Allen was the first to wake up, but only for a brief period. The next time he awoke Lavi was able to talk to him. He was doing a lot better now but he still couldn't leave the bed.

"So…Tykki's dead." Lavi nodded happily and Allen just smiled, relief was evident in his posture. He frowned though,

"What about school?" Lavi rolled his eyes with a certain amount of seriousness in it. "You've been gone for quite awhile, so there'll be lot's to catch up on." He tilted his head a little bit. "There's also the matter on those secret bullies you have, regarding that incident with your leg a while back…" Allen nodded with a sigh. He really didn't want to have anymore drama right now but life just wouldn't lay off.

"A majority of them seemed to be my crazy fan girls." He nodded absently. Starting slightly as his hands were enveloped by warm ones. "I'll be your knight in shining armor! I promise I'll protect you with my life!" All Allen could do was blush, he was so happy. After all the misfortunes he'd had over his lifetime, he'd never thought he'd have someone care about him like this.

But he did, and that person was Lavi. "Thank you…" Lavi's eyes widened and Allen gave him a questioning look. "That…was the cutest smile I've ever seen!" Before he could ask him what he meant by that his lips were captured in a warm kiss. Lavi pulled back before it went too far though, whispering "When you get better…we'll continue." Allen couldn't help but stutter incomprehensibly while he blushing brightly. But the red-head merely laughed and said goodnight.

As he walked back up the stairs he glance at Kanda, who was waiting for Akira whom had yet to open his eyes. He felt bad for him, it'd been five days and there hadn't been any kind of reaction. Kanda never left his side though, that was proof that he felt something for the boy-even if he would deny it.

(Time Lapse)

Kanda sighed, he'd been waiting for so long and it felt like Akira would never wake up. He had this pain in his chest that he didn't want to think about or admit to.

He was worried.

He didn't think it was fair, Allen had already recovered enough that he could walk by himself, he was currently residing in his own room. He was envious of Lavi, able to have him back on his feet so soon.

Would his Chibi ever wake up? He growled under his breath, he kept calling Akira his and he was beginning to grasp the full meaning of it. He didn't want anyone else to touch what was his, and he obviously thought Akira was his, so that meant he liked him-somewhat. That's. All.

You know you want him.A voice in his head said in an annoyed voice. Just admit it already! It's getting old.

No way! Kanda yelled in his head. I'm not weak enough to have these petty feelings.

You denying yourself is weak, it's pathetic even. You don't have the balls to admit you like him. Kanda was silent, he had no come back. What he was saying was painfully true. And Kanda, by no means was weak.

"Fine, I love the Chibi…" He grumbled under his breath.

And as if a spell had been broken, Akira's eyes fluttered open. When he did, his eyes widened slightly but then closed again, a distressed face apparent.

"This is a dream…I wish it'd just end…" All Kanda could do after his initial shock and immense relief, was sit there. He was surprised, the final bits of Akira's mask had fallen away and he could see just how much despair he was-is in. Gently, the swordsman caressed the boy's face with a fond feeling of love. "It's not a dream dummy, I'm right here." those eyes opened again and he realized that they were red, a beautiful haunting red. While the darker than black night of his hair slid down his snowy complexion.

All in all, he was a sexy fallen angel…Whom belonged to him.

With that thought in mind he smirked and leaned in. "I'll always be here…" Akira's face lit up like a light bulb when he heard that, giving way to a breathtaking smile.

"I love you Kanda." His eyes widened and he tried to cover his face but was kept from doing so when Kanda grabbed his arms. He flinched but when he felt soft kisses he opened them again blushing madly all the while.

"I love you too."

Kanda's world turned upside down, and there was a faint pain in his back, but nothing compared to the warmth coming from above. He could feels tears falling onto his face like rainwater.

"I'm so happy…" Before the swordsman could reply, soft lips were placed over his. Kanda rolled over, not liking the idea of being bottom for anything. He gazed down at his object of desire…and realized he was stark naked.

