This is my first fan-fic, and I need to say I'm REALLY NERVOUS. So, anyway, there are a lot of people worried that Dreamworks won't make a good sequel for HTTYD, I would like to tell you there's already a good enough sequel made. Cressida Cowell's.

So, here is a summary of the How to be a Pirate meets the Movie.

Life is finally good for Hiccup. His father accepts him, he actually has friends now, and he's got an ever so loyal dragon always by his side. Ha, well let me tell you how fast that changed. He's now being pressured on being the rightful heir, has the new bully making his life ever so crappy (and he has to be nice to him), plus is about to gain one heck of an annoying arch-enemy. He goes on a deadly adventure where he finds himself battling skullions and outcasts, being forced find a long lost treasure to prove he can be the rightful heir, plus he has keep up with Viking training. What's a skinny Viking supposed to do?

So there you are, I don't find the little summaries give a story justice. Readers (plus the story itself) deserve a good summary to get them interested, so I hope this got you interested. I also have one question, that will affect the story later…

In the book, Hiccup can talk to dragons. I'm going to make this possible, but not till the end of the story. One question: Should I have you understand the dragons, also, or you infer on what the dragons said by Hiccup's reactions? I was going to go with the first thing, but a lot of people praised Dreamworks for not doing that. I honestly think if you understood the dragons, too, it would make it easier and more interesting. That's just my opinion, but, please, can you leave me a review saying yours? Pretty please?

Disclaimer: O goodness, it's going to be hard to admit over and over again that no, I do not own HTTYD *sighs*