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"I don't know, Hugo." Rose Weasley said cautiously. "Do you really think we should be doing this?"

"Relax, Rosie," Hugo grinned. Of course his sister wouldn't be too thrilled about his idea. But he just felt like it had to be done. "Mum used it most of her third year, remember? It can't be too dangerous."

"She only used it to go a few hours back in time though!" She twirled her hair around her finger, something she always did when she was nervous. "I don't think it was meant to go a few years back, let alone over two decades ago!"

"Rose, do us all a favor and shut up," James gave an exasperated sigh. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Worst that could happen?" She shrieked. "Do you have any idea how much danger you're putting all of us through?"

"Rosie, I doubt anything will happen. Besides, don't you want to see what mum and dad were like at our age? Don't you want to see Uncle Fred? Or Teddy's dad? Or Uncle Harry's godfather? Ah, here it is," Hugo added the last part as he found a gold chain with an hourglass attached to it. He had been searching everywhere in his mother's study the past hour for this.

"Of course I'd like to see them! But I'd like to know that if and when we do ever see them, that it'll be safe an risk-free," The bushy redhead answered.

"Guys, I kind of agree with her," Al stated, which had reminded the others that he was in the same room as them. He had been sitting on the sofa keeping to himself the whole time - his siblings and cousins had almost completely forgotten about him.

"Al, you're no fun," James whined. "There's no way you can possibly be my brother!"

"Alright, I've got an idea then," Hugo smiled. "James, Lily, and I will go, and the two of you stay here and make sure mum, dad, Uncle Harry, and Aunt Ginny don't find out what we're up to."

"NO!" Al and Rose screamed together. "We can't let you lot go off on your own," Rose added.

"Exactly," Al agreed. "What if something were to happen to my little sister? She didn't do anything to deserve it!"

"Well, I'm going whether you like it or not," Lily interjected stubbornly. "So you'll just have to deal with it."

"Face it, you two. We're going no matter what you think. You guys can stay in this time or come with us, but you'll never change our minds," James stated.

Albus sighed. It was a lost cause. His brother and sister were as stubborn as his parents, if not worse. He decided to give up.

"Alright, I'll come with you. Rosie, you can keep arguing if you like, but you won't get anywhere. They won't give up."

Rose continued twirling her hair. Her cousin was right. She knew that she wouldn't win this battle - Hugo has been talking about time travel for ages, and it was safe to assume that James and Lily have been too. She wanted to go herself - she wanted to see how things were before the Battle of Hogwarts. She wanted had always wanted to meet her Uncle Fred and others that have died during the second war. It was one of her greatest desires.

"Fine, have it your way then," Rose glared at her brother. "I'll come to make sure you lot don't get too reckless. But I'm going to leave a note to mum and dad telling them where we are."

"Rose, for a smart girl, you're pretty stupid," Hugo groaned. "Imagine how much trouble we'll be in once they read your note. They'll probably take our wands away and have Uncle Percy baby-sit us whenever they go out!" He shuddered at that thought. He tried to avoid Uncle Percy as much as possible so he wouldn't have to be the victim of one of his dull conversations. "Then maybe we shouldn't go at all then!" Rose said."No, definitely no, Rosie!" James exclaimed. "We already told you that we're going no matter what,"

"Well, either you let me write a note and we go, or I'll tell my mum that you four have been looking through her stuff!" Rose smirked. She knew she would win this now. Her mum was very protective of her stuff and she had made it well known that nobody was to enter her study without permission. They were bound to get in loads of trouble if she told. Much to her surprise, Lily lightly smacked her arm. "Rose, think about it. If you write that note, all of us - including you - will get in trouble. If you tell on us, all of us - including you - will get in trouble. Neither of these options benefits you."

She hadn't thought of that. "Well - well - maybe we can send Teddy an owl about what we're doing. He can tell our parents what we did, save us if need be, then we all come back to our own time and Teddy erases our parents' memories," Rose smiled. She thought it was a pretty good idea, actually.

"Fine," Hugo said and raised his hands in defeat. "You win. Go owl him right now," Rose grabbed some parchment and a quill from her mother's desk and began to write. She rolled it up and tied it to Athena's - her owl - leg and watched the bird fly out the window.

"Ready, Rose?" Al asked. She nodded as he grabbed her hand. She gave Lily her other hand, and the five teenagers formed a circle.

"How many times do you reckon I should turn this thing?" Hugo asked.

"Dunno," James replied. "Maybe you should ask Rose or Al - I expect they would know something about this," he looked up to the two hopefully but disappointment took over his face as Rose and Al shook their heads.

"I think you should turn it twenty-six times," Lily answered. "I'm only guessing here, but I think you should do one turn for every year. Rose nodded. It made sense, if you think about it.

"Come on, Hugo. Try it," she urged her brother. "There's a good chance it'll work,"

"Alright then," Hugo began turning the small hourglass and put the chain around his neck after the final turn.

There was a flash of white light and they were gone.

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