Joey took his pills with water before leaving for school. He was instructed by the doctor to take his pills every morning for his illness that I won't mention until later.

The morning air was fresh and good for his body. He walks down the quiet morning street as he passed some Sakura tree. Spring was one of his favorite things. He loved how the Sakura bloom and fall in a fashion that resembles rain. Rain was one other thing he liked about spring as well.

Beep! Beep! Joey turns around to see a blue car only a few feet away. He recognized the KC on the license plate. He frowned and moved aside, ignoring the fact that he hates the CEO's guts. Besides, he doesn't want to ruin this beautiful spring day just to get back at Kaiba who always seem to win at every fight they started.

The car drove by, not even bothering to stop. Joey cursed after the car was out of earshot. Great! Now his good mood is gone!

Just as he suspected, Seto Kaiba was already at school. He took a deep breath and step into the hallway. Every morning, Joey was to get to the nurse for his daily check up. No one except the nurse, his teachers, and the principal actually knew of his illness.

He knocked twice before entering. The nurse, Mrs. Yelnats, sprung her chair around and smiled, "Good morning Joey." Joey came in and bowed before sating down by the bed. She checks his pulse and blood pressure.

"Good, your pulse and blood pressure are all good. You can go ahead and head to class," she said with an assured smiled.

Joey looked at her and smiled sadly, "Mrs. Yelnats?"

"Yes?" she answered softly.

He looked out the window towards the clear blue sky, "I went to my check up yesterday and the doctor told me some bad news."

Mrs. Yelnats took a hold of his hand and gave him a reassured smile. He nodded, "I'm might not have much longer."

She was quite taken aback by this. She didn't realize she was crying until Joey asked if she was ok. She hug him tightly as she sob, "I-It's going to be ok." She tried to smile, "You're be ok."

First period was quite a pain for Joey. He had to try to control his anger at Kaiba's insult and his throbbing head. Luckily, his first period teacher knew about his illness and excused him from class. Joey was the only students the teachers ever really pay attention to, except Kaiba of course.

Joey head back to the nurse office for his pills. Mrs. Yelnats had already gotten them ready for him. He figured his first period teacher call her and said that he was coming. Joey took his pills and head back to class.

"Are you ok? You've been going to the nurse office a lot more than you used to," Yugi asked as soon as he sat down.

"Don't worry about it," Joey gave him a reassured smile.

Yugi seemed content with this (not really, but he won't pressured him into telling.) he turned back to his work. Joey turns to the work before him and swallow hard when his head started hurting again. He took a deep breath and began to work (hoping to distract himself from his headache.)

Kaiba took notice of this and turn away before anyone see him stared. He should probably ask the nurse what's wrong with the mutt. Joey ignoring him was enough to piss him off, but to act like he didn't see this was making him even more piss off.

Joey went back to the nurse office for lunch. He was able to get away from his friends again with an excuse. Kaiba came into the nurse office and glared when he saw how happy they were. Mrs. Yelnats looked up and smile, "Here for your privacy?"

He nodded and sat down on the bed beside Joey's as he work away on his laptop. Joey laughs as Mrs. Yelnats whispered something into his ear. He whispered back and the both of them started laughing really hard. It took everything Kaiba got to ignore their laughter and kept working. He was still pissed that Joey was so close to the nurse. He doesn't know why, but he doesn't care as well.

"Here's your… candy (pills)," Mrs. Yelnats joked. Candy was used as a cover up for pills whenever there were students in the room. He took his medicine and whispered something to her. She patted his shoulder and gave him a big grin. He returned a weak smile.

They were too caught up in their own world that they didn't even notice Kaiba staring. Well, Mrs. Yelnats did.

Joey choked a bit while walking home from school. He drank the water medicine that Mrs. Yelnats made for him. It taste bitterly, but it helps calm his coughing.

Beep! Beep! Joey knew who it was already. He turned and glared as the CEO step out of the car. He was glaring as well.

Unfortunately, another cough came up. Joey quickly turns around and covers his mouth. He didn't even realize Kaiba was only a few feet away. Once his coughing subsides, he removes his hand. He gasps at the few drops of blood on his open palm. He quickly closes his palm.

"What's wrong with you, Mutt?" Joey took a quick breath and turn around to face Kaiba. "I'm not a dog, Kaiba," he said quietly and angrily.

Kaiba tilted his head and notice Joey's clench fist. He was about to reach for it, but Joey quickly hid it behind him. "Show it to me," he demanded.

