Chapter 1: Arrive At Forks


Damn Cullens. Because of them, I'm a wolf and I could have had a normal life.

"Paul!" Sam shouted. He was our alpha. It was Sam, Jacob, Jared, Quil, Embry, Seth, his sister Leah, Brady, Collin and me.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I need you to stay here," he told me.

"Why?" I asked.

"The Cullens said they smelt a creature and they are after it. I'm taking half the pack and leaving the rest to you," he said.

"Fine," I said.


I ran to a little town called Forks and stayed in the forest.

I was asleep on the ground when I heard something. I got up and looked around. I closed my eyes and let my paws feel ground.

I felt the ground move, and let my senses take over. Someone was behind me. I ran. I felt myself being chased. I was tackled and I yelped.

A black wolf growled at me. I whimpered, got up, and ran.

I ended up at the cliff. I stopped and looked down.

It was high up. I whimpered again.

Crap, what to do, I thought.

I turned around and saw the wolves and vampires that have been chasing me. I took a step back and almost slipped.

"What are you doing here?" The bronze haired guy asked.

It's a free country! I thought.

"I can't read its mind," he said.

The black wolf growled, causing me to get scared and fall back.

I hit the water and tried to swim up. The current was strong. I crashed to a rock and got hurt. I started bleeding. I yelped.

I swam to shore and just laid there. I was panting. I tried to get up, but couldn't. Everything got blurry. I stayed there when the vampires and wolves reappeared.

I'm fucken screwed, I thought.

"Are you okay?" The light blonde one asked.

I shook my head. He came over and I closed my eyes.

I felt him touch my fur and I tried to get away.

"No, I'm checking if you'll be okay," he said.

Should I trust him? I thought.

Everything was okay until he reached my head. I yelped loudly when he touched the part I hit the rock with.

He stopped and looked at the others.

"It's really hurt," he told him.

"Sam said 'let it die. It's a trespasser'," the bronze haired said.

I looked down. They want me to die. Just like everyone else. I got up, ignoring the pain. I started walking away.

"It's sad," another blonde one said. He had some scars.

I stopped when I smelt something, humans. I looked back around and saw the hunters from far away. I ran the light blonde and pulled on his shirt. He looked at me. I looked at him in the eyes and at the hunters, hoping he got the message. He did.

"Hunters," he said.

"We have to go," the blonde girl said.

I pushed the light blonde one to the other direction.

"Let's go," he said.

The wolves were frozen. I shook my head and ran to the hunters. I let them see me and they got their guns.

I put down my shield and thought; you'll get your wish, Sam. I'll be dead. To show you, I mean no harm and I am good.

"No!" Someone shouted.

The hunters looked around. I barked and they looked at me.

I heard three gunshots and they hit me. I yelped and fell down. Someone pick me up and run away. I knocked out.

I was laying on the ground when I woke up.

"It's a girl, she's human I think," I heard someone say. I opened my eyes.

"Why did she get shot on purpose?" The blonde girl asked.

"Sam wanted her to die and she was protecting us," the bronze one said.

I tried getting up, but no use.

They looked at me.

"Are you okay?" The blonde girl asked.

I took my shield down.

It hurts so much, I thought.

"She's in so much pain," bronze guy said.

"What your name?" Blonde girl asked.

Isabella, what's yours? I thought.

"Isabella, I'm Edward," bronze guy said.

"I'm Rosalie," the blonde girl said, "thank you."

I nodded.

"I'm Jasper," the scarred one said.

"I'm Carlisle," the light blonde one said.

"My name is Emmett," the buff guy said.

"I'm Alice," the small one said.

"And I'm Esme," the motherly looking one said.

I looked at everyone and noticed the wolves were still there.

And them? I thought.

"Oh um they should phase back so it would be better," Edward answered.

I nodded.

Can you hear my accent? I asked in thought.

Edward laughed. "Yes, I can hear your accent," he said.

"Your human?" Rosalie asked.

I thought about it. I am half vampire, and wolf with human features, so kind of, I thought.

