grayness all over, it clouds my senses- stillness, nothing is alive.

Searching, racking my memory for joy, for happiness. Nothing's there. I can't remember. Pain surrounds me; a scream builds up and is released.


My hands grasp at seams, pulling, trying to sew the falling pieces together. What happened? My mind screams at me to remember. Figures blend into one, my head hurts- my heart hurts. The want, the need to feel, it's what my body urges me to fulfill.

"Where are you?" I whisper, seemingly at no one. I look around, feeling the familiar itch around my eyes. Everything was nothing, now. Life- not what it was once. My feet, touch the ground. My head, lost in the clouds. Blood, it's all I smell. Screams, pain, sadness, desperation, panic- those were the last emotions I felt, before. Before the World I once knew, became the World I see now. I walk forward, trying hard not to look back, not knowing what to expect. No houses, no forests, at least not where I was standing. Mom, Dad, my friends- 'NO,' I scream inside my head. I don't want to remember. Didn't want to remember the person that made my heart clench in utter ecstasy or, in this case- my brain thought bitterly-, in complete pain. No more, I can't take any more!

I collapse, vision blurred. Rain starts to fall, I can feel it. Something engulfs my entire being, filling it with complete calm. I look up, remembering what was and what can be. I know that an important presence is right beside me. I feel myself smile, he's here.

"Bella," He breathes in relief. Warmth, all around me, 'He's here!' My mind screams at me in complete happiness. I gladly sink into his embrace. Pain, tears, desperation, and waiting- it's all over.

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