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Sticks & Stone

We retired early that night. There was a big celebration in the Hall, and with that came the mead. Toothless and I both decided it'd be a good idea to skip the alcohol tonight.

Dad assured me we'd never see the Outcasts again. They were being kept where we use to keep the dragons: you know when we were trying to kill them. He said a lot of the other Vikings suggested putting them all to death and letting them burn like they were going to let us burn. My Father full-heartily disagreed and said we'd be no better than them, we'd be complete barbarians he said. They were to be sold into slavery the next morning, never to be seen again. I admired my Father for this.

Finally arriving to the house, Toothless helped me up the steps to my room. With little conversation, we both settled down for a well-deserved rest. I tore off my prosthetic and got comfortable in the covers, shutting my eyes and waiting for sleep. And then realization hit me. My eyes shot open. I could use the Dragon Stone. I could talk to dragons. I could talk to Toothless. I could talk to Toothless!

What in Thor's name was a doing going to sleep!

"Toothless," I whispered, sitting up in bed.


"You awake?"

He heaved a big sigh, and sat up to look at me with groggy eyes. "I am now."

"I'm sorry to wake you," I apologized.

He raised his eyes, and smiled slightly. He stretched and strutted over to my bed, resting his head on the mattress. "Tis' fine little brother, tis' fine," he said, a joking tone in his voice.

I raised an eye-brow. "Little brother?" I asked, a little surprised he had referred to me as that.

"Yes," he explained, "If it weren't for the whole different specie's thing, I'd consider you family to me. Is that a problem?"

"Uh," I stuttered a little a first, "No. Of course not, it's fine."

He smiled toothless-ly. "Good."

It was quiet for a moment, both of us just kinda staring into space. "Hey Toothless. . ."

"Yes?" he said, almost a knowing look on his face.

I chuckled a bit. "Um, can I ask you a couple of questions?"

Toothless let out a light snicker. "Of course he has questions," he muttered to himself. "Sure, I don't see why-."

"Why are you the only Night Fury in the nest?" I interrupted, quickly shrinking back as I realized I had cut him off. "Sorry," I muttered.

He gave a small smile. "Night Furies don't get along. We can be possessive, explaining the over-protectiveness. . ." he said, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I smiled sheepishly and he continued. "There's usually only one per nest. Which also means we rarely mate, because we rarely meet another Night Fury to mate with. Making it a lucky find when you see a Night Fury."

I smiled, full of curiosity. "Huh. Really?"

"I don't see why I would lie about that. . ."

"That's really interesting," I said, grinning, "Another question. Why did you listen to that big dragon, you know the one we destroyed a couple months ago?" I joked. "If you and me could destroy it, why didn't you guys?"

He let out a big sigh. "Well," he sighed again, "We couldn't. She had a control over us. It was a cursed thing, not being able to control your own mind. I hated it. I dreaded it," he sighed once again, and I started to get concerned, "It was like her will became our instinct. And then the other dragons you used for training, and myself, found riders. It was like the spell was broken! Finally having our minds back! It was great! When we found riders, that was when we could fight back," he finished.

I was stunned. "Wow. That sounds. . .horrible; to have your mind controlled like that I mean."

He breathed out a laugh. "Yeah, it was," he dropped down to a whisper, "she even gave me thoughts of killing you, trying to convince me that's what I had to do. She gave me dreams of ripping you limb to limb," he said, his eyes full of shame. He nuzzled against my legs and I patted the top of his head.

"It's ok bud. It wasn't you thinking it," I said, trying to soothe him.

"But it felt like it!" he said, voice full of despair. He rested his head down on my legs, closing his eyes. I scratched behind his ear, frowning. He eventually let out a long sigh. "Can we change the subject?" he said, opening his eyes. His voice wasn't sad, almost as if he was angry.

"Sure, bud," I said. I scrambled through my mind, looking for another question. "Um-," I began, but he cut me off.

"Can I ask you a question?"

I smiled lightly. "Sure. Go for it."

"Why did you name me Toothless! Toothless? Really? I have teeth! See!" He lifted his head and opened his mouth, his teeth shooting out of his gums. "See? Teeth!" He was smiling, and despite the fact he wanted to sound upset it wasn't working.

