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She fired. Her face was evasive of emotion, the can flying through the air and landing by the fence it was placed on. Alex had taken all the cans and shot them over and over again to the point that there wasn't a place for a bullet to go through besides out into the open field behind it.

Currently she was having some down time at Bobby's, considering there was no hunt available. Not as far as she knew. Bobby had been off helping the Winchesters with something about life and death situation and hadn't come back until a few weeks after with a solemn face. What had happened to cause that look, she didn't know but she was doing everything she could to take care of him.

It was four months after that had went down...whatever went down, and looking at the empty fence she clicked on the safety and placed the gun into the back of her jeans as she walked around the front of the house to her car. Time to wash her classic, it needed it. Pulling off her favorite shirt she tossed it on the dry patch of grass, leaving her in a bikini top, jeans and her combat boots.

Grabbing the hose and turning it on she sprayed her car down, her back to the main road, hearing the cars go by.


He set his phone down. She would be there soon, had been traveling straight for two days. He loved that girl like his own daughter.

Bobby scrubbed a weathered hand down his bearded face, bleary eyes wandering over to the empty bottle of Wild Turkey on his desk. He stood with the posture of a man who had nothing, who had been beaten down and left behind to watch the ashes of his existence blow away in the bitter wind.

A bone weary sigh passed his lips while he pulled out one bottle of many from his liquor cabinet. He was back at his desk and pulling the foil off and then twisting the cap, filling his tumbler up and setting the bottle of alcohol down on his desk next to it.

The amber liquid sloshed around and settled. Bobby wrapped his hand around it, lifting it to his mouth and swallowing half the contents in one go. He hardly felt the burn anymore as it went down, just the welcoming numb that came with it settling in his stomach.

He had lost both boys. One to Hell and one faded away until one day he wasn't there anymore. Bobby had tried, he really had, and he hoped that if he could get Sam to keep it together that he could too. He had never been more wrong.

A single tear tracked down his face and he washed it away with another swig of the whiskey he had pulled from the cabinet. He sucked in a breath and filled his glass again, lost in the depths of the amber elixir.


Von had a death grip on the steering wheel, burning rubber like the world was imploding behind her. And in some sick way wasn't it? She had the stereo cranked over the rabid thundering of her Nova's engine. She had just gotten off the phone with Bobby.

Managing to only squeeze some details out of him over the phone she told him she'd be there within three hours and hung up. She was so upset she had crushed her phone in her grip, effectively snapping it in half. Lucky for her she had a spare in the glove compartment.

Not that anyone ever called her to tell her anything.

She screamed, all the despair and wrath too much for her to bottle up. Her hands slammed up against the steering wheel until they hurt and she kept on hitting. And then the desperate hope parched sobs came and she howled against the ear shattering decibels of the music that pounded through the car.

Tears burned and blinded her and she dragged the sleeve of her black canvas jacket from one eye to the other, the rough fabric scratching at her face. Pained gasps escaped her, the pathetic and blubbery attempt to control her breathing, control the pain that had just killed a part of her she would never get back.

Von at the moment her agony was the deepest really wished that the world did implode. Why waste time when it could all end? Everything would be simpler that way.

She should have known something was wrong. About four months back something in her had changed. She had felt a shift in both herself and the world in general. And now she knew the reason. Well partially. Dean Winchester was dead. The dreams she had weren't just night terrors from that Wraith back in Williams Lake British Columbia, they had been visions. And she hadn't realized it.

No it wasn't that. Somewhere in her heart, the part that knew what she saw was real, knew that it was also too late. Von looked to her dog, Sorcha. The mutt whimpered and nudged her with her nose affectionately.

"We're going to get him back," she growled through her tears and slammed the gas pedal into the floorboards.


Once she finished washing her car, waxed dry and to a lovely shine she grabbed her shirt and put it back on, walking up the stairs of the porch and into the house, stopping by the stairs and the opening to the study where Bobby was sitting, alcohol in hand.

"I thought I told you no more drinking..." Alex said, her face hard and serious as she moved into the room he was in, standing in front of the desk and staring at him. "Bobby, it's been four months. You can't drink yourself into oblivion. It doesn't dull the pain, believe me I know that on so many accounts."

She sighed, knowing that Bobby was listening to her but knew that he was as stubborn as her. Turning around and towards the kitchen she opened the fridge and popped open the top of a beer, taking a heavy pull from the bottle. If Bobby was going to drink then so was she. She didn't know Dean Winchester all that well, or Sam either, but she knew their father, only meeting them at 16 and not getting along very well with...well Dean at first. Sam she got along fine with, but Dean was a different story.

Glancing back at Bobby she kicked the refrigerator, hating to see Bobby like this. He practically raised her while she was training to hunt. A father figure.

"Who were you talking to on the phone?" she asked, walking back over to Bobby as if nothing had happened in the room she had previously been in.

