Hey everyone, long time no see. For the record, I haven't given up on my other stories, just haven't found any inspiration. This one is something that I randomly decided to do out of the blue. If you like it, then of course I'll continue.



"Kyubi talking…"

All italics are foreshadowing glimpse.

Chapter 1: Altering Envisioned

It was weird. Naruto had always known he'd die before becoming a genin.

"Mizuki! How could you?" Iruka-sensei had arrived too late, unfortunately. Naruto lay on the ground, a fuuma shuriken sticking out of his stomach, and pierced slightly through his back. That was beyond painful. Each breath he took burned and filled his lungs and mouth with blood. His vision started blurring. At least he'll die knowing someone tried to save him. Iruka had dived towards Naruto, but he was just a split second too late.

Wait a minute…what did Mizuki just say?

Iruka winced as Naruto sputtered. He had heard him. Mizuki had just revealed that Naruto was the jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox.

The Fox? The freaking Nine Tailed Fox had been in him all along! So many things were rushing though his head at once. Was that the reason the villagers hated him? Was he the only one that didn't know? Then it finally hit him. None of it would matter. He was only minutes, probably seconds away from death. He'd just wait to find the answers in the afterlife.

"You pathetic mortal."

Naruto's eyes shot wide open. However, he wasn't laying in the forest. He was looking up into pure darkness. Regardless of everything else, Naruto knew what the voice belonged to. Nothing, ever, had scared him to the point where he couldn't breathe except for the mention of the Nine Tailed Demon; The Kyubi no Oni.

"Fool, stand on your feet." Naruto unhesitantly did as commanded. He was standing in a sewer like tunnel, with water everywhere. However, from pipes and cracks in the wall, red liquid was oozing out, making the water rise slowly. Naruto sniffed the air and grimaced.

'Is that…blood?' Seeing the liquid piling higher, he began to run. Rounding corner after corner, the liquid only seemed to drip faster and more frequently. Then he came to a dead end. A giant cage with a paper seal on the bars loomed high overhead, going to the darkness of the ceiling to seem like it went on forever.

"Welcome to my humble abode." The gruff voice of the Kyubi rumbled through the bars. Naruto shivered from the voice. Hearing the fox first hand was more chilling than death's touch. The fox opened one giant red eye to glare at the twelve year old. Naruto would have pissed his pants…already did. The Kyubi growled. "Disgusting little brat! Can't you do anything right?"


"You're insides even fill with your tainted blood. Is this truly the death you want?" The Kyubi's was bordering criticism and empathy.

"NO! I don't wanna die!" Naruto cried, running towards the bars. The fox rushed forward but was repelled back with twice as much force. The seal glowed for several seconds before returning to normal.

"Even in your feeble state, that cursed seal holds strong." The fox laid down and glared at Naruto again. "I thought I could escape and just let you die, but that won't be happening. You will not die here tonight! There is too much for us to accomplish together before I can have the satisfaction of watching the life drain from you."

"What do you mean us? This is my body and I don't remember inviting you!" Naruto yelled, pointing at the fox. Knowing that the seal prevented the fox from coming closer gave him the little boost in courage he needed.

"You have the gall to speak to me that way, but can't even fight off a few villagers or one low ranked chunin." The fox chuckled. "Very interesting indeed."

Naruto was going to reply until he felt something warm drip onto his face. Wiping the thick substance, he saw that it was his own blood.

"We've wasted too much time. If you want to live, then you will have to let go of all thought for this moment."

"Why?" Naruto growled. "If I die here, then you die too! The world will be better off with us both gone!"

"You fool! You will only be giving the satisfaction to those that have wanted you gone from the very beginning! Do you think if you die they will see you as a hero? Ha, that's funny! The reason they all want you dead is because of me! So even in death, my name will live on while you fade away into the nothing that you belong in!" The fox began to think of the fact. Nah, death wasn't worth it just yet. Toying with the kits mind was fun though. Naruto groaned and gritted his teeth. No matter how he thought about it, the fox had made a legitimate point. It was just another remainder of how fucked up life was for him.

"What do I have to do?" He conceded.

"Absorb one of my tails."

Naruto blinked. "That's it? No, give me your soul or release me mumbo jumbo?"

"Ignorant insect, this is no joke…though perhaps releasing me…"

The fox seemed to laugh to itself as it started thinking of what to do first when its free. Naruto snapped his fingers.

"Uh, hello, two entities dying here."