"I'm so glad you're all better…" Lavi breathed into Allen's neck. Shivering slightly he returned the red-heads embrace fervently. He'd missed Lavi so much…and now they were together again-he gasped as Lavi nipped at his neck.

"W-What are you…?" He didn't quite understand. Lavi only smirked and murmured four words. "Continuing what we started." His eyes widened as a blush crept upon his cheeks. The air inside Allen's room seemed to heat up immeasurably contrasting with the cool silk covers of his bed. All he could do was nod and wait for what was to come.

"What's wrong…?" Akira looked down and saw why Kanda seemed paralyzed. He was naked. Looking back up with a hint of alarm he locked eyes with the navy-haired man. Rough hands trailed up his legs walking up to his chest until they caressed his face, lighting his body aflame.

Kanda gazed down hungrily, slowly leaned forward…and pressed his lips firmly to Akira's. He returned it with a kind of desperate need, gasping has a calloused hand brushed his nipple.

Lavi rolled a rosy nub as he gently sucked on the other nipple, relishing the moans he drew from his love. Moving down to the straining pair of boxers he brought his mouth onto the dampening cloth, nuzzling the boys restrained length. Sliding his hands over creamy thighs he slowly pulled the last boundary of cloth away, Allen sighing in relief.

"Aahh!" He choked in surprise at the sudden touch. Slowly moving his hand up and down he brought four fingers to Allen's rosy, wet lips.

"Suck" Lavi whispered.

Kanda drew out his fingers, smirking at how Akira had sucked on them almost desperately, moaning around them. Increasing his pace on the boy's member, he slowly pushed a finger through the tight puckered hole. Akira shifted at the intrusion, it didn't feel bad, just…strange. A second digit was added bringing only slight pain, moaning slightly as Kanda made scissoring motions with them. He whimpered when the third was added, and yelped when the fourth and final finger was placed inside him. Slowly they went in and out, the raven-haired boy becoming accustom to the feel.

"Aah…AH!" He cried out as a spot deep inside of him was brushed.

"Found it." Kanda murmured, drawing his fingers out.

Allen whined at the lost, but was quickly silenced as he felt something hot prodding at his entrance.

"Are you ready?" He could only nod, senses dulled he was only able to focus on his beloved.

"AH!" He cried out, it hurt, a lot, but if it was Lavi he'd bear the pain. Groaning he felt completely full, a dull throb only adding to the experience. Once Lavi was fully sheathed inside of Allen, he began a slow pace, for both Allen's safety and trying not to release himself from the incredible pressure he was feeling.

Kanda went faster, harder, obeying the pleas of his lover.

"M-more…Faster, harder-AH!" Kanda was now slamming into him as hard as he could. He cried out as stars lit his vision along with a shining bright liquid that seemed to come out of nowhere. He slumped back on the bed panting, but was jolted from his exhaustion as Kanda drew out almost completely and slammed back in, releasing himself deep inside of Akira.

Laying there panting, he began to draw as soft hands grasped his shoulders. Looking down he asked. "What's wrong?" A bright blush appeared on the boys face.

"I-I love you." He whispered almost silently. Grinning he pulls out and lays next to his lover, drifting off to sleep…

He grunted as an elbow jabbed his side "What?"

"O-oh sorry, I can't fall asleep." A groan came from him. "Close your eyes and stop fidgeting"

Silence…was broken as the covers rustled again. A low growl came from the man trying to sleep. "You know what?" He said under his breath. "The one thing you and him have in common is that you never Stay Still!"

Okay! Sorry it took so long! But there was LEMON! and the last scene is with both Kanda and Akira and Allen and Lavi. This stories most likely gonna turn into a series, seeing as not everything has been resolved. One story for each Noah, probably. Tell me what you think and what you thought about the lemon! It was my first time writing a sex scene so...yeah.

See you when I continue or in another story I've recently started.