"She's a hybrid. Wolf with vampire with a little bit of human," Edward told everyone.

I saw a wolf get up and walk away. He was redish-brown or something.

A guy came back. He was tall and young looking. He had black hair and a tan body.

"I'm Jacob," he said.

Three more left leaving the black wolf.

"I'm Embry," the other black haired one said.

"I'm Quil," the curly haired said.

"I'm Jared," said the medium brown wolf in his human form.

The last one is Sam right, I thought.

"Yes," Edward answered.

Figures, he's probably waiting the right moment to kill me. Not like I can fight. If you can make it less painful would be okay. I was wondering of you could kill me while I was asleep? It would mean a lot, I thought to him.

He just stared at me.

"What did she say?" Emmett asked.

He told them everything I said.

"No we don't want to hurt you," Rosalie said.

I tried to get up, but it hurted, so I fell back down. I whimpered.

"Isabella it'll be easier if you phased," Carlisle said.

I need clothes, I thought.

"Alice go get a blanket," Edward said.

Hey wait! How about a blanket, a bra, and underwear? I thought.

"Underwear and bra too," Edward said.

"Yes sir," she said. She left.

I stayed laying down and closed my eyes.

"Isabella," Rosalie whispered. I opened my eyes and looked at her.

"Why did you run away instead of standing you ground and fighting?" She asked.

I whimpered, saying I wasn't in the mood to answer.

"We should keep the questions until she is good to answer," Carlisle said.

Alice came back and put the blanket on me. I phased back and she gave me the undergarments.

Carlisle took off the blanket and started looking at the wounds. He took out the bullets with his fingers while I screamed in pain. My screams could be heard from miles away. He also checked my head. I was panting trying to forget the pain.

"So your a doc?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.

I smiled and looked down. And I was covered in my blood. I got up and ran to the nearest lake. Everyone followed. I jumped in and washed the blood.

I came out and notice Emmett left.

"Where did Emmett go?" I asked.

Everyone shrugged.

I smiled.

"You have a beautiful voice and accent," Esme said.

I blushed. "Thank you," I said.

"And your really pretty," Rosalie said.

I looked down.

"So tell us about yourself," Carlisle said.

"Um, maybe tomorrow," I said.

"What? Why?" He asked.

"You guys woke me up from my sleep and my screams took a lot out of me," I said smiling.

"Okay," he said.

"Um can we hear too?" Jacob asked. I nodded and they started to leave.

"Oh and Sam," I called.

He turned. I walked up to him.

"If you want I can leave and never come back. It's not like I'm ever wanted. So I'm used to rejection. So after tomorrow tell me and I'll be out of your lives forever," I said.

He nodded and left.

I phased and started to walk into the woods.

"Where are you going?" Jasper asked.

I put my shield down.

To take a nap, I thought. Edward told them.

"Oh no you don't," Rosalie said.

The next thing I knew I was carried away.

I wasn't that big so it was easy.

We stopped at a dog house. Well to them. Inside was like a real house. It had a sink, stove, closet, bathroom, ect.

I looked at everyone.

"Emmett built it," Jasper said.

"In case you don't trust us," Rosalie continued.

"You could sleep here," Esme added.

"In your wolf form," Carlisle said.

"Instead of out there," Alice told me.

"In the cold," Edward finished.

I nodded and knocked Emmett down. I licked his cheek. He laughed.

I entered the house and it was three times as big as my house while growing up.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought.

Edward laughed.

I was jumping around. Then I got hungry. I was too tired to eat so I streched.

I circled the carpet and then I laid down. I closed my eyes and I drifted to sleep. I felt someone put a blanket over me and I fell asleep.


We all met at Emily's house.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"The creature was another wolf," Sam said.

"But she's half wolf and vampire with a bit of human," Jacob said.

"You destroyed her?" I asked.

They looked at me.

"Did you?" Leah asked.

"No," Embry said.

"Why?" Seth asked.

"She's not that bad," Jared said.

"So what? She's not like us, or the Cullens!" I snapped.