"Be silent. I warn you now; Your chakra is already massive and potent. By adding one tail of my own chakra, you will hold near infinite chakra. However, your control will be as worthless as you, and this is if your body can even handle such a sudden increase of that magnitude."

"Blah, blah! If you don't do it we both die. Let's at least take a chance to live!"

"Hmhm, arrogant and ignorant. Human and demon alike while so young." Naruto pondered for a second why the fox sounded almost normal. That is, until the fox lashed one of its tails at the gate. The seal began to glow and spark. An electric current immediately covered the demon, making him cringe in pain. In the same instance, red sparks fired at Naruto and began to do the same thing. He cried out as the sparks began to lift him in the air. The whisker marks on his cheeks began to bleed. His eyes began to glow red. A tail began to form…

As the chakra poured into him, something else did as well. They were flashes, as vivid as day. The huge fluctuation of power was causing him to hallucinate, or so he thought.

The first thing he saw was himself wearing a leaf headband. Everything in between blurred until it showed him with his two classmates, Sakura and Sasuke. They were taking a picture with a masked, silver haired man reading a book. He could even hear what was being said. Team 7, jonin instructor Hatake Kakashi.

Though everything in between blurred, he held it all in. The little things such as which shoe he put on first every morning to how many times he ate ramen. (A constant in this vision.) Then he was on a foggy bridge, in a glass mirror dome-like jutsu. He and Sasuke were fighting someone by the name of Haku.

Another blur. A test called the chunin exams. Sand ninjas named Temari, Gaara, and Kankurou appeared. Gaara was a jinchuriki just like himself. A fight with Kiba. Someone named Neji. Someone named Lee getting seriously injured. Konoha attacked by Orochimaru. Then a pause. The Third Hokage's Funeral. The vision had been constantly speeding up.

Toad Sage Jiraiya. Learning the rasengan after being neglected by Kakashi. Meeting Sasuke's brother, Itachi. Tsunade and Shizune. Sasuke wanting to fight. Sasuke leaving. A fight at a place called the Valley of the End.

Blurring visions. Rescuing the sand shinobi Gaara from an Akatsuki member named Deidara. Another pause. Fighting Orochimaru. Another pause. Jiraiya's death. Then it all stopped completely, lingering on one vision. Konohagakure, the village hidden in leaves, was no more. In the middle of the desolate battle field, the Hyuga girl, Hinata was her name had just admitted to being in love with him. She rushes in, attacking a man with orange hair. Pein. The last thing shown was Pein…killing Hinata.

"What in the…?" Mizuki cocked an eyebrow at the scene unfolding in front of him. Iruka turned around as well and cringed. Naruto was being pushed to his feet by bubbling red chakra. Once completely up, he hunched over, letting the giant shuriken fall from his body. The chakra began to solidify, forming ears and one long tail.

"Naruto…" Iruka stuttered.

"It's still me, Iruka-sensei." Naruto's voice sounded tired, and older. His eyes, now feral and red, lingered on the ground as if holding back tears.

"Go. Do what you must, until it is my turn." The fox slowly laid down, panting heavily as the tail that he had gave to Naruto began to blow away as dust.

Iruka looked on, both amazed and horrified.

"You really are a demon!" Mizuki called, drawing his second giant shuriken.

"Naruto, get-" Before Iruka could finish, Naruto had become a red blur. He was right in front of Mizuki.

"You're the demon. Betraying the village for Orochimaru."

Mizuki jumped back and threw the weapon. Naruto easily smacked it away with a chakra claw. Then he soared at the traitor. Spinning, he slammed a chakra tail into Mizuki's gut, making him plummet towards the ground. Landing on a tree for only a split second, Naruto gracefully leaped into the sky until he looked like he was floating in front of the moon. A hand above his head, he turned head first as he began to fall towards the downed chunin. Chakra began to form and spin in his out stretched palm.


The ground shook and wind blew out in all directions from the impact. Iruka covered his eyes as the wind blew dust up. As it cleared, he looked to see Naruto standing over an unconscious Mizuki.

"Naruto, you…" He was once again cut off as Naruto coughed up blood, the wounds from earlier gushing, and then collapsed to the ground.

Beyond the heart and mind, a calling far greater than foretold in legend...

"Will I be able to find you if I come looking?"

"…I don't know."

"Will…you want to be found?"


"Why then? Why did you choose us? Why make us suffer this heartbreak?"

"Because no one else deserves to hate me."