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Allen would have stayed in eternal solitude had fate not taken pity on his poor soul-That's when Allen met him.

It all began in the "Black Order Academy" library, Allen was a freshman in the high school division with the task of re-organizing the bookshelf's while he was looking for a book in the same isle Allen was currently putting books away. He was surrounded by a swarm of squealing girls. Allen, using a rickety ladder to reach the top shelf was knocked over when the ladder toppled over from lack of space and violent pushing from the girls.

"Ow!-Wait it doesn't hurt…?"said a confused Allen.

Pushing up from the soft surface he realized that he had landed on top of the fan girls affectionate squeals: Lavi

"Ow…That's gonna leave a mar…!"Lavi gasped. Upon opening his eye's to see an angel on top of him. With white hair and big gray eye's only adding to his angelic face, though marred with a strange crimson marking on his right eye-trailing from a pale cheek to just above a snowy eyebrow Lavi slowly scanned the rest of the boy now struggling to get up.

"That pale skin and feminine frame…bet he's even cuter nak-Whoa! Did I just visually molest this guy!" Lavi screamed in his head.

Shocked, Allen practically flew off of Lavi blushing madly as he screamed "I-I'M SO SORRY!"

Lavi sat up still amazed by the smaller boys angelic beauty.

"Lavi! Are you okay!" Screamed the fan girls in unison.

"Yeah…I'm Fine…Who was that guy?" Lavi asked

"Oh, I think his name is Allen…Walker?All I know is that he transferred to the academy in the 8th grade, so he's still pretty new and very mysterious, why do you ask?"said the Chinese beauty/

"Oh…Just curious "Said Lavi, a smirk tugging at his lips "Allen, huh?" He

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