The Promise

You once told me, oh so very long ago. That we would always be friends… no matter what trials may blow.

But now after the aging pass of time, you want me to be more. But you don't know me as you did before.

You look deeply, oh so deeply into my soul; for the same confident, content boy of seventeen, which would spend his days comforting you to tell the day's ending toll.

But after all the pain, oh after all the pain I've had. Trust me dear one, I've tried to stay the same, beautiful, innocent golden lad.

Yet the instruments of time; misery, death, betrayal, and grief… will always cause the transformation of the soul and conscience.

For now within the dark mirror of cruel validity, I see nothing but an inhuman monster. And yet… somehow within your perfect sagacity, you see me as your angel.

In my heart I know, oh how I deeply want you. But dear sweet love, you deserve much more… oh so much more. However you say that there is no one else… to enrich you as I.

Oh how my heart aches and screams! I can never tell you how much I care. My eyes burst into a hazy fire as I watch your thin, perfect lips smile. Oh my dear…sweet… love…. I can no longer keep our avowel.