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Epilogue: Five Years Later

"Sam, hurry up!" Freddie yelled from inside his girlfriend's living room. "We're gonna be late, and you know Carly will murder us!"

"Do I have to wear a dress?" Sam whined.

Freddie rolled his eyes. "It's a wedding, Sam, so yes, you do."

"Fine," She stepped out in a baby blue dress, paired with silver heels. A black ribbon was across her waist and her hair was pulled into a bun with some curls falling out of it. A little bit of makeup made her look even prettier. "Do I look good enough to be the Maid of Honor, my dorky boyfriend?"

Freddie blinked twice, in awe of how beautiful his girlfriend was. "Yes, yes you do. You always do. Now come on!"

Giggling, Sam grabbed his hand and they hurried to his car. They arrived at the small chapel fifteen minutes ahead of time.

"Sam!"Carly yelled. Sam ran up and hugged her best friend.

Looking her up and down, Sam announced, "Wow, Carls, I can't believe you're getting married. You look the same as you did when we were 18."

"Oh, shut up," Carly smiled despite Sam's remark. "I can't believe it either! It seems so surreal."

"Where's your something old?" Sam teased.

Carly stuck out her wrist, showing an intricate pearl bracelet. "It was my mother's."

Sam nodded, deciding to change the subject before the bride ended up in tears. "Something new?"

"New shoes," Carly announced, sticking out her foot for Sam to see.

"Something borrowed?" Sam asked her.

Carly grinned. "I borrowed Tasha's push-up bra."

"Too much information there," Sam grimaced, and Freddie looked uncomfortable. "Something blue?"

"Blue underwear," Carly sang, and both Sam and Carly laughed at the expression on Freddie's face.

Sam patted Carly's back. "Looks like you're all set then."

"I'm so nervous," Carly confessed.

"You're not getting cold feet, are ya?" Sam wondered. When Carly shook her head, Sam smiled. "Well then, don't be nervous. You and your man are perfect together, and everything will work out. Just trust me, this wedding will be perfect."

Carly nodded, accepting another hug from Sam and then one from Freddie.

"You ready for this?" Sam asked. "You look beautiful, by the way."

"I'm ready," Carly told them confidently, and then turned to wait for her time to go out.

Sam and Freddie were the Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively, so they walked down the aisle together, arm in arm.

The couple watched proudly as their best friends went through the ceremony.

"Do you, Charles Gibson, take Carly Shay to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, as long as you both shall live?" The preacher asked into a microphone.

Gibby grabbed the microphone, yelled "I DO!" and removed his jacket and shirt.

Carly giggled, and the scowling preacher took back the microphone. He repeated the vows for Carly.

Carly gave her shirtless soon to be husband a sweet smile. "I do."

"You may now kiss the-" The preacher began, but he was cut off by Gibby pulling Carly into his arms and kissing her.

Gibby then proceeded to grab Carly's hand and yell, "Peace out, suckers!" before running out the door.

Chuckling, Freddie slid his fingers through Sam's and they lead the rest of the spectators of the wedding out of the chapel and down the street to the Groovy Smoothie. It was still open, and T-Bo had offered to let them rent the whole place out for the reception, complete with free stick food and smoothies.

The cake depicted a brunette beauty in a white wedding dress standing beside a shirtless blonde boy. Sam and Freddie laughed at the spot-on nature of it.

The cake was split up into pieces, and all of the people aww-ed as Carly fed Gibby a bite of cake and vice versa. Spencer and Ms. Gibson were both in tears. Guppy, who had now reached the age of 15, acted just like Gibby at that age, so he came up and told Gibby, "Dude, nice catch."

"Thanks, kid," Gibby replied, giving his brother a high five.

The wedding reception went smoothly. During the couples dance, Sam and Freddie twirled around and observed the other couples.

Carly and Gibby, of course, were the first ones they spotted. Tasha and Jonas, who'd gotten married three months before, were by themselves. Melanie and Griffin, who were still going steady, were dancing, and so were another steady couple- Wendy and Shane. Tureen had ended up breaking up with David and going out with Jake Crandle. His selfishness balanced out her levelheadedness.

Spencer had actually ended up marrying his ex-girlfriend, Veronica, after she came back to him. However, Mrs. Benson was perfectly content being single.

The most eventful part of the evening was when Carly threw the bouquet and it landed directly into Sam's arms. Freddie knew that then was as good a time as ever.

"Samantha Joy Puckett," he began. "I've loved you for so long now. Even though you used to constantly cause me pain every day, now you're the main source of joy in my life and I don't think I could live without you. We're totally opposite, but as they say, opposites attract and that's what makes us perfect together. So, I bet you can guess what I'm going to ask- Sam Puckett, will you do me the pleasure of marrying me?"

A grin broke across Sam's face. "No chiz!" Seeing the confused looks on everyone's faces (but Freddie, who had a content look on his face), she translated. "That means HECK YEAH!" She then pulled him in for a kiss.

Cheers erupted from the audience. As the two broke apart, Sam whispered, "You cheesy dork, that was the corniest thing ever."

"Maybe," Freddie whispered back cheekily. "But you know you love me."

"I love you," She told him.

Freddie grinned. "I love you too."

The only person in the crowd who wasn't happy about this sudden development was Tasha.

She'd gone on to college and barely made it through before accepting a job at a local kindergarten. She kept those kids in order. Her relationships were very few, but finally she'd ended up with a guy whose personality was similar to hers, though he was quite a bit younger- Chuck Chambers.

They hadn't married yet, but Tasha was sure he was near the point of proposal. This proposal made her even more anxious, so she turned and fled.

Sam and Freddie didn't notice.

Carly walked up to Sam. "Stealing my thunder, eh, Sam?"

"You're the one who threw me the bouquet," Sam protested.

"Kidding, kidding," Carly snickered. "I'm glad everything worked out."

"Me too," Sam glanced at the diamond ring that had been placed there by her new fiancée. "You know, things do work out for the best."

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