"We don't know," Jacob said, "but we'll find out tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, she's going to tell us her story and then we'll decide if she stays or not," he told me, smiling.

"I can't tomorrow," I said.

"We understand," Sam said.

"Do you think anyone of the pack will imprint on her?" Emily asked.

"Well most of them haven't and there could be a chance," Sam said.

Emily and Sam brought out the food. We all dug in.

This leech-mutt should stay out of our lives, I thought.


I woke up in my human form. That was the first time I slept a whole night.

I stretched and was about to walk out, but I forgot to put on clothes.

I looked around and saw a box on the bed.

I walked up to it and saw a blue dress. I took it out and saw undergarments. I smiled. I had to pay them back.

I took a shower. I put it on everything. I saw some shoes too. I brushed my hair and teeth.

There was a knock on the door and I went to open it. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were standing there.

"Hello," I said.

"Can we come in?" Esme asked.

I nodded and let them in.

"So?" I asked.

"We wanted you to know that we would love it if you came to our house to eat breakfast," Esme said.

"I could just make something myself," I told her.

"No, you are our guest," she said.

"So your expecting me to leave?" I teased.

Alice and Rosalie noticed, but Esme did not.

"No, it's not that, it's just that we don't know if your going to stay," she said.

"Esme, I was just playing," I said.

"Oh," she said.

I smiled at her.

"So come on," she said.

I smile and shook my head.

I went with them.

Esme had cooked food and after everyone was ready, we headed out.

We made it to where I stayed last night. I couched down and got my money off the ground. I got some money and handed it to Alice.

"What's that for?" She asked.

"Everything," I said.

"No, it's a present," she said.

"Really," I asked.

I heard the wolves coming.

All, but one phased into human.

Jacob tackled me down. He licked my face and wagged his tail.

"Jacob, go phase," I said laughing. He got off and left.

I sat up and looked at everyone sit in a circle.

There were four more wolves.

I smiled at them.

"So," I started, "uh hello I'm Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer Bella."

"I'm Seth Clearwater, and this is my sister Leah," the little kid said.

"I'm Bradly, and this is Collin," a younger one said.

I smiled.

"Hi," I said.

The two young ones tackled me down. I laughed.

They were like thirteen of something.

They got off and I got up.

"So your story?" Sam asked.

"Oh yeah, um you guys know La Push isn't the only place shape-shifters are, right?" I asked.

"Yeah," they said.

"So I was born as what I am, in Italy. My mom was a shape-shifter," I told them, "so Leah, your not the first girl shape-shifter in world history, but in your history. She imprinted on my dad, a vampire. The pack was like baseball. Three strikes and you're out. Strike one: she was a girl, strike two: she imprinted on a leech, strike three: me."

"They were so angry that they killed my father when I was born. My mother was given a choice, kill me, or be killed. She chose to be killed as long as I live. The pack leader's wife was my mother's best friend, so she said she'll take me in. The alpha said, 'no, she's a danger to us all,'" I told everyone. I looked at everyone. They were into it.

"So my father's clan didn't want me. They hated me because my father died. They left me in the forest all alone. I ended in the Volturi, before Felix, Demetri, Jane, Alec, and most of the guard ware there. Aro treated me like a daughter for a couple of years. I was just half vampire at the time." I smiled.

"I left when I was twelve years old physically, but really I was five. I promised to visit again. And I did, every year. I was seven when I first phased, but I didn't stop aging. I stayed like that for a whole year. I was so scared. I just ran to Volterra and hid in the shadows. I finally made it to the castle, took down my shield and let Aro look into my mind."

"Everyone helped me. They finally tried the happy thought thing and I was naked infront of every vampire there. I ran for it. I got clothes and was okay. I left and traveled. I learn to keep my clothes in a backpack and phase to sleep. I still visit them. I came to America a few years ago."

"How old are you?" Edward asked.

"I'm not sure. I was born around about two thousand years ago, I think," I told them, as I scratched the top of my head.

"Why did you run away instead of fight yesterday?" Emmett asked.