It didn't take a genius to know he had been. Besides, the phone was in the wrong place and she had heard it go off while she was outside.

Bobby was guilty that Alex was so damned concerned about him. She shouldn't be the one taking care of him, he hated that she had taken the burden on her shoulders. He cleared his throat of the salty tears and took a sip of his whiskey to wash them down.

"You remember another girl that was here around the time you were sixteen, red wavy hair, freckles like no ones business and green eyes that could look right into you?" his head bobbed to his drink in thought, "Maybe you don't, she was about as quiet as a church mouse and twice as shy."

He cleared his throat again and adjusted his ball cap, "Well she's coming out here to see me for a little while, we've got some catching up to do, not sure how long she'll be staying..."


Slowly as time met another hour Von had calmed down, only a trace of puffy tear shed eyes evident in the rear view mirror. Agony, despair and fear had turned into white hot determination and heart rending compassion for Bobby. My God what he must be going through, those guys were sons to him...

Why did it always seem like it was so long ago and yet just like yesterday at the same time? She remembered one of the first times she had seen them. At Pastor Jim's. She was at Jim's side having just come from the library with another book when John came in with his two sons.

The two men were talking and Von was staring down at her shoes, sparing a glance up at John when he actually said 'hi' to her. Normally when someone had spoken to her or smiled at her she had little to no reaction. Nothing was in her to give back or to want to give back.

But when she caught the curious eyes of John's sons and they smiled at her, something happened. She smiled back. Just a small smile, a shy smile before a little color came to her cheeks and she bowed her head again, too shy and embarrassed of self. That small little amount of bravery to smile back at them came from them smiling at her. They had given her that.

The world seemed a little less bleak and grey that day.

She caught flashing lights in the rear view, and a siren alerting her to pull over. She checked her speedometer; she was going nearly double the speed limit.

The cop climbed out of their car and marched towards her Nova, rapping on the glass impatiently. Von rolled down the window, eyeing the officer carefully.

"Are you aware of how fast you were going?" they drawled out.

"As a matter fact officer I was, now if you don't mind, fuck off!"

The cop balked at her response and opened their mouth to reply or rather bark at her to exit the vehicle when she pulled a handful of powder out of her coat pocket and blew it into his face.

He stood at attention and Von dusted her hands off by clapping them together. "Now you listen to me you piece of shit pig, you're gonna get back into you're shiny squad car and you're gonna drive back to the police department, you're gonna destroy any documentation you have on me or this car, you're going to forget about this car and me, then you're gonna get yourself a nice box of Krispy Kremes and reenact that sick and revolting porno you watched last night in front of your peers, savvy?"

The man nodded.

"Awesome, have a nice fucking day, and don't forget to nuke those donuts extra steamy." Her foot slammed on the gas and she peeled away from the cop back down the road towards her destination.


"Oh yeah her...what was her name again? Van? Vin? Von? Yeah. Von. Hell, I haven't seen her in forever. I doubt she'll be happy to see me. I didn't necessarily leave on the best of farewells with her...or anyone actually," Alex spoke, taking another swig and finding a seat, plopping down in it.

"Does she even know I am here?"

Alex stared at Bobby, and under her scrutiny she knew that he hadn't told Von that Alex was around. Hell, if she knew better he didn't even tell her that she had been keeping contact with him over the years. Von wasn't going to be happy to see Alex, it was a simple fact. What with Dean being dead she figured that she wasn't going to be in a good mood either way. After all they had been teenage buddies before she booked it on her own to hunt.

Glancing at the window behind the elder hunter she wondered when the red head would arrive. Not only was there catching up that needed to bed done, but amendments as well. It was then that the phone decided to ring. Alex groaned, standing up and snatching the thing before Bobby could even think about taking it. Bringing it to her ear and pressing 'talk' she answered.

"Hello?" she asked, pausing when an unfamiliar voice came over the line and she scrunched up her face, walking into the kitchen and into the hallway, far away so then Bobby couldn't hear her. "Whoever the hell this is, don't call back. This is not a laughing matter. If you do dare call this number again, I'll hunt you down and shove a machete up your ass."

Alex pressed end and moved to place the phone back on the wall carrier. Her hand remained on it while it shook slightly. That name...the voice didn't match it was rough and different so it couldn't have been real. Some demon or something was playing a trick on them to make them feel hurt.

If Bobby had picked it up...Alex didn't want to think about that. She wanted to protect him, keep him safe and help him heal emotionally. With Von coming, maybe she could help Alex. Maybe.

Heading back into the study, she walked towards the stairs and the door. "I'll be out in back. More target practice," she lied.

She exited, walking out to her car and climbing inside, placing the key into the ignition but not turning on the car. The radio sprang to life in the Camaro and the song Physical by Nine Inch Nails blast through the speakers. Lying on her back in the front seat she stared up at the ceiling, tapping her foot to the guitar.

'But you're too physical, physical, to me. You're just too physical, physical no to me.'

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