Joey bit his lower lips, "It's… Its just saliva, nothing else." Kaiba wasn't content with this as Yugi would. He grabs Joey's wrist by force ignoring his struggles.

"Let go," Joey shouted, but his voice drop, "Please."

Kaiba hated himself for this, but pried open Joey's hand anyway. His eyes widen when he saw the smear blood. "What's this?" he demanded angrily and concerned because Joey was lying to him. He doesn't know why he felt this way again, but he just knew he felt it.

Tears cover Joey's eyes as he pulls his hand back. He clenched it close to him protectively. He glared at him, "Why couldn't you just leave me alone? Are you happy now? To see me li-"

Kaiba pulled him into a hug to stop his shouting. "I'm sorry," he muttered. Joey instantly stopped talking and looks up at him in shocked. Did Seto Kaiba just apologize to him? Him? Of all people?

Kaiba smirk at his expression and pulled Joey towards the car. "W-What are you doing?" Joey asked, confused. Kaiba open the passenger door, "Get in, I'm taking you to the hospital."

Joey gulped and bit his lower lips before getting in. Kaiba got into the car second later and drove towards Domino Hospital.

"What kind of illness did you have?" Kaiba asked as he made a turn.

"Um…" Joey hesitated, "A-An unknown illness. Even the doctor doesn't know what it is."

Kaiba was quiet for a little while before he spat out, "What are those doctor doing? How could they not know? What are they? Idiots?"

As Joey watched him,he chuckle lightly. "What's so funny?" Kaiba asked eyeing him confused and annoyance.

"Thank you, Kaiba," he said weakly as he lean back on the seat and closes his eyes with a smile. Kaiba couldn't help but smile slightly as he watched Joey before turning back to the road. "You didn't answer my question," he chuckled. Joey opens his eyes and smile weakly.

"Kaiba?" he asked.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Can you take me somewhere else?" he asked.

"Where to?" he asked in returned.

Joey smirk, "Sakura Park."

Without questioning him, Kaiba made a u-turn and turn back. He does feel awkward since Sakura Park is a place for couple.

Luckily, no one was around when they got there. Joey got out of the car and grin brightly. He dash towards a Sakura tree and reach out a hand to catch a petal. When one landed on his palm, he beamed brightly.

Kaiba smiled as he watched Joey. He somewhat loved watching Joey had fun. Just then, something clicked inside him and he knew what it was now. Joey turned around and smiles as a tear slide down his face. "Thank you," he said happily. Kaiba walk up to him and wiped away his tears. He leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"Kaiba?" he asked, confused. Kaiba pull him into a tight hug as tears fill his eyes. "Just…" he managed to choke out, "Just let me hold you forever this way."

All confusion dissipates, as Joey understood. Even if Kaiba didn't voice it out, he knew how he felt already. He smiled weakly, "Thank… you, Seto."

A year later…

As Kaiba lean down on the cold body sleeping before him, he softly touches his face and smiles. He leans down closer to his ear. "Forever this way," he whispered.

60 years later…

Kaiba watched as the petal falls once again. Every time he sees them, it reminds him of Joey. He closes his eyes and smell it's scent. He could feel the sun shine upon him, but suddenly… something dark block his sunlight. He opens his eyes and glared at the dark thing that black his light, but instead of being angry… he looked shock to death.

A hand reaches out towards him with a big smile and a petal in his open palm. Kaiba smiles when he realizes what just happen.

"Forever this way?" the blond asked with an innocent smile.

"Forever this way," he repeated before taking hold of the blond's hand.


Luna- So Sad. * sniff *

Joey- I cannot believe you made me died! * angry *

Luna- B-But… * tears * I wanted… to at least make it sad. * smile, teary * At least you get to be together in the end. * sniff *

Kaiba- She's right Joey. She did make a happy ending after all. * smile * Luna. *leans close *

Luna- Y-Yes? * frighten *

Kaiba- Why did you make me wait 60 years? * smile while emitting a killing aura *

Luna- I-I * tears * I hate you both! * ran away *

Joey- I though you told me to calm down, so why are you so angry? * looking confused *

Kaiba- *smirk * Just teasing her.

Joey- * smirk back, but then realizes something * Wait, now that she's gone… who's going to finish writing our other stories? * panic *

Kaiba- * froze * Let's go after her! * panicking as well *

Joey & Kaiba- Luna! * Ran after her * We're sorry!