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After that incident, that first encounter, Kakashi went back to the memorial everyday only to waste perfectly good flowers.


By dropping them in the same exact place as the day before –behind the bushes- and fleeing as fast as he could because day after day he saw the same person and couldn't bring himself to face her.

He didn't know how

Although he never changed his habits of bringing flowers, she did.

On one rainy day, he saw her with a black umbrella, swaying slightly to a tune she hummed to herself.

The next day she was sitting down on the grass, cross legged with a book in her hands, reading out loud.

The day after, the masked nin saw her with two bowls of ramen. She had a bowl in her arms, audibly slurping its contents and the second bowl was merely set on the grass, getting cold as each second passed.

He asked himself why a small girl such as herself needed two bowls of ramen. One for her and the other for…

He wondered

He even saw her once with a whole picnic set out, with blankets and all, munching down on her food with a big grin.

Every time he came, he witnessed a different scenario.

However she would often have meals or drinks in quantities of two. It was always as if she was secretly inviting him but he wouldn't dare take the invitation.

Today he went with his usual bouquet of flowers and waited in his favorite spot. His lovely pile behind the bush had already begun to wilt.

He saw two cups, such as a time when she had tea but instead of the herbal drink, he saw sake.

He eyed the sake, already tasting it in his mouth.

Not that he was much of a drinker but lately he had been spending much of his time with Tsunade, asking, actually begging to be given missions away from Konoha so he could have some time to think but he would be quickly denied.

She would scold him, saying he had genin to take care of, sadly only giving him D level missions, ones that were completed inside the village. He only groaned in response, slouching his shoulders and she would happily offer him a cup of sake.

Unfortunately her drinking habits had begun to rub off on him

"I know you're there.

Kakashi instantly tensed, about ready to drop his flowers for his Great Escape when she spoke again, her back to him.

"Don't leave" she looked down tightening her grip around her cup.

Her request was answered in silence as he held his breath waiting for her to say something else.

"I uh…have an extra cup!" she pointed to her left; making the utensil and its contents apparent to his attention but still didn't turn to face him.

He didn't move and neither did she for awhile. The silence was filled by the rustling of the trees surrounding them by a light breeze. The air was cool and refreshing but it did little to ease the tension in the atmosphere.

"Kakashi…" eyes looking down at the folded hands in her lap, she felt the wind as it whipped brown tresses around her face "Please" she whispered, closing her eyes tightly

How could she possibly tell him?

How could she possibly explain if he didn't give her the chance?

She didn't want to leave but she couldn't, she just couldn't handle everything.

He didn't know but after Obito died, after she transplanted his sharingan into Kakashi, she would wake up screaming at night, eyes blurred from the tears as she clutched her chest attempting to hold herself together, to end the pain, but it didn't work. It never did because each time she looked at her hands, the ones used to heal the wounds of the suffering; she would see them covered in red.

A red she could never erase.

'oh god' she sobbed scrubbing her hands in a way that wasn't healthy for the skin. Her skin was raw from the constant mistreatment, attempting to clean her hands of the stains no one could see.

'I can't do this anymore' she cried, gripping the sink as the water continued to run. She began taking deep breaths until her heartbeat slowed and looked up at her reflection.

'I have to go' she thought 'I can't stay or Kakashi will find out…and I…I can't burden him with this' She turned off the running water and looked down at the empty sink


That's what I'll do, I'll leave.

I'm sorry Kakashi

I'm sorry…

I love-

She was taken out of her thoughts when she heard the sound of flowers come in contact with the floor.

'I guess I'm too late'

She squeezed her eyes tighter and waited for him to leave like always, not wanting to shed any tears in his presence, until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up, her soft brown eyes widened and glossy from the tears that threatened to escape

Of what one could see through his mask, kakashi's lips turned upwards slightly.

"So I hear you have sake"

And she smiled, tears running down her cheeks as she lightly chuckled. Getting up, she knocked over her cup, its contents spilling on the grass. She flung her arms around his form, burying her face in his neck.

"Welcome home" he said in a low voice breathing into her hair as he wrapped his arms around her waist

"Tadaima Kakashi" she whispered, her tears wetting his neck and shirt "Tadaima"

Holding her in his arms, it didn't matter why she left

No, her reasons didn't have any significance to him anymore.

Because as he breathed in her scent and felt her body pressed against his, the only thing that he was certain of was that she was here now, with him, and he was going to do all in his power to make sure it stayed that way.

I'm sorry Kakashi

I'm sorry…

I love-

Its okay Rin.

Because I love you too

I always have

So don't leave and say you'll stay

But this time keep your promise

The end

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