Summary: There are always things we *know* we shouldn't do... but sometimes the temptation to touch the forbidden is just too much.

Stretched... blissful tightness searing the skin. It was wicked sin to enjoy this so much. It was wrong, she knew that. They should be married first, so when -if- test-time came, the pregnancy wouldn't be an unwelcome surprise.

She would welcome it with open arms- a babe with his hair and eyes, a child borne of the love they made. She wouldn't worry over the opinion of others, because she loved him. But would he? They should have waited, she knew that, too... but the things he did with her, the things he made her feel...

He moved, she responded. He growled, husky and deep, and she answered with a half-scream as he dove inside her once more. Though somewhat painful, she found pleasure in the pain, waves of it crashing through her as he retreated and surged forward with explicit tenderness, some thrusts shallow, others pushing so deep that she felt she would shatter.

Wet heat bathed her, heating and cooling her skin in alternating rhythms, driving her need higher and creating a desperation that only he could fulfill. She could feel her body ripple around him and tightened her legs in response, drawing him closer, seeking his lips as his fingers danced over her sensitized skin.

Ragged breath ghosted over sweat dampened flesh; whispered words echoed for their intended, spilling from lips that pressed tenderly against a neck bent in willing submission. Their body's met in time, a sultry dance between partners as reality shattered, the dance finding and reaching its culmination.

And in the silence of the night one heart's declaration of love found another's, her question answered in the stillness of the moment... "Do you love me?"

The answer didn't need voiced, the owner letting his body atone for words that couldn't find his tongue... "Forever."

This drabble was written for the 2nd summer cliche contest on LJ: Test-time. Hope you like it!

Ahh- the smut bunnies have demanded to be heard, lol. This story will be a collection of my more naughty drabbles...

Hope you like.