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I took a deep breath as the golden egg in front of me began to shake. I heard squeals of excitement coming from the other girls. I along with a blonde haired girl name Kyra was silent. Waiting in anticipation. The golden egg rocked faster and faster as the dragonet desperately tried to free herself. Another calming breath. Come on Courtney, you can do this. You were chosen. Chosen for this. I thought soothingly. I took another deep breath as I went back to the day I was chosen, thinking it might calm me.

"Go to the herdmaster Courtney," My mother told me, "I hear one of the herdbeasts is supposed to give birth today." I nodded and set out on my way, it was early day and it was a good walk to get to the herds. Once I finally got there I was refreshed and energized, expectant, for some reason that I couldn't figure out. I walked into the stable where it was silent except for the grunts of a heardbeast and the gentle reassurances from the herdmaster.

"Ah, your here Courtney," The herdmaster said, I came here often as an attempt for my mother to keep me out of the hold. I think she was afraid that I would become one of the Lord Holders many play things. As if, I'm pretty sure if he even asked me I would politely decline, and if he asked me again,or worse, I would punch him, like the herdmaster's apprentice taught me to. "I could use your help, the herdbeast is having a hard birth. Can you go find my apprentice for me? He should be somewhere near." I nodded and walked calmly out of the stables. I set a quick pace and began to check out all of Lio's regular hang out area's. When those turned up nothing I set out towards the main stables. As I entered I heard the sounds of scuffling. Please let Lio not be getting into another fight. I thought, Lio was good natured, but he was quick to through fists if you angered him.

I carefully peered around the corner and sure enough there was Lio, rolling on the ground with Renold, the Lord Holders first son, who was around my age. "Hello Lio, Renold," I said politely with a smile, "Sorry to break up this match, but the Herdmaster needs you Lio. The herdbeast that's supposed to birth today is having a hard time, and he needs your help." Lio grumbled something I couldn't make out but stomped out of the stable. I sighed and walked out of the stable and decided to lean against the outside and stare up at the sky. I heard a whooshing noise and tried to distinguish where it was coming from, when I was distracted when I felt someone tug at the back of my dress.

I turned quickly to see Renold grinning widely at me. "So Courtney, you wanna have some fun?" He asked mischievously. I scowled promptly, I could tell he was going to turn out just like his father.

"No Renold I do not 'wanna have some fun' "I quoted his words still scowling, "And if I did it wouldn't be with the likes of you. So I suggest you just go back to the hold, where so many others will have you because I will never have you. Now what is the noise? I keep hearing it." I trailed off and looked back at the sky, there was a fleck there that seemed to be circling lower and lower. "Is that a-UFF!" I said as I was grabbed from behind by Renold.

"You see, you may not want me. But I do want you, and I can have anything I'd like and-OW!" He exclaimed as I brought my foot up behind me and between his legs. I slipped out of his grasp as he buckled over in pain. I clenched my hand into a fist as I waited to see if he would get up and try again. I jumped as I heard a soft clapping behind me, and noticed that the whooshing noise had disappeared.

"Very nice, young lady." The man said as he leaned against a large brown dragon, "May I ask how old you are?"

"I-I'm eighteen, almost n-nineteen turns old." I stuttered out as I looked up at the large brown. "Is that a dragon?" I asked in awe.

'Of course I am a dragon young miss.' A voice said inside my head.

"D-did he just talk me?" I stuttered out again. This had to be the best day of my life! I'm looking at a real live dragon! And it spoke to me! The dragoman looked shocked.

"Well it seems he has." He said quietly.

'Yes it seems I have' The dragon chimed in my head, sounding slightly bored.

"Well young miss, what is your name?" The brown rider asked as he straightened up.

"Uh…." Oh, how could I forget my name at a time like this! This was so embarrassing! Oh right I'm Courtney! Clumsy Courtney, Cute Courtney, Can't take no for an answer unless I think that's the right answer Courtney. "I'm Courtney," I said with a sigh of relief.

"Well as you know we are on the hunt for more riders, and there's been a queen egg laid." He said, I actually didn't know this at all. "And," He continued, "We need to take you with us."

I looked shocked, "Me? A dragonlady of pern?"

'Yes young one, that is what he's implying at.' The dragon answered.

And that was why I was here. Standing in front of the golden egg. Taking another soothing breath as a beak cracked throw the shell.

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