"Why fight? If I did then you would have been considered me a 'threat', you would have killed me, and the Volturi would have come. Why would I want you to die?" I asked.

"We never thought of that," Carlisle muttered.

"Why aren't you in a coven or pack?" Seth asked.

"Because any group I join I end up being used," I answered.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"Well, one time it was because there was going to be a war. They wanted me to surprise the other coven. Another was to experiment. They wanted to see my weakness and strength. And most of all my looks and powers. They wanted me get their ex-mates jealous. Or they just wanted a good," I stopped. I was going to say "fuck", then I remembered the kids. "They wanted a good time. One night stands. I didn't know. I was taken advantaged of a couple of times. Some covens wanted to fight the Volturi. They wanted me to protect them from Alec's and Jane's powers. I couldn't go against them. They were the only people who treated me like family."

"So you've been," Rosalie didn't finish. I knew what she was saying.

"Yes. Have you?" I asked.

"Once in my human life," she said.

"Well you're lucky," I said.

"Why?" She asked, confused.

"I've been threw it about six times, each with every guy in the coven. Each time is horrible. Yes, once messes with you, but the more times it happens, the worst it gets. After a while you start thinking no one cares. It's not like your loved. Why fight? Maybe they'll kill you and you could leave this cruel world where no one will miss me," I whispered.

Everyone was quiet.

"So who wants to fight me?" I asked while I jumped to my feet.

"Are you bipolar?" Jasper asked.

"You know, I've been wondering the same thing," I told him. He laughed.

"How about Leah versus Isabella?" Jacob asked.

"Bella," I corrected, "so do you want to do it?"

"Yeah, maybe I can prove that I'm strong enough," she said

I smirked. "Cocky are we," I said.

She phased and I went behind a tree and striped. I phased and came out.

I walked to Leah and crouched down.

She did the same. I lounged and she did too. She tried to reach for my throat, but I didn't let her.

I put my shield down.

This is fun! I thought.

"She thinks this is fun," Edward said, laughing.

She got pinned me down and got near my neck. I used my paws to push her off and I pinned her down. I put my teeth on her neck.

I win! I thought.

I was tackled down. I saw Sam. He was growling.

I whimpered.

Is he going to kill me? Please tell me, I thought to Edward.

"She's scared," Jasper said.

Sam growled and snapped his teeth on my face.

I whimpered and closed my eyes. I waited for the impact. I opened my eyes
and saw Sam walk away from me.

I sat up and went to phase back. I put on the clothes and came out.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Why?" Leah asked.

"I don't know. It's just my fault. He didn't get mad for nothing," I said.

"Oh he does," Jacob answered.

I smiled. I sat down and looked at everyone interact.

Jacob sat down next to me.

"This is your whole pack?" I asked.

"No, one person is. Paul, he couldn't make it," he told me.

I smiled at him. "Who's the fastest?" I asked.

"Me and Edward," he said.

"A race. You, me, and Edward," I told him.

"You're on," he said.

"Count me in," Edward said, as he ran to us.

We went to the end of the forest.

"Okay run from here to the Edward's house and back," I said.

I went to phase, Jacob did too.

"Ready, set, go!" Emmett said.

We were off. I wasn't going that fast and I was tied with them. We were going back when I got bored. I ran my fastest speed. I put my clothes back when Edward and Jacob finished.

"Nice, slow pokes," I said.

Chapter 2: Staying At The Cullens:

"So I stay here for this week?" I asked. "And next week?"

"Yeah, and next week you go with the pack," Alice told me.

"I stay here or the dog house?" I asked.

"Where ever you want," Carlisle said.

"So um tell me about Forks," I said.

"It's cool. So uh, we registered you to Forks High School for the beginning of next month," Alice told me.

"You did what?" I asked.

"Your going to high school in two weeks," she said.

"You know I've never been in school my whole life?" I asked. "What if they hate me? What if I mess up? What if I..." Alice interupted me by slapping my face.

"They loose their temper fast," Emmett said.

Sorry it's been like forever that I've updated! I've got anew story out. Witness Protection Program(A Bella/Sam story)