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Chapter One:Captive

So here Sakura was sitting in an interrogation room. How did she get here? Well, being sucker-punched right into another enemies hold could have been the reason. Or the fact that they shoved a needle in her veins to calm her quarrels. Each time she woke up, it was another needle in the vein, or an uninvited jab to her bum. Yeah, that was definitely her favorite.

The fact that they took a cheap shot at her pissed her off. She would have been happier, well not happy, but less irritated if they actually beat her in a real fight. All she was doing was minding her business heading back to her village with the new herbs Tsunade wanted to inspect, then bam! They got her out of nowhere.

She sat in the silver chair tied up, fuming. Her wrists were bleeding from her trying to forcefully wrench the bindings apart. They were slowly sucking out her chakra, not all of it though. It kept her levels at a minimum, half of her original most likely. She let her frustrations out with a loud groan of annoyance. Couldn't somebody just come in a get the job done already? She didn't know why they would want her. Sure she's surpassed Tsunade by far, sure she's got inhuman strength, and sure she's intellectual, for the most part anyways. But why would they want to take her.

Was it to lure in Naruto, or was it a trade? Both ideas pissed her off to no end. Didn't they know that it doesn't work that way? Hmm, take the med nin back to Konoha and cause the end of the world by giving the nine-tails up or let one med nin die for her whole village. She thought sarcastically. They would of course go with the latter, no doubt. Sure she may be important and loved by lots, but not enough to sacrifice the whole world.

Glaring at the table, she threw a foot out and kicked it. It flew across the room, making a loud bang and a good dent. She began to think about who would be interrogating her. Three people were good candidates. One, there was the leader of the shit-hole of an organization. Two was Hidan, the complete masochist of the group. And three, the most probable, Itachi. Former Konohagakure ninja with his eyes that were perfect for interrogation and illusions. She bet contestant number three. Never had she been under the Uchiha's eye jutsu, but she had no wish to try it out.

Just then, the door opened and a tall dark figure walked towards her. She saw two red eyes and tried avoiding them for she remembered Kakashi's warning. Glaring at his neck, he drew closer to her tied body. "Haruno Sakura." His voice remained calm and even.

"Uchiha Itachi." She spat. Her voice illustrated her annoyance and frustration.

"I suppose you know what I am here for, correct?" She didn't answer. He didn't deserve an answer from her. No way in hell she wanted to talk to him right now. Anger boiled deep inside of her and she just felt like punching him or something to cool off.

"Look at me."

"No way in way in hell Uchiha. If you think I'm stupid enough to fall for that than you're dumber than you look." She mouthed off.

Itachi remained in his indifferent state, no emotion leaking. Sakura kept glaring at his neck, wanting to rip it out. She was going crazy. Her short-tempered personality definitely was not something to be underestimated or played with. The room was dark, the only lighting was provided through the blinds in the window behind her. If you asked her, she thought they were underestimating her leaving a window right there like that. And underestimating her just pissed her off even more.

"Would you consider joining the Akatsuki, Sakura Haruno?" Her head flew up and that's when she made the irrational mistake by looking him straight in his bright crimson eyes. The spinning of his eyes were rapid and immediately, she was taken away from reality. They both were in a different world now. Everything was black, red, and grey. She stared at Itachi's figure several feet in front of her and began to feel like she was suffocating. The rage was pumping through her blood, her heart beating irregularly.

In this world, she let her inner self release, all rage taking over. Her body began to turn grey and nearly transparent. She didn't feel the illusion of suffocating Itachi was placing on her anymore, she only felt herself burning with anger. Her inner self began to grow in size as she made her way over to Itachi. Picking him up, she began to squeeze him dead tightly screaming profanities.

"What the hell made you think that I would want to join the fucking Akatsuki!" She screamed in his face.

The illusion went away, as did her inner self. They were back in the dark, dusty room. Sakura's green orbs stared defiantly into Itachi's red. He looked fairly surprised under his normal façade. Itachi had no idea how she was able to do that. No one had ever broken through his unbeatable jutsu.

"As I said…" Sakura said in a deadly tone, "What the fuck would make any of you think that I would even consider joining the Akatsuki."

His face regained its normal unemotional mask as he eyed her suspiciously.

"How did you do that?" His question was not a question. It was a very demanding statement. His eyes narrowed waiting for her answer.

"You think I'd ever let you control me? You think I'd ever let any of you bastards control me in any way? Well think again. I'm not going to let any of you take over me like that. Ever."

Itachi was now glaring at her. Nobody had ever spoken so straightforward and rude to him before.

This was most definitely a different Sakura. The Sakura he remembered before leaving the village was weak and all he remembered her do was swoon over his younger brother. The Sakura he'd seen around when she was fifteen was unsure and predictable. How could she have changed so much in such little time?

"Well! What made you think that? You didn't answer me, Uchiha." She was speaking irrationally without thinking about the situation she was in.

"Haruno…I think you've got it wrong. I'm the one asking questions here." Impassive eyes stared into defiant.

"Does it look like I care?" Itachi sighed, taking his leave out of the room. This was going nowhere. She wasn't going to cooperate willingly.

Walking down the many hallways, he found his Leader-sama's office. Before he even had a chance to knock, he yelled for him to come in. "Report." Pein stated.

"Sakura Haruno is being uncooperative. She broke through my Mangekyō Sharingan, almost as if she had two spirits hidden inside of her."

Pein's face remained calm, as did his tone. "Is that so?" He paused. "That's very…interesting to say the least." Itachi nodded. "I guess I'll just have to talk to her myself tomorrow. Inform her now of the dangers of not cooperating."

"Yes, Leader-sama." Itachi bowed slightly, leaving the office walking back to Sakura's confinement.

He opened the door to see a still defiant Sakura staring at him. Now standing in front of the pink haired kunoichi, he stared down at her. "Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment, Sakura. This is your life being held on the line if you do not cooperate. Leader-sama will be coming here to talk to you about your choice. It's either you join and live, or you decline and die."

Sakura looked him straight in the eyes and began to laugh. Was she going mad? "Do whatever you guys want to. I don't care." With that Itachi walked out of the room, leaving Sakura alone in the dark.

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