My first story ^-^

The title is actually the name of a song I heard after i wrote the story. It kind of inspired me to edit and post it on this site. That and waking up in the middle of the night with different ideas and jotting them down…been doing that a lot lately so maybe I'll upload another story if the reaction to this one is good. All authors need a little motivation from their readers from time to time :) err sorry babbling anyway here it is the first chapter to "In A Manner of Speaking" Enjoooooy and remember I don't own anything, especially not the characters!

Oh yeah one more thing. The story is about Kakashi's reaction to seeing Rin in front of the memorial he frequently visits. He mostly freaks out and runs away but can't help from returning each day to the memorial and each time, sees her there until he gets the courage to go up to her. slight {kakashi/Rin}

The sky was a dark gray with many promising rain clouds.

As Kakashi Hatake stepped out of his apartment he took note of this detail.

"Great" The masked nin muttered "What an awful day for training huh Obito?" he said to himself looking up at the sky.

He closed his eyes, savoring the cool breeze on his face, wind ruffling his silver hair, as he breathed in taking in the scent of flowers.

"Hmm my lovely students will just have to wait a little longer today" he grinned walking towards the direction of the scent.

He walked through Konoha, one hand in his pocket, the other carrying a bouquet of flowers headed to one of his most frequented places.

Kakashi took his normal route -short cut through the woods- in order to avoid running into someone and if that were the case he would come back later for he preferred time alone with his best friend. However he never really had to worry because no one visited the memorial as much as he did.

And so he never ran into anyone

That is, until now

As he approached the stone, he saw a figure.

A woman to be exact, her back to him, facing the countless names of sacrificed ninja.

Her Brownish plum – a peculiar shade of hair- fell all the way down to her mid back as she turned slightly when she felt the presence of someone in other words, Kakashi behind the bushes.

His eyes widened and he dropped the bouquet of flowers.

The action after that was completely unexpected.

He ran

Running away was something he never did. Ever.

But that day he realized a coward in him he had never known

No amount of training prepared him for who he saw

He was confused, pained, angry and lost.

'It has to be a mistake' he ran avoiding the many obstacles in his way 'No!'

Faster, towards his group of genin

He slowed before he reached their location in the training grounds. They couldn't see him like this and so he grabbed his face in his hands and slowed his breathing, putting his emtions in check as any good ninja would.

He took one deep breath before plastering his signature smile through his mask and walked nonchalantly towards his students.

Sakura, the first to always call him out on his tardiness was soon followed by Naruto and the menacing glares from Sasuke. He put his hand behind his head, still grinning and a hand in front of him as if saying he was sorry but they rambled on.

And he didn't hear them.

He was gone now.

All that he believed was proven wrong and he couldn't help it but he had to know


'Why did you leave?'

'Why did you leave me?'

Because who he saw in front of the memorial wasn't

An enemy

Past lover

Or former sensei

But his friend

Previous teammate

And his first love


Aaaah its not the end I promise! Theres still one more chapter ^-^ so please review if you enjoyed reading or if you absolutely hated it which I really hope not! Oh and the next chapter isn't going to be so…uh dark I guess you could say its lighter I guess in that sort of sense.