"Shitty ass moron…Can't believe he ruined another one." The blonde mumbled as he made his way into the shop.

Another good suit had been destroyed by his over zealous, over bearing, under-aged mentally boss. Sanji worked for quite possibly the most mentally immature guy on the Grand Line Entertainment Strip. Luffy had inherited the Thousand Sunny Casino from a man Sanji had no clue about… and Luffy had no clue about managing the place. For some reason Luffy had an innate ability to draw the best suited staff to him, which kept the business booming.

Late into the days shift things had got a little rowdy, Luffy being Luffy he decided to "sort it out" and a fight broke out… as usual. As usual the result was a win to the Thousand Sunny team and a loss to the opponent… and Sanji's suit.

The pissed off blonde was pulling a double shift tonight and there was NO WAY he was working in a torn up and dirty suit. Ok, so a normal chef wouldn't need to wear a suit, but, Sanji was chef, waiter and a damn good pianist so he needed to look suave.

He stomped into the only tailors open at this time of evening. Sure looks a bit shabby… Sanji was about to turn his nose up at the place when a low, silky voice from somewhere near the back of the shop said,

"Can I help you? We're about to close."

The voice was sexy… did the body match Sanji wondered. "Err… I need a suit, I know it's last minute but I need it now."

"Oi Chopper, got a customer, I'll be back down to help move the stock in a minute." the man moved into the center of the shop. He wore a good pair of dress shoes, tailored pants and a high quality, crisp white shirt. The sleeves were rolled to part way up the mans upper arms showing off tanned muscular biceps. The shirt collar was open showing a hint of collar bone. There was no tie, instead a tape measure was draped around his neck. Said neck led up to a masculine jaw line, a face with strong features. Eyes were onyx in colour. His hair was a curious green colour… somewhat reminding the cook of a rare type of moss he'd seen once.

"What kind of suit are you looking for?" the man asked his attention still elsewhere, he seemed to be looking for something, a lost look in his dark eyes. Sanji watched him pat his pockets down, then remembered he really should answer the question.

"Double breasted jacket, gold buttons if you have any… black dress pants and a new shirt would be good."

The other mans face lit up slightly as he found what he was looking for, a pair of thin, black-framed glasses. Sanji's pulse raced as eh saw the whole picture before him.

"It's pretty late in the day to…" the man looked Sanji up and down, "I see why you need the suit."

Sanji remembered what he looked like - shabby. "Yeah I know. Try working at the Thousand Sunny… you'll understand then." Sanji explained curtly.

"Oh, now I understand." The man chuckled, "I know where I recognise you from now, you're the chef and pianist aren't you?"

"Temporary pianist," he corrected the man, "Until Brook comes back from his journey of musical self-discovery… he said something about singing whales…"

The man smiled and chuckled again, "Well I suppose we'd better find you a suit for tonight then." He held his hand out, "Names Zoro."

"Err, Sanji…" he replied shaking hands.

Zoro lead him to the back of the shop, "I know it doesn't look like much, but, Chopper and I are doing the old guy who owns it a favour… shoddy or not, the old mans tailoring is second to none." he was saying this while going through a rack of suit jackets. His eyes roamed over Sanji for a minute causing the blonde to shiver with delight, Zoro really was quite nice to look at… perhaps he'd ditch the crowded department store for this shop…

Zoro's hands ran along the differing fabrics pausing here and there, a slight shake of his head the sign he'd dismissed the current jacket as a poor choice. Finally he nodded and pulled out what Sanji considered a rather understated jacket.

"You said gold buttons right?" Sanji nodded. Zoro pulled out a pair of scissors opened them, twirled them around a little and while his hand moved along the jacket Sanji didn't see any cuts actually being made, but, a second later the old buttons fell away. "Sorry, I get bored so show off when we have a customer."

Sanji just continued to stare.

"Chopper, can you work your magic? This jacket needs gold buttons." he shouted turning his head towards the very back of the shop.

"Up in a minute Zoro." Came a very young sounding voice.

"How do you know I'll take that jacket?" Sanji asked curiously.

"Because It'll look good on you. Here try it." Zoro slipped it off the hanger and held it out.

Sanji shed his jacket and swapped for the new one. He walked over to the full length mirror and slid into the new jacket. Well, I'll be damned! It does look good. Sanji thought.

"Told you it would look good on you." Zoro smiled.

Sanji liked the compliment but being his usual self, bravado stopped the normal thank you and resulted in, "You're pretty sure of yourself."

Zoro smirked, "Confident in my abilities, that's all." he went to retrieve pants and shirt. When he returned he shouted to Chopper once again. "Come on Chopper, the man is waiting."

"I..I don't want to come up there." the little voice said sheepishly.

Zoro shook his head and smiled a fond smile, "Fine." he held his hand out for the jacket, "He's a little wary of new people." The man explained taking the proffered clothing and disappearing down into the store room.

Sanji looked about the place, yes from first appearances it did look a little shoddy… but on closer inspection everything was of the highest quality where it really mattered.

"You need anything else while you're waiting?" Zoro asked returning.

"No, I'm fine thanks."

"There's a stool over there if you want to take a seat." Zoro indicated a place near the window. He disappeared back down into the store room again, emerging a few moments later carrying a stupid number of boxes. He set them down, unpacking them one by one, placing stock where it needed to be.