I chuckled. "I don't know! I thought of it and boom! Your name is Toothless. It just stuck!" I explained, holding my hands up in defeat.

"Still. Toothless? What about Killer! or something like that," he suggested.

I laughed, and turned myself so I could hang upside down over the edge of the bed. "Well," I explained, "think about it this way. There's a reason my name is Hiccup. Vikings believe the weirder or stranger the name, the more it'll frighten off trolls or goblins and stuff like that. So, the name 'Toothless' could be good."

"Really? That's why your parents named you Hiccup?" he said, cocking his head.

"Well," I chuckled nervously, "there are many other reasons too but that's one of them. And one of the only ones I like to say out loud. . ." I trailed off.

Toothless scoffed. "Oh please. You really need a confidence boost. You slayed a freak'n 50 foot dragon! That entitles a bit of gloating!"



"I didn't know dragons used the word freak'n. . ."

"Hiccup, I'm serious," he whined.

"So am I!"

"Hiccup. Would you please, and I beg, quit looking down upon yourself! We all have flaws. But we all have good things about ourselves, too. But all you see in yourself are flaws! Name one good thing about yourself. Now," he commanded.

"Toothless, no. You sound like my mother."

"Hiccup. . ."

"Toothless. . ." I mimicked.

"Hiccup!" he roared.

"Aw, for the love of! Fine. Whatever," I gave in. I sat and thought for a little bit. Toothless looked at me annoyed. I shrugged my shoulders. He rolled his eyes and grumbled a bit. He wacked me in the head with his prosthetic tail; I bolted upright and sat criss-cross on the bed, rubbing the soon-to-be bump on my head. "Ow! Toothless that hurt! What was that for?" I complained. He sighed heavily. He put the fake fin right in front of my face, waving it around a bit for emphasis. I looked at him, understanding what he was trying to point out. I sighed deeply, looking down at my covers. I absent-mindedly started to pick at the loose threads, still staring down at them. "So what? I can make a fake fin. What do I get now, a metal?" I said, looking up at him.

He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment to recollect his thoughts. He then stared up at me with a stern look. "Hiccup, really? You're joking right? Do you think any of the other Vikings in your tribe would've been smart enough to make this! Well I'll tell you right now the answer is no. But you did! Don't you take any source of pride?" he asked, softening his glare.

I sighed again. I shrugged. "I guess," I said slowly, looking at the tail. I narrowed my eyes, examining the handicap. I picked up the prosthetic, closing the fin and reopening it again. "I could improve it though. . ." I mumbled, forgetting Toothless was there.

"See! There you go!"

I jumped, remembering Toothless was in the room. "What?"

He snickered. "Look, you're searching for ways to improve ALL the time! No Viking I've ever met is that persistent. You are different, you can't throw a hammer, you can't swing an ax, and by the beginning fires do you ever eat!" he said, looking at my bone of an arm.

"Geez thanks," I muttered.

"But," he cut in, giving me a hard glare, "That's a good thing. You look at things differently. You find ways to swing an ax, you find ways to throw a hammer, and, well I don't know what you could do about the whole skinny part but that's not the point! Vikings need more people with brains like you, maybe we would've been at peace centuries ago if we did," he stated, smiling at the end. I sighed, giving him a lop-sided grin.

"Thanks, Toothless."

He looked up at me and blinked. "Very welcome."

I traced the patterns of the quilt with my finger, while Toothless stood staring into space. It stayed silent for a while; but it wasn't the eerie kind of silence, it was honestly kinda comfortable. We had been used to sitting in silence, it made sense that we still wouldn't chatter much anyway. I took a quick glance at Toothless, who's eyes were drooping with laziness. Then I noticed something. Were those: wrinkles I see! I let out a light chuckle, lucky enough that the dragon didn't notice.

"Hey Toothless," I began calmly.

"Yes Hiccup?" he said, turning his attention towards me.

I didn't smile, but kept a calm face when I asked, "How old are you?"

