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Summary: Sam leaves after Freddie says some particularly cutting things to her. Two years later, she's back, and Freddie's dating the mean, preppy Tasha. However, Carly hasn't changed, and develops a plan with her newfound friends (Gibby's Tasha, Wendy and Tureen) to get Seddie together. Seddie!

Prologue: The Blonde-Headed Demon is Gone

Freddie stared blankly at Carly. "What do you mean, she's gone?"

Carly gave him the look. "Freddie…"

"She can't have left!" Freddie looked on the verge of breaking down. "Why did she leave?"

Carly glared at him. "Why do you think, stupid?"

"Don't blame me!" Freddie yelled. "She's the one who made my life miserable every day since I met her, and now that I finally stand up to her, she just runs away!"

"Freddie," Carly muttered soothingly. "Freddie, the stuff you said…it rang true to Sam. Just….read this note she left us, okay?" She handed Freddie a rumpled piece of paper. Scrawled in Sam's messy handwriting, it read:

Dear Carly (and Fredweeb, I know you're gonna read this too):

Listen, guys. Freddork's enlightening speech made me realize something. I'm just messing up you guys' lives. You both are incredibly smart people that deserve better friends than me. I'm just bringing you down with my constant getting in trouble, hurting others and my many other bad qualities. I figure that the best way for me to be out of your lives is to leave Seattle forever. Don't bother to come looking for me, Carls, I'm already long gone. I love you like a sister, Carly. And Freddork, even though you don't care, I'll leave you with this….I DO care about you.

Or else I wouldn't have let your words get to me.

Well, I'm gone. And by the way, Carly, I took all the ham from your fridge.


Carly stared up at him. "See what you did?" He notices the many tears falling down Carly's face.

"Carly….I didn't mean to," he began, but Carly ran upstairs, leaving him on the couch with the note, her words to him pounding in his head. "Even though you don't care, I'll leave you with this. I DO care about you…I DO care about you…care about you."

A single tear falls on to the letter, and Freddie wiped it off quickly. Guys aren't supposed to cry.

"I care about you, too, Sam," he whispered, knowing it's far too late. She's gone…gone…gone…the hollow ache in his head reminded him.

He remembered exactly what was said.

Sam walks into the room. "Hey, Carls, Freddork."

"Why do you always have to call me names, Sam?" Freddie growls.

Sam raises her eyebrows. "Someone's in a bad mood."

"My mood always drops when you come in the room," Freddie retorts.

"Gosh, Fredweird. What's up?" Sam sits beside him.

"I'm tired of this!" Freddie yells and Sam's face shoots up to meet his. "I'm tired of your constant making fun of me, calling me names and destroying my stuff in your stupid little pranks! I'm tired of you always getting me in trouble! Look at this!" He holds up the battered remains of a backpack. "This is what USED to be my backpack. But, when you set up your dumb little potato bomb, it BLEW up my backpack."

Sam's eyes are watery. She wipes them quickly. "Freddie, I'm sorry…"

"Sorry won't fix anything," Freddie screams. "I know my life would be better without you in it. Carly and I, we could get somewhere without you, the troublemaker, constantly holding us back!" As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he knew he didn't mean it. He was just…letting off steam.

However, it was obvious that Sam believed him. She was blinking back tears. "Well, Freddie, if that's how I feel, then I'll just go."

With that, she turned and left the room, leaving a shocked Carly and Freddie behind.

Freddie attempted to run after her, but it was too late.

She was gone.

Freddie hadn't realized he was crying again until something wet splashed on to his fingers. He wiped them away quickly again, cursing his stupidity. Why did he have to blow up like that?

Hearing footsteps behind him, Freddie spun around quickly, hoping for Sam. When he saw who it was, he became considerably less excited. "Oh. Hi, Spencer."

Spencer plopped down beside him. "Hey, Freddie. I guess you heard about Sam." Freddie knew he could tell by Freddie's bloodshot eyes and the tearstains on his face.

"Yeah," Freddie muttered, looking down. "I feel…so…guilty…I do care about her! I didn't want her to leave! She has to know that! The things I said to her, it was just letting off steam, I didn't mean any of it!"

Spencer stared at him for a few seconds, and then gave him a brotherly hug. "Freddie, don't beat yourself up over this. It's okay. She'll be back, I know it."

"What?" Freddie gave Spencer an incredulous look. "How do you know? Her note implied she was never coming back."

Spencer sighed quietly. "Oh, Freddie. Sam will be back. She loves Carly….and you…too much to leave forever like that, without ever saying goodbye."

"She loves me?" Freddie whispered.

Spencer stood up, walking off. But as Spencer does so, Freddie swore he could hear a quiet, "More than you could ever know."

The voice in his head (or his conscience, as some say) answered back, And you love her too, Freddie.

Freddie, terrified that it could be true (that he could love SAM) decided then and there that he had to do anything he could to get rid of that voice, to get rid of the notion that he could ever love her. He had to get a girlfriend…one that Sam hated. He had to do anything he could, because Sam WASN'T coming back and she DIDN'T love him.

Still, the haunting lines echoed in his head.

Even though you don't care…..I DO care about you…She loves Carly...and you…too much…more than you could ever know….more than you could ever know…you LOVE her…SEE WHAT YOU DID?

He hit himself on the head and groaned. If he was ever going to get rid of those voices, he had to start as soon as possible.

Carly came back downstairs. "Freddie?"

"I do care," he muttered before running outside. Carly watched silently.

"He loves her, and she loves him," she realized. "Now, when Sam comes back, I just have to get them back together."

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