"So you've been to the Thousand Sunny?" Sanji asked wanting to engage the man in conversation just to hear his deep voice.

"Mmm, a few times yeah." he heaved another box onto his shoulders then as if lifting weights extended his arms to put it on the top shelf. Sanji ogled the toned arms as they worked. He wondered what the rest of him looked like… without clothes.

Belatedly Sanji realised that Zoro had been talking to him, he was now giving him a quizzical look due to the lack of reply.

Sanji coughed awkwardly, "Sorry… what?"

Zoro lifted an eyebrow. Then seemed to consider something.

Did he catch me staring…?

"Would you like to be measured up for a tailored suit? The number you must go through at the Sunny is probably ridiculous, if I, err WE… had your measurements you could order ahead."

"Sure." Sanji said far to quickly. Dickhead… now what are you going to do he's gonna be like…this close to you Sanji's internal warning was ignored by his legs as they carried him forwards.

"I'll measure you up. Changing room is this way." Zoro gestured for the blonde to follow.

Even though his heart was pounding Sanji followed. Quite why this man was affecting him so badly he didn't know but the adrenaline rush that was beginning was far too good to ignore.

The changing room was well lit and full of mirrors. Zoro pulled the measuring tape from around his neck, the sound of the tape on the fabric of his shirt made Sanji tingle.

"Put your arms out." Zoro instructed.

Sanji swallowed nervously and held his arms out to the sides. Zoro slowly stepped around him, coming to a stop behind the cook. He placed the tape on Sanji's wrist, drawing the other hand along his arm, flattening the tape against it.

Sanji's breathing hitched, he could feel the other mans breath on the back of his neck. The hand continued along his shoulders, across his back and stopped at the opposite wrist. Zoro read out the measurement. He let go to write it down and Sanji had to suppress a groan at the loss of contact. Every nerve ending was as sensitive as he'd ever known.

Zoro now measure from the base of Sanji's neck to just below Sanji's ass. He shivered slightly as Zoro again read out the measurement, his voice alone was getting Sanji worked up in ways that would definitely become obvious if Zoro measured his inside leg.

The blonde jumped slightly as a pair of muscular arms passed the tape around his torso. Zoro was stood so close now, he could feel the heat from his body. Without thinking Sanji leaned into the other man. Rather than back off Zoro pressed himself closer as he finished crossing the tape over Sanji's chest. He looked down over the blondes shoulder and again, read out the measurement. This time however, he didn't write it down.

"Tell me to stop." Zoro whispered in the cooks ear as his hands wandered over him.

Sanji, almost imperceptibly shook his head. Don't want you to he thought, hoping the man behind him would catch the thought.

The tape dropped to the floor as Zoro's hands moved to the blondes shoulders. He tugged gently at the shirt exposing Sanji's neck, which he assaulted with light kisses. Each brush of the other mans lips set Sanji alight, it felt like electricity prickling along his skin. He could hear his own breathing becoming faster as his heart hammered in his chest.

Zoro turned him around, snaking his hands down to the cooks ass, pulling him close and grinding his hips into Sanji mercilessly. A quiet moan slipped past Sanji's lips, just before they were claimed by the other man. The kiss started out tentatively, Zoro was still waiting to be told to back off. Get the hint! Sanji thought.

To make sure Zoro did get the hint the cook slipped a hand between them palming the stand-in tailor's crotch. The growl that escaped Zoro's lips did something quite intense to Sanji. He felt himself pushed back against the changing room wall. Zoro was taking dominance… and Sanji, quite liked it.

Zoro retrieved Sanji's hands holding his wrists together above the blondes head single handed. Sanji gave token resistance, but, Zoro held him easily. Both of them were breathing hard now as Zoro reached up with his free hand, slowly undoing the shirt hiding Sanji's body. With each bit of Sanji exposed the other man kissed and nipped what was revealed.

"Zoro?" the small voice came, for a second Zoro hesitated, then he kissed the cook hard enough to bruise, a kiss that teased.

"Zoro?" the stand-in tailor sighed regretfully releasing Sanji. He cleared his throat.

"Yes Chopper?" His voice was still gruff.

"The jackets ready… can we go home now?" The tone was pleading. Sanji watched as Zoro's eyes softened.

"Sure Chopper, just let our customer get changed."

"Ok." replied the delicate voice, sounding much happier.

"I'll leave you to get changed." Zoro walked out of the changing room leaving a very flustered blonde behind.

Sanji changed quickly, exiting the changing room, now decked out in his new pants and shirt. He felt thrilled slightly but mainly disappointed. He reached the front of the shop where Zoro stood holding Sanji's jacket out for him to slip into.

The blonde shrugged into the jacket and paid. Zoro's face gave away nothing… it was as if nothing had happened. Sanji hid his disappointment and walked out of the shop. He took a cigarette out of the packet he'd just stowed away in his new pants, he was about to walk away when he heard a tap on the window behind him.

It was Zoro.

Sanji's heart skipped. He looked curiously as the other man indicated his breast pocket. He reached a slender hand inside, to find a card. Zoro nodded.

Sanji read the card:

Same time tomorrow? I still need your inside leg measurement.

Sanji looked back up to see a cocky smirk on the handsome mans face. He paused for a second and grinned. Before Zoro turned away, he returned the grin.

Maybe Luffy should ruin my suit more often…

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