His eyes widened, and he quickly shook his head to make up for it. He smiled sheepishly, (with no teeth of course). He began to laugh nervously, unable to stop himself. "Uh, huhuh, you see, I uhhhhhh. . ." he started to back away from the bed, still chuckling nervously. "I'm not that old for a dragon, par say, I'm actually quite young," he said nervously. Not noticing where he was going, he backed up right into the wall. After muttering a couple of curses about the beginning fires and 'Mother of all Dragons!' and a couple of other things inappropriate for this fanfiction, he quickly looked at me and tried to explain. "BUT! But but but, I am old enough that I would not like to say in front of you or anyone else! So, I'm all of the sudden hungry! STARVING! I'm gonna go hunting, so don't get up! I got this. . . Um, sleep well, lock the doors and window, blah blah blah, um, yeah bye!" And with that, he bounded towards the window and was about to leap out when I decided to intervene.

"Wait! Toothless, that's not fair!" I said, and made to run after him. It was when my face met the wooden floor I realized that I didn't have my prosthetic on. And, of course, I landed right on the delicate flesh that was still healing around my 'stump'. I hissed in pain, clutching the stump to try to stop the burning. Toothless stopped in his tracks, and looking like he was deciding between running or helping me. He looked at me clutching the stump sympathetically, and walked over to help me up.

He nudged my hands that had a death-grip on the burning flesh. "Let me see it," he commanded. Feeling self-conscious, I shook my head and gripped harder on the stinging flesh. He sighed and rolled his eyes, muttering something about a stubborn boy, before gently shoving me down to the ground with his paw.

"Toothless, cut it out!" I whined. He snorted. He kept his paw on my chest so I couldn't get back up, and examined the stump. He nosed it, before gently licking it. I honestly did not want anyone near my half-leg, it was an uncomfortable position even if it was just Toothless. I sighed in annoyance, despite the fact that the cooling affect his tongue had made the burn feel ten-times better. I grimaced none the less, and he looked at me and snickered.

"Whatever, I know it feels better now," he said with an amused smile. I sighed heavily, but smiled anyway.

"Thanks," I muttered. He nodded in reply, snagging his claw on my tunic and heaving me up so I was sitting up-right. "So. . ." I said slyly, "will you admit how old you are now?"

He snorted, quickly helping me stand up. He looked at me seriously. "I'll never admit anything to you," he said. He hastily made his way toward the window, jumping on the ledge.

"Hey wait, why not!" I demanded. He paused and looked back at me.

He chuckled lightly. "Go to sleep."

"What? No way! Tell me how old you are!" I said, and after he raised his eyes at me I added a quick, "pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase?"

"I said go to sleep Hiccup," he said as he jumped out of the window.

"Toothless!" I complained.

"Good-night!" he called amused.

I sighed, thumping back on the bed. "Stubborn dragon," I muttered under my breath.

"I heard that!"

"Good!" I shouted, laughing at the end. I then heard the thuds of his footsteps at he ran away. I smiled, before pulling the Dragon-Stone out of my tunic to really look at it.

It really was the finest piece of jewelry I've ever seen. Which wouldn't be much do to the fact we're Vikings, but still fine none the less. I turned it side to side, watching the stone gleam despite the fact there was little light in my room. But then I noticed something. The jaw to the silver dragon was wiggling a slight bit. I took the necklace off, gingerly touching the dragon's jaw with my finger. Nothing happened. I pressed up, and to my surprise the jaw unlatched and a scroll of paper came out.

I dropped the stone with the piece of paper, surprised. I bent down to pick it up, carefully handling the paper afraid that it would crumple to dust if handled wrong. Amazed, I slowly unrolled the scroll and read the now familiar, scraggly handwriting.

"The Last Will and Testament


Grimbeard the Ghastly

I leave this to my true heir; the legend that made legends.

Because the best is not always the most obvious.

In hopes you will be a better leader than I was,


My mouth gaping, I slowly read the letter over and over again. Closing my mouth, I slipped the Dragon Stone back on, and rolled back up the scroll. I put on my prosthetic, carefully to avoid the damaged flesh, and grabbed the little scroll. I limped to a nearly-bare shelf on my wall in the corner, where it was barely noticed. I reached up and placed the scroll right next to the only other item on the shelf, the 'breast hat' my Father had given me. Knowing the scroll was safe there, I brought my hand back down to my side, satisfied.

I smiled.

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