Hello viewers! This is strictly just an authors note/update.

I apologized dearly to anyone who had been following this story when I first published it, along with my other stories, I meant to keep up with it but I guess life just swept me off my feet and I broke my laptop (which I just acquired a new one thanks to my brother who works at Best Buy). Since I just got a new laptop (a small Samsung Chromebook to be exact) I DO plan on updating this story since I got such positive feedback from a lot of my viewers.

So Please: If you are still following this story send me a PM or review and let me know so I can get this back up and running. I do listen to my story followers out there so if you'd have any suggestions or any kind of input/criticism I would be delighted to take into account your opinions.

I also will be making a valiant effort into starting back up my other fic called Hope Springs Eternal, a Sakura/Deidara story that involves love, adventures and lots of things I need to read back on.

I will also be starting some new works so look out for that.

Thanks again so much guys and gals, I love you all!